Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Auburn Georgia Tailgating

Damn right, Pat Dye would beat Dooley's ass.
Pat Dye Tribute

A Georgia man who came home to the light.

I Hate Georgia Week.....A week early

Living in Atlanta, I am bombarded by red & black all year long. From sidewalk alumni to the biased AJC to graduates who drive red & black cars. I can't stand it so we are starting the Dawg Bashing a year early. Ladies, enjoy 10 Things I Hate about Georgia.


2.Insistence on the next recruit being the Savior, then where the hell is your O line depth? And insistence that Herchel was better than Bo. Please...you crazy. Herchel can push a bobsled...Bo can knock a 95mph fastball over 450 feet.

3.Red/Black...everything in Atlanta is Red/Black.

4.Atlanta Journal Constipation's constant reach around.

5.THUGA...go into Richt's program "with a bachelor of marijuana & come out with a doctorate of cocaine"-Johnny Depp in Blow......ok, that is a stretch although it is a crime school where thuggery thrives openly. I reckon Atlanta is a fertile recruiting ground.

6.Opening up the world to the SEC by way of a gay Real Worlder on MTV.

7.Their mutt mascot attempted to bite a Tiger. Aubie will have his vengence.

8."Dawgwalk" & "Glory, Glory to Old Georgia"...both clear Auburn rip offs, do the Tigers get royalties from Dawg/Vol/Gator/Bama/whatever Walk?

9.The Georgia Theatre...I was kicked out last spring.

10.They sold their SEC championship rings on EBay.

...and there are many more reasons still to come from the peanut gallery.

The Q in ATL this week, would you rather face Auburn half asleep at 11:30 or jacked out of their gourds at 7? No brainer, as CBS has put a four game hold on next Saturday. Auburn doesn't show up til after lunch.

The Dawgs are down this year and I want blood. I want the shut out we missed two years ago. I want another Rosegreen hit(and yes I will publish it at least twice next week). Stafford will get hit so hard he will throw it up. Pregame and the ball. I love playing Georgia almost as much as Alabama. I hate 'em almost as much.

The best thing about opening night of the NBA season, the Miami Heat Dancers. Yes, they are on fire and are hired out to events. Hmmm, I have an idea...........
Asama 2000

DG rides again.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Auburn Florida Post-Game Player Interviews

"The Bandit" is one big muscle, and follows the great Caddilac is the verbal department.
Auburn-Florida Game Highlights
Explorer Trail

Tuesdays Gone with the Wind

As we hurdle toward the first Top 5 battle on a weeknight(that I can think of), can the State University of New Jersey or Pitt beat the winner once?

St. Bobby & the Best Dressed Man in College Football, Howard Schnellenburger. Here's hoping Bobby finds his offense, soon.

*Best Bar Special * While in Dallas, you can enjoy $2 crowns during Cowboy games at a lovely dive called Stout.

Tuesday is a big day for Wilbur, so wish me best and I shall return with a legendary post tomorrow. Adios.

Halloween Eve

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Sorry fellas, been experiencing some minor technical difficulties with the internet connection. This has caused me to lose a couple of previous posts. Sorry for the delay, and cross your fingers.

Fairly boring weekend of college football. Auburn had another dismal output on the road against an SEC foe. Alabama actually covered Saturday mornings line against the fighting FIU squad.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Georgia cannot take advantage of another second half letdown from Chris Leak.

UT recieves 2 lucky TD's early and doesn't seem to have a problem with the Gamecocks.

I will get a better post up for tomorrow. In the meantime let your football thoughts flow freely under this makeshift post until I get a steady internet connection to do some damage with.

Roll with it.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Office - Diversity
Original Office

Back in Business

I walk into my home and what do I see but VaTech spanking the Tigers of Clemson who killed Georgia Tech who bludgeoned VaTech. There is no telling with any major college football game.

Apologies for the brief break from posting. The Big D was way to much fun and WC is rejuvenated and ready to go.

With the 4 Ole Miss players suspended and 1 dismissed, one can only wonder what they did. Think about it, 5 Rebels involved in nothing good. The LB dismissed prolly was the ring leader. Let your imagination wander on that Q.

Auburn rolls this weekend. Kenny will be back and burning for a huge game. The Tiger Defense is seventh in the country but you would never know.

