Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Fog is Lifting

After a rainy & foggy week in the southeastern United States, the fog is finally lifting in the form of game weekend. Gameday is almost around the corner and another trip to the Plains of Alabama is in order. As I prepare for the weekend festivities I ponder how it may stack up against the masterpiece that was last weekend. Not a chance, so we shall have to start a whole new game weekend all over again and kindle the spirits of the Dr. & Nation in the football fires.

I can't wait to see Tray Tray knock someone out this weekend.

Andy Chavez of the NY Mets just made an absolutely unbelievable catch in the outfield.

And now, ladies & gentlemen, children of all ages, what you have been waiting all week for...Wilbur Picks!

The 3rd Saturday of October brings Alabama to Rocky Top. Growing up on a rocky top myself, I understand the hatred the Orange holds for the Crimson. Florida & Alabama...2 most important games when you run through the T. The Great Pumpkin has dominated the Tide, winning 9 or the last 11 and what should have been 10 for the last 11. Bama is young and they show it. If the Vol D pressures JPW, he will have messy footwork and throw high balls and INT's. If the Vols O line protects B Boy Ainge then the fleet UTK recievers will get open and run free all day. Tennessee will beat Alabama on offense, defense, special teams & coaching but won't cover. Rivalries like this rarely are decided til late, 27-17 Vols roll in the second half.

Trivia, when Shula left Tampa Bay their scoring average went up 3 points, from 16 to 19.

Michigan knocked out two Penn State QB's last week and made the other look like Chis Leak. They welcome Iowa smarting after an avoidable loss. Ol' Churchill has always been a fan of Drew State and he should bounce back this week, just not enough to get a win. Wolverines roll on, 30-13 and cover 13.5.

Arkansas wins but who knows if Ole Miss will cover? Stacey doesn't know who will show up? The team that played Alabama or the team that played Missouri? Please don't tell me Mizzou is better than Bama, I would still like to think a mid level SEC team in better than a mid level Big 12 team.

Same Q for Auburn, who will show up? Will the Florida win propel the Tigers into the second half of the season and amen corner? It all depends on the intensity level for this Auburn squad. The great ones motivate & drive themselves form within, can the young Tigers do the same? Two back attack? Line growing up and coming together? Wilbur doesn't believe the Tigers have peaked by any stretch with offensive blocking & production lacking. Funny coincidence, blocking = production. Hopefully, Florida lit a fire in the Tigers, they roll and touch 40 for the first time, 45-13, Auburn. The cover as they still have a lot to prove.

"WE" visits Baton Rouge to fight LSU. And fight they will, usually a fiesty team under fu manchu mustached Pat Hill, the Bulldogs play upper echelon teams tough. They will hang around for a while before the Tigers put them away with superior talent. 33 is a helluva number so I am gonna say that "WE" will backdoor cover.

Georgia Tech's D will keep them close so let's see what if Reggie Ball folds with turnovers. Clemson wins at home at night although they won't cover since they will never be able to pull away.

Other Picks of Note: USC -4 @ Vandy, Miss. State @ -18 Georgia.

Ladies, I hope all is well as I will shake a shaker for the missing, War Damn Eagle!!

Warmest regards,

Wilbur Churchill


Anonymous said...

I have just returned from the wastewater treatment plant, where I have been all morning. We have meters placed that read the levels of toxic gases produced as the doodoo and peepee are treated. I had to go retreive them. Pretty gross.

I am a little upset with the Office right now. I have been wating for Jim and Pam to do it since the first season, and now it looks like they may be fading that out. THe girl that works with Jim is pretty hot though.

Daddy said...

I dont know why that was posted as anonymous.

shakeyour$maker said...

Daddy--You had to go to the shit plant? That sucks man. How were the toxic gas levels in the duke? Peanuts in most of the floating logs?

Kingdom-- Dwight Shrute Fridays are awesome. Thanks for remembering!

Daddy said...

Yeah the shit plant stinks! waht I did there, looks easy but its not.... Don't know about the toxic levels of gas yet, but I do know that I have washed my hands at least half a dozen times this morning. Couldn't see anything but a huge mixture of black sludge. Very stinky, the smell hits you like a fist to the jaw.

What are yalls plan tonight? same ol, same ol?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Girls Girls Girls

Just got back in the office from Nashville. Concert was outside in the pouring rain with temperatures in the 20s. IT was a disaster of a trip, but one that ended up being fun because of the disasterousness of it all.

Dr.Feelgood said...
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shakeyour$maker said...

Daddy-- Same `ol thang again this weekend. Nothing big. Talked to Burton, and he wants to go out somewhere tonight....I don`t plan on staying out long...but I wouldn`t mind a few nice cold beers.

Dr.--Who did you go to see last night in concert?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Motley Crue and Aerosmith

shakeyour$maker said...

Sweet....Did Aerosmith play Last Child?

Daddy said...

I will concur that Last Child is Aerosmiths best song.

Yeah I wouldnt mind getting a cold one either for a short while either. Any good bands playing?

lola said...

Georgia Tech's D will keep them close so let's see what if Reggie Ball folds with turnovers. Clemson wins at home at night although they won't cover since they will never be able to pull away.

oh, ye of little faith......