Sunday, October 08, 2006

Down go the Tigers

A classic Auburn choke leaves the Tigers on the outside of the SEC West looking in. Tubs & Co. were outcoached and the players were outplayed. Arkansas whipped Auburn because they were better and wanted to win more than the Tigers did. Auburn's offensive and defensive lines are porous at best and need serious gut checks. I arrived home at noon on the dot to witness this massacre. Tubs apparently requires a muzzle dealing with the press as he sticks foot in mouth for 2nd time in a year about the BCS/playoff and then precedes to get violated on the field. We were expecting the L next week but we might have two by then. Tubs sharted on our season.

Georiga gets whipped by a better team. thUGA fans cannot own up to the fact of getting beat, take Georgia Sports Blog, for example. There is always a "yeah, but". They blame the team for coming out flat or unprepared and the refereees for bad calls, how about the fact that you lack a QB, WR's and any offensive line. Why did you stop running Lumpkin? They are called forced fumbles and turnovers for a reason. Good teams cannot be forced into anything, they are the force themselves. Georgia and Auburn were both exposed Saturday and need to fix their o lines. Georgia needs to fix their fans as well.

Battle of the best talent in the SEC and lookie there...LSU gets thumped by JR's mind farts. All the talent in the world and LSU goes tribal against a solid UF squad. Tim Tebow is a weapon and the Gators have the look of a BCS bowl team at midpoint.

No, the LSU & Auburn losses do not Bama look better in any way. A loss is a loss and not complimented by being taken to four minutes in the game by Duke. As bad as Auburn was Saturday afternoon, Alabama is still four years behind and light years away. Period.

Ladies, manic Monday is yours.


tigernation said...

Auburn will ALWAYS lose 1 or 2 like this a year under Tubs. 2004 was ONE year with the best talent in the nation. Take away the talent and Borges looks like Nallsminger while Tubs and Muschamp try some "New Things" to stop Arky's run game.

Last time we tried new things against them Fred Talley ran for 286 yards. Way to learn from your mistakes EARS!!!!

It's not only the coaches fault though. There were 4 players on the team who actually came to play while the rest of them assumed we would walk right over Arky.

Brad Lester, Rod Smith, Karibi Dede, and Aairon Savage were the only ones playing with any fire.

Oh yeah, Will Herring, way to arm tackle you freaking punk. David Irons makes that tackle 100% of the time on the goal line.....YOU ARE A LINEBACKER HIT SOMEBODY!!!

It was no 1 person's fault though. Total team effort, or lack there of. in the loss. From EVERY coach to most of the players, you owe AU fans an appology.

Daddy said...

What a silly weekend. Least relaxing weekend I have had in a long time. Didnt get to AU until late friday night, and was so tired from working and the drive that i pretty much went straight to bed. Then had to wake up early saturday to meet my dad. Went to a dismal football game. I did get to watch shakes work a little saturday afternoon. Then went to bed before sportscenter was even on saturday night. Woke up early on Sunday to pick up the dogs from getting fixed over the weekend. Gypsy was so pitiful that we had to leave Auburn and head home pretty much right then and there. Needless to say, it didnt feel like I even went to auburn this weekend. I know yall are very interested in my weekends so I thought I would share that.

This is how I am going to look at the situation we are in. There is still a lot that can happen in the SEC. There are a lot of solid teams around the nation and there is a possibility for a lot of one loss teams this season. I am choosing to be ultra-optimistic.

There are alot of Florida fans in the office and I feel like I could throw up listening to all the jean shorts talking shit.

Dr.Feelgood said...

My weekend was very hectic. Got to Tuscaloosa around 4:30 after some road construction nightmares. Immediately went to happy hour. Stayed out to 6am both nights. Not fun riding home yesterday, but I would do it all over again, and I will this weekend. She is just too good looking.

Alabama looked horrible. Fans actually booed at many points during the game. No one looked like they had a clue or cared. I am sick and tired of us playing close with teams that should not even be on the field with us. Grade D-

Was that Will Herring the dove towards McFadden on the 63 yd TD run??

tigernation said...

Nope that was Savage the safety.

Herring missed the arm tackle on the goal line to make it 24-10. It was 3rd down, a stop and a FG makes it 20-10 early in the 3rd quarter. We had a chance then.