Miss State/Kentucky is a toss up & so is Vandy should beat Duke in the Smart Bowl. Florida will beat Georgia although 14 is a helluva number.

Alabama should pound FIU since they are missing 18 players from the Thug Brawl. They were just as responsible for the fight as Miami. Tennesee & South Carolina will be a great game. Helluva game for the Cock fans to show up in all black.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Love

A well deserved rest for KI.

After a glorious return to the Plains for Homecoming, I head to Texas with a smile on my face. Auburn won and showed they still have tons of holes. No, the Tigers are not a championship team by any stretch. Lots of backups but no consistency.

Alabama's D hung tight and forced Ainge into bad decisions. They just can't score as JP got the hell beat out of him. Tennessee should never have let it be that close. Once UTK went to shotgun it was over. What in the world was Shula thinking punting the ball late with the new clock rules?

Bullz-Eye Girls are great.

www.keepmikeshula.com and you can pick your favorite background color, orange & white or orange & blue.

No one does that to Tech's D. No one, yet James Davis and CJ Spiller were unreal. I have never seen a move like CJ put on two LB's on the TD catch. Lola, nice W.

I feel bad for Jen's Noles. The black uni's were for a funeral. I would be angry to.

Dr. is in Cancun drinking tequila and loving senorita and the King is off to Dallas. I will post randomly through the week remotely.



Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Fog is Lifting

After a rainy & foggy week in the southeastern United States, the fog is finally lifting in the form of game weekend. Gameday is almost around the corner and another trip to the Plains of Alabama is in order. As I prepare for the weekend festivities I ponder how it may stack up against the masterpiece that was last weekend. Not a chance, so we shall have to start a whole new game weekend all over again and kindle the spirits of the Dr. & Nation in the football fires.

I can't wait to see Tray Tray knock someone out this weekend.

Andy Chavez of the NY Mets just made an absolutely unbelievable catch in the outfield.

And now, ladies & gentlemen, children of all ages, what you have been waiting all week for...Wilbur Picks!

The 3rd Saturday of October brings Alabama to Rocky Top. Growing up on a rocky top myself, I understand the hatred the Orange holds for the Crimson. Florida & Alabama...2 most important games when you run through the T. The Great Pumpkin has dominated the Tide, winning 9 or the last 11 and what should have been 10 for the last 11. Bama is young and they show it. If the Vol D pressures JPW, he will have messy footwork and throw high balls and INT's. If the Vols O line protects B Boy Ainge then the fleet UTK recievers will get open and run free all day. Tennessee will beat Alabama on offense, defense, special teams & coaching but won't cover. Rivalries like this rarely are decided til late, 27-17 Vols roll in the second half.

Trivia, when Shula left Tampa Bay their scoring average went up 3 points, from 16 to 19.

Michigan knocked out two Penn State QB's last week and made the other look like Chis Leak. They welcome Iowa smarting after an avoidable loss. Ol' Churchill has always been a fan of Drew State and he should bounce back this week, just not enough to get a win. Wolverines roll on, 30-13 and cover 13.5.

Arkansas wins but who knows if Ole Miss will cover? Stacey doesn't know who will show up? The team that played Alabama or the team that played Missouri? Please don't tell me Mizzou is better than Bama, I would still like to think a mid level SEC team in better than a mid level Big 12 team.

Same Q for Auburn, who will show up? Will the Florida win propel the Tigers into the second half of the season and amen corner? It all depends on the intensity level for this Auburn squad. The great ones motivate & drive themselves form within, can the young Tigers do the same? Two back attack? Line growing up and coming together? Wilbur doesn't believe the Tigers have peaked by any stretch with offensive blocking & production lacking. Funny coincidence, blocking = production. Hopefully, Florida lit a fire in the Tigers, they roll and touch 40 for the first time, 45-13, Auburn. The cover as they still have a lot to prove.

"WE" visits Baton Rouge to fight LSU. And fight they will, usually a fiesty team under fu manchu mustached Pat Hill, the Bulldogs play upper echelon teams tough. They will hang around for a while before the Tigers put them away with superior talent. 33 is a helluva number so I am gonna say that "WE" will backdoor cover.

Georgia Tech's D will keep them close so let's see what if Reggie Ball folds with turnovers. Clemson wins at home at night although they won't cover since they will never be able to pull away.

Other Picks of Note: USC -4 @ Vandy, Miss. State @ -18 Georgia.

