Tuesday, January 31, 2006

National Signing Day

Wednesday is the day the most sought after 18 year olds in the world sign their letters of intent. It brings to an end their 18 month odyssey of courtship by coaches whose jobs depend on their future performance. Truthfully, it is bittersweet to see it end but then again, spring practice starts really soon. Let us know what you think about Signing Day and its surprises.

Jessica is taking Auburntini orders as it is almost as good as gameday.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

3 days til National Signing Day

Auburn loses Alex Rose. FSU gains Alex Rose. Can they make up by keeping Earl in Lee County.

Let us hear what you think about Signing Day.

There are also some unpaid debts due to a certain bowl pool and Jim Kelly bets.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Finebaum blog sucks

Yes, I agree, Jessica. This is the greatest blog ever. Due to the membership you say? Again, I concur.

Now that the wine has taken hold, let us take a comparative glance at the two top blogs in the southern sports world. Finebaum is seen by masses while the DFF is viewed by 5 and allegedly Suman. Draw bc all the Finebaumites are morons. Better topics goes to the DFF bc Wilber is far smarter than Finebaum and not nearly as inflamatory and obviously better looking. This round and the win go to the Daily Football Fix as the greatest blog ever.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Final Chapters of the 2005 Season

The final chapters of the 2005 season will be written next week. The 2005 collegiate season's fortunes will influence the 2006 recruiting class as they near Signing Day. The NFL season wraps up with the 2006 Super Bowl XL next weekend in the Motor City. 47 and the Steelers at -4 have been posted by Vegas.

Two dumb headhunters in one picture. It will be interesting to see how the Predator fares on the Wonderlic Test. They were killers though.

Q: Why in the world would Bill Ford announce 30,000 job cuts and massive Ford assembly plant closings the Monday before his family hosts the Super Bowl and plays the game at Ford Field? Granted, it is a buzzkill at any time but....could this have waited another week of two? Negative vibes.

Q: All time recruiting bust? (Highly touted and zero results).

K of T: Dan Kendra or Ron Powlus(sp). Two Pennsylvania kids who Beano Cook said would win Heisman(s). Kendra blew out his knee at FSU and ended his career as a H-back due to bulking up to 250 lbs. Powlus never sniffed a big victory for the Irish.

You can't leave out Stickman.

Q: Do the Seahawks cover back door and hit over 47? Do the Steelers cover 4 in a brutal display of force? What are the early plays in the Super Bowl?

Q: Kobe scored 81 poi...puke...uggg....uhhhh.....puke....I can't bring myself to talk about such a horrid professional sport.

Q: Can Auburn pull a W/miracle in the Beard Eaves tomorrow night against a down Kentucky team?

Gentlemen, the stage is now yours.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A fire has been lit.

With the not so recent revelation that $ does not think much of Alabama's chances next year, who are your preaseason Top 25 Picks?

Any one see the Cleveland fan get body slammed by Steeler's huge LB when he ran onto the field? And for this he will spend Super Bowl weekend in jail.

Yes, Jessica, I agree it is time to look forward to next year.

Here are the King's picks. Oh yeah, I have not seen any checks yet, either.

3 Florida
4 ND
6 Miami
7 Texas
9 Auburn
10 Lousiville
11 Cal
12 Penn State
13 Georgia
14 South Carolina
15 Michigan
16 Virginia Tech
17 Oklahoma
18 Alabama
20 Nebraska
21 Tennessee
22 Iowa
23 Oregon
24 Colorado
25 a Arizona
b Texas Tech

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mustain commits to Hogs

The nations top rated signal caller will play his college ball in Fayetteville for Houston Nutt. It is down to the TIGERS and the Tide for Peanut and Ricks. A combo commit of Peanut/Hawthorne will send either Shula or Tubs into spring practice with a smile. Let us know what you think about how recruiting is shaping up and anything else that needs to be said.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

$$$...The business of college athletics

ESPN.com is currently running a special feature about the most powerful boosters in college sports. Boone Pickens, Bear Jr., Wal Mart money, Thunder Mills(towels for Wal Mart), & Bobby Satan all make apprearances in the Top 10.

One of the special editorials Thursday will cover Bobby ("Steinbrenner of College Football, Tiger of a Trustee") Lowder. He might die a trustee. And Colonial is building a corporate headquarters ala Home Depot/Nextel/sprawling campus in eastern monkeytown. $hake, get ready for more boom heading that way. The evil empire grows.

Let us know what you think about the chairmen of college football. Who is really in charge of our nation's academic institutions and their amatuer athletic programs?

What would you build with the money you will donate from your multibillion dollar fortune later in life? What will you name it? What would you do with the influence?