But I just learned that we gained only 37 yards on offense in teh second half. WE must stop running the same 4 plays.

Blackmon is back and may be starting at Will LB. There is also talk of putting Tristan Davis back at TB.

Daddy said...

We are getting beat at the line of scrimmage nearly every down. our o-line is bad. We cant throw the long ball because the line is so bad. Until we are able to throw the ball, we will not be able to run. I think putting tristan at TB is a good idea, mix things up maybe.

Dr.Feelgood said...

alright fellas, stepping out until 12:30 - 1. Will be around all afternoon for intense blogging.

want to hear everyone's thoughts on the way the SEC is panning out.

shakeyour$maker said...

Please put Tristan Davis on the field somewhere. That little muscle machine is too fast and athletic to be sitting on the sidelines, and only participating in kickoff return. I would be much more pleased to see him in the backfield instead of Tre fuckin Smith.

What the hell is wrong with the offense? I know Tubbs says we are a running team...but why can we not throw the ball. I thought we loaded up on great WRs in where the fuck are they? Sitting on the sidelines with a redshirt. Genius move there Tubbs. Our O-line gives up sacks left and right...and I know Cox has very little time to throw...but I think it is because our WR`s can`t get open, because they suck.

Defense....What happened since the LSU game? They were flying all over the, they can`t stop a 5`7 125lb bitch from running 25 yards. No big hits...can`t stop the run. Unreal. Arky ran over and over, yet our coaches are too stupid to make adjustments to shut down the run, and force the young true freshman QB to beat Auburn himself. The Hog O-line dominated our D-front and made holes you could run a MAC truck through. I guess Tubbs idea of "Speed over Size"...really killed us.

This is the first egg Tubbs has laid for 2006...but don`t be suprised if he does it again...or a couple more times. This is the same shit he does every year. The man is so cocky to be sooo damn average every year.

Question: Why, in a loss, does Tubbs get Blown out? We don`t loose games by one point or a field goal....we get raped, in the woodshed...and it is usually on National TV. I can`t figure this out. These kind of games expose what kind of coaching staff we really have....QUITTERS. They give up...and if they keep this shit up, Auburn should Quit on them.

Daddy said...

If Auburn can beat Fla, then there is a good chance we can win out. Arky has Tenn and LSU left, and will probably lose to at least LSU. If that happens, I think that puts AU, LSU, and Arky in a three way tie? Au probably cant beat fla twice. the hogs probably cant beat florida. So, probably florida or lsu wins the SEC, depending on who goes from the west.

Daddy said...

It is miserable today at work. All I have been hearing all day, is talk about auburn and how these genius florida fans knew all along how suspect auburn was, and how they are going to dominate next week. I hope we can show up next week.

shakeyour$maker said...

If Tubbs will move his ears out of the way so he can see, we may have a chance... Not much of one, but at least a chance.

Cousin Larry said...

Daddy, where do you work that you are surrounded by UF fans?

Cousin Larry said...

As for the game, I have never made this statement, but I have heard it said a lot. I think I finally know what these people mean, it seems like Auburn was expecting Arkansas to just give us the win because we are Auburn. There was no desire, no passion, in the second half, after every first down conversion in which they ran down our throats we just looked around shocked that they would have the gall to do that to us

Once again, Tuberville ,who makes a living off making excuses about not getting up for every game, lays an egg. Obviously it is not all his fault, but we all know that every game is fucking crucial, that CTT can go around and make excuses for our effort against Buffalo and find positives about escaping USC with a win only to find it bite him in the ass. Let the players and the staff know that you can't drag ass three weeks in a row. I honestly believe that we will come out with intensity this week because it is a big game, and we have trouble hyping our boys for that. It is just when we are supposed to take care of business that we end up embarassing ourselves.

Distraught in ATL,


Daddy said...

Pensacola fl.

tigernation said...

I agree with everybody today. I think we all know that we will probably see a different AU team on saturday. If history proves true then there is a very good chance that you may even see a win.

That being said, this is a make or break game. Most of us played competitive sports at some point and we all know that chemistry and confidence play a major role.

If we come out flat and get pounded our team might turn south and question themselves, teammates and coaches. We are young and it will be easy to fall apart.