Ladies, I hope all is well as I will shake a shaker for the missing, War Damn Eagle!!

Warmest regards,

Wilbur Churchill
Dwight's Speech

For you, Dr. A great salesman always...
Dwight drug testing

For you, Daddy.
The Office

For you, $.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Miami vs. FIU Brawl (with music)

The music makes it great. All you need is 36's comments dubbed over.
UM FIU Football Commentator Fired

Dennis Green tirade

Dr.'s Firing Squad

As Todd Snider's "Looking for a Job" plays in the background of my office scene on hump day, I thought it would be best to reflect on those who are looking for a job now, those who should start prepping the resume, and those who I would fire given the opportunity.

1. Lamar Thomas
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Man, you have always been an idiot. I recall back to my younger days when Mr.. Thomas could not keep his mouth shut before the 1992 Sugar Bowl. After getting hawked down by George Teague and stripped of the ball and what seemed to be an inevitable touchdown, Lamar sat for the rest of the game with a towel over his head. After stating that he was "about to go down the elevator to get in that thing." during the Miami - FIU melee, Thomas found himself unemployed earlier this week. Happy hunting Lamar, maybe Gino Torretta can help in finding you a job.

2. Larry Coker
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
As your total lack of control over the East Penintentiary Miami Hurricane football team became evident Saturday night, so did the need to sharpen up the ole resume. Your thugs' "gang fight with pads" most likely paid for your plane ride out of South Beach.

3. Dave Rader
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Thank you Dave for four and a half dismal years of offensive production. We have blamed it on Prothro's abscence, team youthfulness, and lack of offensive line. We have heard the "wait til next year" 's. As far as I am concerned something is not right in Alabama's offense. Your the coordinator, you get sacked before the head man. If I was in charge Rader, you could already be making trips to Jax State for positions on Jack Crow's staff.

4. Temple Football
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
You have no business playing Division-1 football, and I am not so sure you can even play D-II. Save your self the embarassment and join the Pennsylvania High School football Association, or just drop the program. You Are FIRED.

Others recieving consideration : Sylvester Croom, Lou Holtz (Until he becomes audibly understandable he will always recieve consideration), Watson Brown (That AD job is looking might good), Al Groh

There you have the weekly "job-loss" list.

Mike Shula should be fine. First off, how do you fire someone who is 15-4 in his last 19 games?? Keep in mind the beloved Tubbs is also 15-4. Second, Shula has the opportunity to make a few changes before he is gone. Turn to the fire list. Rader needs to go, and Shula needs to find a replacement who he can give full authority to run the offense. Tennessee and the showdowns with LSU and Auburn could speak volumes on the attitudes towards Mike Shula's future at the Capstone.

Just a mere couple of days until my plane lands on the sandy beaches in Cancun, Mexico. I need a break from work. The construction slow down coming off summer has worn me out. A week of booze, beaches, and latino women could easily revive my work ethic.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Enjoy the remains of hump day. I will be on the road to Nashville around lunch tomorrow.

Fire away boys

Monday, October 16, 2006

Rainy Night Thoughts

*I feel like a Georgia Bulldog. They lose early, usually to Florida, and then hope/wish/pray to somehow back into the SECCG. It has worked lately and now Auburn is in the position where the Tigers are hoping UT & LSU beat Arkansas.

*In Athens, Stafford is the starter for the Dawgs. I hope they beat Florida next week bc I don't to want see them again(assuming AU wins out), although I think AU could take 'em.

*The true Alabama Crimson Tide shows this weekend. The 3rd Saturday of October is what "it" is all about for the Tide. If they can weather the Orange storm of emotion early, they have a chance. Not much of one, but is still a chance. The game will be on JP's shoulders. I believe UTK wins by at least 10 this year as they will try to knock out JPW. What happens if they do? Jimmy Barnes, Jimmy Johns? What if the straw has snapped & Bama loses to UTK, LSU & AU? Is Shula really gone or is the pot just getting stirred? Is there anyone else who actually wants this job? Other than Franchione? Anyone?

*Tray "Bandit Demon" Blackmon is a human missile. I can't get over how quick he gets to the QB & how good he could be once he wraps his arms around the defensive playbook & concept. He looked like the fastest player on the field save for Percy "the state of Virginia banned me from high school athletics for unsportsmanlike conduct/thug" Harvin. I like Craig Stevens at Sam & Bandit Demon at Wil for the next two years

*TO is a straight Alex City thug, although I like how he celebrated one of his TD's on the star on the Dallas helmet Sunday in replay of a scene many a year ago.

