Friday, September 29, 2006

Open Letter to the Auburn Football broke my heart

Dear Auburn Tigers,

I write to you tonight in disapointment of your perfomance tonight against a rising South Carolina squad. Rising, yes, but to take you to the buzzer is inexcusable. Better players, better program and you almost choked. This was a classic Auburn Tiger/Tommy Tuberville underperformance. There is absolutely no reason that Tommy Tuberville, Al Borges and Will Muschamp should ever be outcoached. Ever. Steve Spurrier is a hell of a coach, but only one man.

Coach Tuberville, this was the one time where the Tigers had the national spotlight all to themselves. What do you deliver? Another classic Tubs underperformance. Why did the team not understand the importance of this chance? Dreamcrusher, you!

Do you really think Auburn will be the 2nd ranked team in the country now? USC will jump you and maybe another team or two or three. And I can't argue this and neither can you. You have just made your case to be left out of the National Championship Game, again. Now being undefeated by the end of the year is a different story and not looking good for the Tigers.

One more thing CTT, who the dresses you? You look ridiculous with long sleeves, Under Armour and a golf vest. Big ears & glasses, as well. Please correct ASAP.

I reinterate, CTT, CAB & CWM should never be outcoached...although the onside kick was a brilliant move, saved the game and Tre Smith even tried to fumble that away. It would be greatly appreciated if he never saw the field again. Or Zach Gilbert.

David Irons, SHUT THE F@#K UP!!!!....You really need to shut the f@#k up!!!! Your behavior is embarrassing to the Auburn program. Your interference is out of control. Do not run your mouth when the reason for the incompletion was the QB's bad pass and not your play which is average at best right now. Seriously, be a man, be a senior and shut the f@#k up. I will let you know exactly how many times you got smoked after I watch the replay.

Coach Will Muschamp,.......?????? Where was the passion you displayed two weeks ago? What the hell is going on out there?

My beef with you lies here.........

*3 man line gets no pressure with your best DE dropping in coverage at MLB. Quentin Groves is an edge player and will play outside backer at the next level, not pass coverage MLB. A 3-4 would be great if we had LB's...not 8 DB's on the field. Dede didn't play all that well so thank heavens for Will Herring's INT. Did you not notice the difference in the rush with 4 down linemen? And on South Carolina's offensive line??

*DB's are awful....I can't honestly say I saw one DB chuck a WR coming off the line tonight. This "don't get beat deep" coverage is killing your team. LSU took advantage and USC took advantage. The combination of no pass rush and loose coverage will kill you down the road

*Syvelle Newton played a great game and was the best QB on the field but he was a WR at the beginning of the year(yes, he is a former QB but still). 240 yards, 2 TD passes(and nearly a 3rd save an overtime sending drop). Inexcusable. He routinely gashed the Tiger Defense for first downs and rarely got hit. When are we gonna see a knockout???

*Blitzing works....why the hell won't you use until desperation? Again, where is this blitzing we were expecting? Bringing more pressure would be greatly appreciated. Go after the QB, again when are we gonna see a knockout???

*David Iron's are the coach....make him shut the f@#k up. You are embarassing the Auburn family when you allow that trash to fly.

*Zack Lorenzo or Tristan instead.....38 should never see the field again.

Lil' Chamo, I love you, the old you, please return next weekend with your passion and better D scheming and playcalling. I would like a shut out of Arkansas if you please.

The misdirection & play action was terrific. Al, playcalling is a lot about feel so I encourage you to roll with it and have some fun. It really compliments the power running game and drop back passing attacks. Brandon, don't be a weirdo. Work on them, mechanics.

A W is a W, but Auburn, my Tigers, you might/probably blew your chance for the NCG if it comes down to 3 undefeated teams, although the thought of undefeated is a mother of an assumption right now and looking doubtful.

Coach Tuberville, coaches and the Auburn players, we expect much of whom much has been given. You have done a terrific job recruiting and building a good program. It is time to live up to ability. You have all of our support here at the Daily Football Fix (w/ the possible exception of the Dr.) so please go out and kill. I am happy as hell we are undefeated. I appreciate you and the team putting us in this position. Go kill it. Shut down the Arkansas run game and knock MM out of the game with blitzes of clean hits. It is time to play like Auburn again.