Nice to see Auburn recieving the Iron Bowl trophy at halftime. Something good for a change. Hopefully Tubs has learned an embarassing lesson.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tis the Season of Postseason Depression

The sun sets at 5. The days are cold and long. The girls cover their legs up. The Eastern Time Zone is rugged. The Hawks are the only Atlanta team playing. This is the season of post-season depression. Let us know ideas to liven up the blog and to keep us occupied for six weeks until spring practice.

Maybe Jessica can shine a light into the dark pigskinless days.

Recruiting?? Peanut is leaning towards Auburn. Can Shula pull Missi Mustain(who only completed two passes in the Army game)?

Finding new jobs? Any one want to pick it up and live off the grid for 8 months? We can all go into the pet rock business!

Please remit all checks payable to King of Tigerland. I should request money orders/certified funds knowing you guys! JK but the address will follow:

950 Marietta St. NW #3008
Atlanta, Ga 30318

Congrats to Shula on the AFCA nomination. I have yet to see a picture of him where he is at ease. A few Shula facts......Shari with an "i" might be as good looking as Suzanne and she has had work done. He is only 39. He holds the school record of TD passes with Zow. And he apparently needs the endorsements of an NFL backup and the "Most Underacheiving QB to EVER Play at Alabama" And apparently Shula's tears also kill cancer but it is a shame he has never cried. Check out www.mikeshula.com for detals.

Does Tubs need a website?

Anyone heard where Gibbs is hiding out?

The sun will rise tomorrow.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Wintry Ramblings

On this cold and dark night in North Georgia I find myself enjoying the afterglow of the bowl season.

I can now spell Vick...T-H-U-G. Two days after being booted off the Va Tech football team, he pulls a pistol on 3 teenagers in a McDonalds parking lot. I'm loving it!

Ron Mexico should jerk is chain.

Everyone is going pro. Pope. Sims. Jackson. Who will make it big at the next level and who could use another year of seasoning?

How about the NFL? Bama alum Alexander the MVP, Auburn alum Caddilac the ROY. Not bad watching the Redskins D with Carlos Rogers and Marcus Washington going after Cadillac.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

As the sun sets on the 2005 College Football Season

As the dust settles, as the sun sets, that was all she wrote, it's all over now. Many ways to unfortunately say the 2005 college football season is history. Vince is King of Texas and may continue that way if he sticks around. LSU and Florida finished strong in the SEC to set up potential title runs in '06. Same with West Virginia. Miami, Tech, and FSU should be strong in the ACC as their quarterbacks will be better in their second year and all should have killer defense. Oklahoma, Texas Tech , Nebraska, and Colorado will make an attempt to challenge Texas but probably won't. Ohio State might represent the Big 11 in the Fiesta Bowl as Michigan should be competitive again.

Predator has left for the greener pastures of NFL Drafts 6th round to rookie free agency? Better have a killer workout. Is #4 following? Moses? Darby?

Maybe the NFL cheerleaders can make more headlines in stalls now that they sailing in the football ocean by themselves?

Stickman will be drafted between the 3rd and 5th rounds.

Pat Forde credited Auburn with a preseason #12 due to a stellar secondary? He later installed Bama at #19 due to being back from probabtion. No more excuses.

Why is Auburn DC David Gibbs such a coward? Now we learn that after the 450 yard performance at Kentucky, he had to pulled off the team bus to talk to the media. He leaves 18-22 year olds to answer in his place along Tubs and Borges. Sounds like someone needs to toe the line of accountability. It comes with the position and the six figure contract.

Congratulations to Gene Chizek. 4th down and 2. They stopped the unstoppable. This Largo guy would have spoken to the media.

Please take this one from here.

The Eyes of Texas are Upon You

Amazing championship game as USC is denied back to back National Championships. Vince Young is amazing. What in the world was Bush thinking trying to pitch 40 yards down field? Congrats to Tigernation and Big Dog is Gonna Bite for a winning combo. Let us know what you thought about the game and how the season ended. You know the drill.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Years....

...and with the new year brought some interesting revelations. LSU & Bama D showed up to play. Georgia was stunned at home by two freshmen. Auburn took a permenent vacation and still has not come back.

Cotton Bowl...Bama D is scary good and the best in the nation. The knee was down on the TD and Shula busted his a$@.

Outback Bowl...Florida will be good next year.

Peach Bowl...LSU will be really good next year.

Capital One...Tubs really knows how to kill a good vibe as he leads the Tigers to their worst loss since Georgia 2002 (or Bama 2001)(or insert another Tub's f*%$ up.)

Sugar Bowl...The Alabama kid and his freshmen sidekick run all over UGA at home in the Dome as they deny DJ a Cinderella finish and make grown women cry.

Now that we are all back from our New Years adventures, please let us know what you think about the games and what the future holds.