*State of Mississippi.......bringin' it weak lately. Chances to beat Alabama and a game Coach O should have won. Missy State--enough said, awful.

Take it away, Dr.
FIU Miami Brawl 2

Thug U

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mohawks = W...the night Jordan Hare shook

King Dunlap has a mohawk, Tristan Davis has a mohawk with cornrows on the side faded back. If it works, it works. Tubs delivers the half time speach of his life. Questions manhood and employment status. It worked and delivered a W. An added bonus was Auburn's 4th ranked BCS status which may prove useful in the near future.

Daddy and the King of Tigerland got the word straight from the source as 4 star recruit Enrique Davis told the DFF that he had committed to the Tigers on the field after the game. A great kid whose father was an All-SEC DB for the Gators. Dude is big to, and runs a 4.3. Imagine Ben Tate, after his medical redshirt, and Davis in the backfield, a true power combo at 215+ each. Or Enrique & Lil' Bo?!?!

We have crowned Alisha Ms. DFF due to her good luck.

Players of the Game.....Brad Lester exploded on Florida, Quentin Groves was a monster with 3 sacks. Tristan Davis delivers a big return, the hairstyle of the game and tackles Eric Wilbur as Jerraud from D-Rock blocks a punt. Cox did a good job managing the game. Trey Blackmon is a game changer. I hope he picks up the defense soon so he can play without thinking. Little Ball of Hate is a missile.

Auburn needs to improve in the following areas........pass pro is leaky preventing routes past 15 yards and 5 step drops. A few sacks were Cox's fault for not throwing the ball away and there were a few blown assignments that set Gators free to take kill shots at the fragile one. 12 should throw the ball away and not take the losses or the hits. Lets make a QB beat us on defense. There is not another QB on the schedule that can beat the Auburn defense. Play 8 in the box and pressure the line of scrimmage. Pat Sims and Sen'derrick are allowed to eat as much as they want to bulk up the middle as well. Auburn has the potential to be a great program. Once they can maintain a level of intensity/excellence/take care of business every week they have a chance to take it to the next level. I was impressed with how well the Auburn athletes on D matched with the Florida skill players.

Georgia loses at the buzzer to Vandy. Pitiful. Florida will smoke them in two weeks after a bye which Tennessee has used to prepare to deliver a whipping to Alabama next week.

Speak of the devil, Alabama is taken to overtime by lowly Ole Miss(sorry Colonel). The proverbial "last straw" just snapped. I hope Mal & the Mafia keeps Shula for years.

Ladies, the DFF is yours. To those who graced the Plains this weekend, a great time and a true Auburn weekend we won't soon forget. War Eagle.


Wilbur Churchill

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Swamp vs. Plains

What seperates Gainesville, FL from Auburn, AL? Could it be....

Gelled hair vs. the shaggy flop?

Jorts vs. khakis?

Strip clubs on the side of the highway vs. no strip clubs within 30 miles?

Spurrier vs. Dye? Remember that Ol' Steve used to wear windpants during games.

Albert & Alberta vs. Aubie? Hands down Aubie.

Obnoxious Orange & Blue vs. "The Best Orange & Blue combo in Collegiate Sports"- Wilbur Churchill

Need I say more, please amuse us with your witty UF vs. AU responses.

We are getting blasted on Thursday night picks so far as Virginia Tech looks like they would turnover their girlfriends. Clemson doesn't count because it was to easy and we knew they would score on lowly Temp. So we move on, next.

Bringing Alisha back for good luck.

Staying in theme....Meyer vs. Tubs, Herring vs. Tebow, Leak vs. AU secondary, Florida D vs. Auburn's offensive line. There are many question marks. But many will be answered Saturday night. Auburn has a habit of playing up for big games and they are embarassed. What if the play calling of Al Borges opens up? What if the Tiger D succeeds, as they usually do, against a mid range finesse offense? If Florida gets ahead early it may be over as Auburn's is not built for comebacks. A win in JHS would be golden for either team, if Florida can't put up 20, then I say Auburn wins in a thriller, 17-13.