Lets hope we regroup and come together.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Back at the office. Been busy today, and I am still foggy. Going to be a long Monday.

Talked to the King earlier today. He has asked me to continue the postings to a weekly deal where we split day. Kind of excited about that

Dr.Feelgood said...

I really did not expect Arkansas to blow you out. For weeks I have been saying ya'll looked soft against the run. Then came LSU, and I thought Auburn had put it together. Since then Auurn has looked horrible.

Florida will be interesting, If Urban learned anything from the Hogs, expect a lot of Tebow next Saturday. Tuberville apparently feels the need to be heard sometimes. When he starts to pop off during the week, expect a sad showing.

Colonel R said...

everyone has failed to mention the delicious SEC victory in oxford, ms on saturday. although hanging around the bottom of the pool, the rebels will no doubt upset one or even two of their future SEC competitors. congrats to the gators, i thought lsu would spank them. i guess steve irwin was right.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Very delicious victory against Vanderbilt at home. You should be proud, your coach knotched his second SEC victory in 2 years. Kentucky and now Vandy. Delicious.

Now use Magoo logic and call me and tell me that since you beat Vandy by 4 more points than Alabama, Ole Miss will win in Tuscaloosa. Bring it.

First Grizzle game wednesday

shakeyour$maker said...

Col. Reb-- Just who in the hell do you think Ole Miss will beat from here on out? Ole Miss is terrible. Give me a break Reb....your team sucks!

tigernation said...

Shakes - if we play like we did saturday Ole Miss will beat us.

I was thinking about the game just a minute ago.

They had a 51 yard pass for a score and a 60 something yard run by McFastone. Both of these came on safety blitzes. Monk made an awesome catch that probably gets knocked down or intercepted 75% of the time. And we knew McFastone would have one long run for a score.

My point is that it was the offense that let us down. If we have one long scoring drive to start the 2nd half then its 17-17 and they have to start passing. Then maybe we get to Buttstain and don't get plowed by the running game all day.

Not making excuses, they beat our ass bad. Just saying it might not be as bad as we thought. Anything more than 37 yards in the second half and it's a different game.

If "if's and but's were titties and nutts we'd all have a freaky wild orgy!"

shakeyour$maker said...

I can assure you Nation---Auburn is light years better than Ole Miss...even if we had a game like we had against Arky...we still beat the Rebels by 10.

tigernation said...

Probably so but you never know with a Tuberville coached team.

SO i just booked a room in LaGrunge for the night of the game. Guess I'll make another cross-eyed drive up 85 at about 1 in the morning.

Kim tried to tell me we had to drive back to AU on Sunday morning to pick up her damn dog from the kennel. MY ASS. I ain't driving an hour round trip, hungover on sunday before I drive back home. Especially after we lose. Best to board the dog in B-ham or ATL because Nation ain't gonna do it!!!

Daddy said...

Also, you usually have to pick up the dogs at kennels on sunday by 8:30 in the morning or else you have to wait until 5:00 at night.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Not as bad as it looked?? C'mon Nation the Hogs had 279 yds rushing at an avg of 6.2. Buttstain was 7-10. Thats bad esp. when you only rush for 60 at an avg of 1.9.

Yeah I always feel like the Sunday morning drive will not be to bad. After back to back 6 a.m. nights It was worse than eating doo doo. I called into work, got the chewing this morning, and here at 3:30 I am still slightly hungover. Got the brow sweats still going.

Anyone got a play on Ravens - Broncos tonight??

Colonel R said...

shake - one of either alabama, auburn or arkansas will be beatin by the upset hungry rebs, which of the teams going down is not for certain yet. one thing is for certain though, dem tigers are out of the bcs hunt.

Daddy said...

I heard this morning on the news that the state of Mississippi officially changed its name to "Mrs. Sissy". I dont know if it is true, thats just what I heard.

shakeyour$maker said...

Yea, Col. We are out of the BCS...but I sure as hell would rather be in the BCS picture to begin with, than be a shitty team on the outside looking in. Ole Mrs. Sissy is not as "upset hungry" as Coach O would have your turtleneck wearing fans believe. I honestly don`t think that the Rebels can stay on the field with the teams you named. I may be wrong..(I also didn`t think Auburn would lose to Arky, so what do i know)...but the first half of the season has not been too good to Ole Piss.