Dye hard and a little disapointed,

Wilbur Churchill...the King of Tigerland

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thursday Night under the Lights & Favorite Saturday

A tradition normally reserved for the ACC has traveled south to Columbia. South Carolina will get their heads handed to them Thursday night by Auburn. Spurrier does not have the guns to take on the Tigers. Truth be told, I believe it could be ugly. Auburn has a lot of aggression to take out and a national stage to showcase itself. An open minded playbook, Kenny Irons' 25 carries and the Auburn defense do not bode well for a team that has bad lines on both sides of the ball. Another truth, I hope Tubs hangs it on the chickens. Tigers roll 42-13 and cover the 14 easily.

Yes, Jess, it is gameday.

Another beat down will occur down in Gainesville. Alabama lacks confidence and arrives to play an eagerly awaiting Florida team on Saturday. The Gators remember, they have not forgotten the crimson hell of last year. Florida has way to many athletes and will trounce a weak Alabama running game and coaching staff. John Parker Wilson has never been hit in life like he will be hit this weekend, with the exception of a visit to JHS last November. He won't pass for more than 200 yards as the Gators roll 31-3 and cover two touchdowns easy and quickly.

"Them swampboys gonna put it on 'em" - Wilbur Churchill & LeRoy Shiloh

LSU, in another beat down, will absolutely pound Miss State. JR4 has the best arm in the SEC, an absolute howitzer of an arm. If only he had the head game because I truly believe LSU could beat Ohio State & USC, call me crazy but I don't believe Auburn could at this point. 33 and a half, no worries as LSU rolls 45-0.

Georgia travels to Oxford to beat the hell out of the Plantationmen. Coach O is playing 15 true freshmen and it shows. Super Brent is close to being benched for a walk on. The Rebs are seriously lacking and CMR will have the Bulldogs motivated after last week. The QB change scared the team into playing better as Cox did not distance himself far from Fat Matt. Dawgs roll 35-13 and cover the 18.

Bonus pick for the good Dr..........TCU @ -5.5........$20 on it.....hell, I'll parlay that with Auburn to wipe off Jim Kelly's days at the U if it doesn't hit.

5 for 5, yep the favorites roll this weekend.

A few other thoughts.......Gold helmets are a no go with gold jerseys. And no gold pants with gold helmets either. This applies to you Georgia Tech and you Central Florida. Calvin shows off his sharp duds, either white or dark are safe. Jerseys don't shine like helmets or pants.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I shall see you again Friday after a night of fun celebrating a Tiger W.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Daily Football Fix Top Twenty One

1 Auburn

2 Ohio State


4 Florida

5 Michigan


7 Texas

8 West Virginia

9 Louisville

10 Georgia

11 Virginia Tech

12 Iowa

13 TCU

14 Tennessee

15 Cal

16 Notre Dame

17 Oregon

18 Missouri

19 Oklahoma

20 Clemson

21 Arkansas

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Playing with Fire

Alabama and Georgia both play with fire Saturday and only one escapes. Shula, Radar & Co. get burned after relying on their kicker to win for the last season and a half. JP had solid numbers and outplayed Mustaine who threw the ball up every other pass. It didn't help that the best reciever in the game, Marcus Monk, played with no heart and will not run a route for Young Mitch. We'll see how Bama stops Leak & the Gators.

Bama D was run on by McFadden and Darby stuggled. He looked to be over the hip pointer but couldn't break free. My bad, that was always Ol' Kenneth.

Arh! It won't come out.

John Vaugn-LSU
Leigh Tiffin-Arkansas

The "Messiah of Athens" is pulled for a red headed Cox and we now have a QB controversy between the hedges. As recently as Friday night I was hearing National Championship Defense. Really?! Colorado ran on the Dawgs. Its as if they gave Ralphie the ball.

Notre Dame vs. the State of Michigan...The Wolverines feast and Sparty looks to do the same until Drew Stanton, John L. Smith & Co. hand the game to Weisman on a silver platter. The Irish avoid a close one as well. No first round draft prospect should have to have the coach design plays to get him confidence. Brady Quinn is reminding us of his first two years in South Bend.

Auburn ran the ball, then ran it some more. I guess it did what it was suppose to do. The O line is suspect and Cox needs to make better decisions if this team is to win against a Florida team that will beat Bama this weekend.

Falcons visit the Saints Monday night. Reggie Bush & Mike Vick on the field at the same time. I am looking forward to seeing the Vick spread offense. The Falcons are favored by four with a total of forty four. After a one and one weekend, Dr., I will rebound with an NFL parlay. I remain undefeated in NFL action as I predict Atlanta and the under.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Paris Hilton & Jessica Simpson

To bring a little sunshine to the good Dr.
Paris Hilton - Nothing in this World Music Video (NEW)

It would be better if it was the Tiger locker room.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Picks....who cares??