"Alabama sl@#s" as they were so passionately refered to by a fellow tailgater. Personally I think it is great because A, they are good looking and B, a mimic of the "Cowgirls at FSU" and who else could set the hooker standard higher? The issue I have is they are sidewalk alumni, attend UAB & their parents are dye hard Auburn alumni. What gives and where did they parents go wrong? www.al.com

Alabama, Georgia, LSU & Arkansas all roll. Tennesse rests before the pounding they will leave on the Crimson Tide. Jax State upsets Miss. State, wait, that may not be a surprise.

Ladies, a good Friday to all. Big weekend around the corner. Auburntinis may need to make a comeback due to the seriousness of the situation.
Ronaldinho: Touch of Gold

YouTube's 10th most played video and unbelievable.

Colonol R, please enjoy one of the few things Ole Miss has going for them against Bama this weekend. Coach O is patrolling his cave in his dixie thong right this moment.
Kerry Murphy

Caleb King

"Caleb King is a phenomenon."
Alabama High School Football

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wilber Picks

VaTech @ 2.5

Is this thing working? What the hell? Why is all I see white? Am I crazy??

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

AU vs. UF 2001

What if it...nahh!! It would be worth wearing the silver bracelets again. Ahh the sweet taster of mase.

Midseason Thoughts

Watching UFC @ the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL, where we saw the fighters and the locale where a cute Goergia fan headbutted me while woofing, I ponder the half season which has passed us by. I relive Auburn being pummelled by Arky as I watch a fighter take the beating of his life. And the exertion that was LSU on the plains. And Bama's "wins" against Vandy & powerful Duke. The Buc's improved offensively by 3 points per game the year after Shula left. Imagine what the Tide could do? I beg you to keep him as a Tiger. Ortiz just killed Shamrock.

I wanted to stay at the beach but I rushed home to watch Houston Nutt prove he is the best single game coach in the SEC. Should've stayed. When the Ferril Pigs need to get up for a big game, the do it as if he has just castrated a bull or something. He is 4-4 against Ears. Boy, does he ever have his number to. LSU still has NFL talent combined with a high school coaching staff and a QB with the mind of a middle schooler. He might just be as flaky as Jason Campbell or $hakes boy, Daniel Cobb.

Stacey laughs at an opening line of AU by 2.5 and I am sure Tiny Tim heard about it to.

Urban Meyer could be the coach of the year so far as he has a brutal defense and a somewhat clicking offense. More importantly, he has a killer schedule and he is half way through undefeated. I guess you could call that a "Bama win". OC Cutcliffer has the Vols offense clicking and seeming like the Tennessee of yesteryear. They might beat the hell out of Alabama on the 3rd Saturday of October.

Monday, October 09, 2006

My Last Straw

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
After I finally sobered up from a long weekend, I tried to figure out what I had witnessed this past Saturday night. Most of you know that I have always been a supporter of Mike Shula and what he has accomplished at the Capstone over the last few years. I defended him through the many mini-controversies the bald-headed, nutjob Finebaum is still trying to drum up. I defended him last season after the offense took a nose dive following the Gator-drumming. I defended him for continuing to give Darby a chance after his terrible day at Vandy. I defended him for leaving Tiffin in the game in Arkansas. Saturday night is now my line in the sand.

Could someone please tell me why our offense cannot score on one of the bottom 3 teams in the nation?!?! Can someone explain to me why the defense looked lackluster and carefree when giving up 14 points in the first half to a team who had only scored 13 points in the previous 4 games?!?! How about telling me how we get outrushed by Duke?!?! I am tired of it. Saturday night made me nausious. I am sick of the excuses. We just need to gel. Next year is when we will be really good. Blah Blah Blah. This is it Mike, from a lifetime Alabama to you, Ole Miss is your last shot with me. Finally prove it that we can kick the ass of a team that should never even have a shot at staying in the game. If you can't do it, then it might be time to start looking for new OC's to handle the play calling.

So here is my last straw - I am going to blame myself, and say I am the problem. Here is why. I am throwing out my Freshman year. Dressed in coat and ties, doing nothing but running bourbon infused pepsi products and hot dogs for 4 quarters did not allow me to be a fan. Also Shula did not get on the scene my sophomore year. So Junior season and Senior season a combined record of 10-15, 0-2 against Auburn. I only attended one game inside a stadium last year, and that was in Oxford, MS where a last minute FG salvaged some huge embarrassment, especially to a Memphis resident. The only dominant performance I witnessed at Bryant Denny by Shula and Co. was the drumming of Western Carolina where Croyle was injured. I was a student when Hawaii beat us. I was there when Northern Illinois came in and won. I was in the stands for the La Tech debacle. I sat as a student his past week (laugh it up, but she is good looking) I walked in late and left and the end of the 3rd. This meaning that I missed the FG before I came in and missed the 14 points in the fourth. While I was in the stadium Duke actually scored 14 points and Alabama scored 13.

