Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mohawks = W...the night Jordan Hare shook

King Dunlap has a mohawk, Tristan Davis has a mohawk with cornrows on the side faded back. If it works, it works. Tubs delivers the half time speach of his life. Questions manhood and employment status. It worked and delivered a W. An added bonus was Auburn's 4th ranked BCS status which may prove useful in the near future.

Daddy and the King of Tigerland got the word straight from the source as 4 star recruit Enrique Davis told the DFF that he had committed to the Tigers on the field after the game. A great kid whose father was an All-SEC DB for the Gators. Dude is big to, and runs a 4.3. Imagine Ben Tate, after his medical redshirt, and Davis in the backfield, a true power combo at 215+ each. Or Enrique & Lil' Bo?!?!

We have crowned Alisha Ms. DFF due to her good luck.

Players of the Game.....Brad Lester exploded on Florida, Quentin Groves was a monster with 3 sacks. Tristan Davis delivers a big return, the hairstyle of the game and tackles Eric Wilbur as Jerraud from D-Rock blocks a punt. Cox did a good job managing the game. Trey Blackmon is a game changer. I hope he picks up the defense soon so he can play without thinking. Little Ball of Hate is a missile.

Auburn needs to improve in the following areas........pass pro is leaky preventing routes past 15 yards and 5 step drops. A few sacks were Cox's fault for not throwing the ball away and there were a few blown assignments that set Gators free to take kill shots at the fragile one. 12 should throw the ball away and not take the losses or the hits. Lets make a QB beat us on defense. There is not another QB on the schedule that can beat the Auburn defense. Play 8 in the box and pressure the line of scrimmage. Pat Sims and Sen'derrick are allowed to eat as much as they want to bulk up the middle as well. Auburn has the potential to be a great program. Once they can maintain a level of intensity/excellence/take care of business every week they have a chance to take it to the next level. I was impressed with how well the Auburn athletes on D matched with the Florida skill players.

Georgia loses at the buzzer to Vandy. Pitiful. Florida will smoke them in two weeks after a bye which Tennessee has used to prepare to deliver a whipping to Alabama next week.

Speak of the devil, Alabama is taken to overtime by lowly Ole Miss(sorry Colonel). The proverbial "last straw" just snapped. I hope Mal & the Mafia keeps Shula for years.

Ladies, the DFF is yours. To those who graced the Plains this weekend, a great time and a true Auburn weekend we won't soon forget. War Eagle.


Wilbur Churchill


lola said...

congrats guys. what a game. and i don't mind reminding ya'll that i picked auburn (straight up and called you crazy for not jumping in with me.) btw, i also called 7 out of 8(to hell with iowa). nice weekend for all, except col.r. sorry, dude. get your head straight. you've got arkansas this week.
auburn boys, my only comment is you need to score more in the red zone. but the d can put up points now can't they. now game over. get ready for tulane. nice team for the offense to practice on.

tigernation said...

Awesome front page King with one HUGE problem............................It's TrAy Blackmon, like a TV tray, or a tray of food. TrEy would be too easy. But I'll let you slide considering the weekend!

Dr.Feelgood said...

I would also like to thank Auburn for adding the finishing touch with the TD with no time on the clock.

Urban would call a pass to do it against any other SEC team. Thanks for not taking the knee Lee.

Daddy said...

Thanks Lola, the excitement is back!

TrAy Blackmon looks like a demon, and plays like one too.

That last touchdown is huge.

Good weekend, but this monday sucks. It is raining like a bastard and I am very tired.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Its like hurricane season here. Got back about 3:30 yesterday, was in bed at 10 pm. Slept solid until 9. Woke up fully rejuvenated.

Going to see Aerosmith/Motley Crue in Nashville Thursday night. Should be very entertaining. Boss saw this as a great opportunity for a company trip. Then get back and leave on the annual company trip to Cancun on Sunday. Its weeks like these that make me love my job

We need to get a head count on Iron Bowl. As soon as I get a definite we will try for a hotel somewhere near the area.

tigernation said...

No Iron bowl for me. I am not yet mature enought o return to the Crapstain and contain my emotions, maybe one day but not yet.

Seriously though, I have to work but my Dad will be there.

daddy - One of the trainers wrote "The Bandit" on TrAy's eye black strips. TrAy didn't know why but I think it's an awesome nickname.

Daddy said...

nation- Yeah I saw the black strips on the review last night. I like it. If that nickname doesnt stick they should call him "THe Demon".

I'm in for two.

Aerosmith is awesome in concert.

tigernation said...

Anybody want to discuss the ass hole AU and UF fans who decided to not only move our roped off tailgate, but then had the nerve to send a bitch over AFTER the game to talk shit?

daddy - I was kind of hoping it would come to blows with the men of their group. Bloodbath I say, blood freaking bath!!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yes, Aerosmith is awesome live, I was with you Daddy in the BJCC the last time I saw them I believe.

I hate girls talking shit, or just stupid girls in general. I am a big fan of buying girls drinks at the bar, but don't ask for them. Saturday night I was at the bar buying drinksand shots for myself, the very good looking one mentioned in previous posts, and her curly blonde headed friend. This girl leans over and asks, "You wouldn't want to buy me and my friend a shot would you?!?" Stupid girls, I politely responded No, and just as I thought she rolled her eyes and walked away only to ask another guy the same question. Girls like this and the tailgate shit talker deserve to be slapped.

Daddy said...

I was also hoping for a little altercation. Instead I made myself look like a complete ass by telling a 12 year old girl to "Shut the f!@# up." In my defense at the time I was yelling at that guy in the black shirt, he told me that he did not want to start an argument, but told me that we had been acting like asses all day (how is that NOT starting an argument). Then out of the blue this girl comes up to me and starts yacking about something, and thats when I cussed out a 12 year old girl. They deserved it though.

Daddy said...

Yes I do remember that now Dr. Do you remember how Steven Tyler humped everything?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yes, and when they did pink it got even more disturbing.

tigernation said...

If they didn't want the 12 year old cussed at then either leave her ass at home or keep her ass quiet during an argument with angry, drunk, obnoxious fans who might just come at you like a spider monkey.

I didn't hear the guy say that we had acted like asses all day. That would have pissed me off. We were nothing but nice to everybody around us......even that gaytor who came by to have a ciggy.

I will not be back until the UGA game but I expect y'all to regulate if they return....which they won't because I really think we scared the shit out of them when we all got going. I thought the little fag with the backwards hat and the API shirt was gonna cry when I yelled at him.

Daddy said...

We were definitely like spider monkeys. They were definitely fair weather fans to not know how gameday works at Auburn. We will regulate if they return. That was definitely their first and last time to tailgate in our spot.

I expect The BTB to be at full force before the UGA game.

Dr.Feelgood said...

It is seriously like hurricane weather here. Windy and Rainy

I have to work this weekend, during the middle of the UT Bama game.

Col R congrats to your Rebs for staying in the game. Shula you have got to be kidding me OT at home against Ole Miss??

King of Tigerland said...

I did not hear him say that either........they were the one's staring at us!!.....and never had set foot in JHS before.....pathetic.....and no they will not be back......I heard them say it and then the bitch who yelled at EY & Kim tried to blame us for a box of pizza/trash on their tailgate.......F her!!!!!!!!

Daddy said...

THEY were the TRASH at our tailgate!