So this is it Shula, I will blame it all on me. This weekend for the first time since my arrival to the Capstone in 2001, I will sit as an alumni. I am breaking my habit of returning as a student guest(and being able to sit with the previous mentioned good-looking one). So I expect you to break your habit of lackluster performances against shitty teams.

Auburn just got outplayed and outcoached. It was ugly from the start. If you do not fix the lack of offense and inability to stop the run, this season might turn out horribly for the once #2 team in the nation. This however won't be your first fall from grace. My suggestion would be to put a muzzle on your coach during the week. Everytime he starts to pop off, he forgets to actually make a game plan. The fact it happened at home has got to be scary.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingColonel and the rest of the delusional Ole Miss crowd, just because I am somewhat angry at the Tide does not mean I don't have full belief that we can turn it on next weekend and give you the ass-kicking you all have grown so fond of in Bryant-Denny. I hate you are heading to N'awlins instead of Tuscaloosa. I was prepared to show you what college football is really all about.

Lola, how many points do you think Clemson can rack up against the 3A high school squad from Temple??

Off to QB1 at Sleep Outs. I am undefeated this season in the play-calling game. I don't know if thats because I am good or my competition. Other than the Colonel giving the occasional run for the money I would say we play not-so-stellar competition.

Good Tuesday to all. Everyday is one day closer to the weekend.

Here's to all shapes and sizes boys.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Down go the Tigers

A classic Auburn choke leaves the Tigers on the outside of the SEC West looking in. Tubs & Co. were outcoached and the players were outplayed. Arkansas whipped Auburn because they were better and wanted to win more than the Tigers did. Auburn's offensive and defensive lines are porous at best and need serious gut checks. I arrived home at noon on the dot to witness this massacre. Tubs apparently requires a muzzle dealing with the press as he sticks foot in mouth for 2nd time in a year about the BCS/playoff and then precedes to get violated on the field. We were expecting the L next week but we might have two by then. Tubs sharted on our season.

Georiga gets whipped by a better team. thUGA fans cannot own up to the fact of getting beat, take Georgia Sports Blog, for example. There is always a "yeah, but". They blame the team for coming out flat or unprepared and the refereees for bad calls, how about the fact that you lack a QB, WR's and any offensive line. Why did you stop running Lumpkin? They are called forced fumbles and turnovers for a reason. Good teams cannot be forced into anything, they are the force themselves. Georgia and Auburn were both exposed Saturday and need to fix their o lines. Georgia needs to fix their fans as well.

Battle of the best talent in the SEC and lookie there...LSU gets thumped by JR's mind farts. All the talent in the world and LSU goes tribal against a solid UF squad. Tim Tebow is a weapon and the Gators have the look of a BCS bowl team at midpoint.

No, the LSU & Auburn losses do not Bama look better in any way. A loss is a loss and not complimented by being taken to four minutes in the game by Duke. As bad as Auburn was Saturday afternoon, Alabama is still four years behind and light years away. Period.

Ladies, manic Monday is yours.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Dwight Schrute Fridays

Lets all take a moment and celebrate DWIGHT SCHRUTE FRIDAY. I have taken it upon myself to give this Friday this designation. After another great episode last night, Dwight continues to climb my personal ladder of all time TV character greats. So, we honor you today Dwight.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
"Let me describe the perfect date: I take her out to a nice dinner. She looks amazing. Some guy tries to hit on her... now he wants to fight - so I grab him - I throw him into the jukebox! Then the other ninja’s got a knife, he comes at me, we grapple, I turn his knife on him. Blood on the dance floor. She’s scared now. I take her home. I’m holding her in my arms. I reach in for a kiss... I hear something in the leaves, I flip her around, she gets a poison arrow right in her back. She was in on it the whole time... but I knew."

Florida State is dismal at best. Seriously, a loss to NC State?!?! Chuck the Chest might have salvaged his job. Back to back upsets of ranked teams. FSU and Miami will be out of the top 25 Monday morning. Weird. Did anyone see the interview with Amato after the game?? I seriously wonder how damaged this man's throat is. It has to look like ground beef after the abuse he has put it through. Maybe he is trying to make his pitch a little bit higherto prove the theory below.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now for the Dr.'s Weekly picks:
Oregon @ Cal -4.5
Look for Oregon to stroll into Calli and pull off the upset in the ugliest fashion. Not play but uniforms.

West Virginia @ Miss St. +21.5
Mountaineers easily cover this spread and Croom continues his transition into looking like an actual bum

Arky @ Auburn -15.5
Arky shows up in style. Runs all over the Auburn D. After the win Nutt actually goes insane. They drop him off at Brice on the way back to Arghhh-Kansas.

Duke @ Alabama -29
Since I will be returning for the first time the season, the team will want to show out for one of its most beloved alums. Look for Bama to cover this line. UL Monroe could beat Duke, and Bama put up 41 points on them.

Tennessee @ Georgia +2.5
I would steer clear of this game. I think it could honestly go either way. So, I will flip a coin. Heads-UGA, Tails-UT. Heads it is Georgia wins.

LSU @ Florida -1.5
I am in agreeance with the DFF brotherhood. Leak will shat his pants. I am going LSU by 14 in the swamp. Tebow actually cries after this one. Sissy.

The Dr.'s Weekly Upset Special
South Carolina @ Kentucky +5
I think Kentucky can take them at home. I know this is a stretch, but I am ballsy.

I will be on the road to Tuscaloosa around lunch. To all, a good weekend. Drink a cold one on me, because believe me, I will take one out for you.

Welcome to Colonel R, a fellow Memphis downtowner and Ole Miss grad, you are brave.

Until next week........Roll Tide
Signing off
Doctah Feelgood a.k.a. Carl Montgomery

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here's to Firsts

Daily Football Fix

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It was my understanding that I had the reins to the blog from Thursday through the weekend. I felt like a letdown when the internet was down in the cubicle I call a home. As I checked in today, not so. It seems as the King snuck in many a posts before his exit to the sugary sands of South Beach. So, ladies, I do not feel as though I let you down.

Lola, what a glorious call on UCF. They could have blown Marshall off the field if they had capitalized in certain situations. So here's to you Mr. O'Leary for reversing the bad karma that has haunted my bets for the past 2 weeks.

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Not a shabby weekend approaching in SEC football. Even though my beloved Tide takes on a very lackluster Duke squad, I will be in attendance for the first time this season. Hope we can stay out of foul trouble. Arky @ Auburn, Florida - LSU, UT-UGA, and favored Vandy @ Ole Siss. Picks coming tomorrow.

Lost my cell phone in an accidental evening. I will be available only via internet this Thursday. Wish me luck, I think I know where it might be. We may very soon have Ole Siss representation. You can't fight it any longer, the blog is exploding. Clemson and Ole Miss are now part of the DFF brotherhood. Ladies, hope you enjoyed the virgin post from the Dr. Until next time, stay classy San Diego.

Last but not least, a vixen on a Harley

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Coach O

From the Nation.
The Ed Orgeron Hummer Ad

Seriously...this is disturbing.
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Yep, typical Shula....he might not pop up after this season.
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Brandon kinda looks like Peve.
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Ladies, you are in good hands with the Dr. He is more than capable of running the show although I will step in from afar if this becomes an Alabama Crimson Tide web site. Please welcome new DFF vixen Stacy Keibler to the Fix.

Wilbur Picks........I couldn't resist.........Auburn, LSU & Tennessee. I just want to see Arky's Pilates Punter.

Joe T returns for the Dawgs Saturday night and gives the Georgia O a fighting chance. I see improvement but not much.......whoever gets out front early in Athens wins.

LSU has the best talent in the land. Auburn beat them, but not by much and only because of its scoring defense and Kenny Irons running the ball.

I hate to miss this weekend but I have to, I will talk to some of you Saturday during the game as I will be returning at kickoff to the fortress on Paces Ferry. Sunday is Talladega so I am going to cheer for Kenseth and Smoke. Can I cheer for Smoke from the Dewalt hospitality tent?

Lola, where are you? We need a little insight from your perspective.

Will the Little Ball of Hate return from his ridiculous suspenion?