Arky loses to Alabama late and the Crimson covers.

Notre Dame wins and covers.

Shula maintains his dignity.........not a chance.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Auburn-LSU Highlights
Auburn-LSU Post-Game Coach Interviews

I have to admit, I am now a Tubs fan. Although Coach Champ is my favorite. He is inches away from head butts on the sideline.
Auburn-LSU Post-Game Player Interviews
Auburn vs LSU 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Daily Foootball Fix Power 16

1 Auburn

2 Ohio State


4 Florida


6 Michigan

7 Texas

8 West Virginia

9 Georgia

10 Virginia Tech

11 Louisville

12 Iowa

13 Tennessee

14 Clemson

15 TCU

16 Oregon/Oklahoma

Busted...Steeler O, Willie, Corndogs & Shula

Many a deal went down on an interesting Monday.

The Steeler and Jaguars tried to imitate LSU/Auburn with a 9-0 Jag victory.

Willie Nelson busted with pot on his tour bus. Police issued misdemenor citations for a pound and a half of grass and 0.2 pounds of shrooms. Several were cited and their ages ran from 54-75 years old. Rock on, Willie.

SEC affirms right calls in LSU/Auburn.

LSU fan pours a drink on Spirit the Eagle. He is charged with assault on an endangered species. Great article about the classy individuals from Lousiana on Deep South Sports.

Shula suspends at random. Ice cream comment, weed, booster's daughter or general thuggishness? We will all never know since its handled "in house" at the Capstone. Although, it is mighty interesting that summer offenses are not punished until a Lousiana school other than the one in Baton Rouge visits Tuscaloosa in late September. He is getting murdered right now. There is no way of knowing what is going down in T-town but it looks like a mess.

Alabamaslammer will win the weekend against Arky or they are suppose to do so. Bama beat Vandy by 3, Arky by 2...relatively insignifigant differences, wouldn't you say? Yeah, suppose to win, but who knows who will show up on both sidelines? You may see Daddy strap it up and run out there.

Trips to Florida and the third week of October could clear the dirty haze that is hanging above Crimson Tide football as we speak. Good of bad.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

LSU Auburn Finish 2006

100% Happiness

A wave of speed descended on Auburn, AL Saturday afternoon. The result was a slobberknocker of epic proportions. The speed and opening coin toss helped LSU pin Auburn down in the field position game the first half. The difference was the time of possesion. The most physical game I have ever seen. LSU had more talent and I second Nation that the they will not lose again.

Karibi Dede gets an honorary Wilbur for slapping the ball out on 4th down and his overall performance.

David Iron's was in Dwayne Bowe's head all day as he suffered several drops.

Good snap, good hold, thank heavens Vaughn never has to play LSU again.

Spirit flew forever around JHS.

Penalties, regardless of opinion, evened out in the last minute as LSU lucked out to be called on illegal formation as the time would have wound off.

Alabama covered like a champ and rolled.

Jen couldn't help the 'Noles.

The difference in confidence between Tubs and Shula in their own programs and players is immeasurable. Tubs suspends two starting linebackers for at least three games and Shula waits for LA-suburb. Speaks volumes.

ThUGA records it first back to back shutout since I was born in in '80.

Ainge is terrible. Notre Dame disapoints but we knew they were overated anyways.

Great victory.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A burning Bush....Alabama & Auburn Picks

Reggie Bush done went and pulled some b@lls&*t. According to the Yahoo dot com investigation, Reggie Bush and his family accepted cash, car, housing, allowances, airfare & accomodations worth over $100,000 while he was a player at USC. Allegedly there were agents on the sidelines at Trojan practices and in the locker rooms after games. The entire Bush family is to blame, although USC is staring down the barrel at an NCAA investigation for lack of institutional control.

USC wins in 2005.....gone!
Pete Carroll's Dynasty.....gone!
Pete Carroll.....gone?

Lousiana Little Brother Monroe visits Tuscaloosa. Alabama will roll between the twenty's. How will they fare in the red zone? Wilbur sees a few break throughs. The yards per carry should be up this week as the Red Elephants pounds LMU but fails to cover for the 8th straight game. Alabama 30-10.

"I pick the Tigers", says Samantha. "You would.", I reply.

The Lousiana Big Boys arrive in the Plains for a Top 6 showdown. Both defenses have speed but LSU takes the edge in size. Irons rang off 218 and looks to do the same this year. The Bengal Tigers damn sure don't want to let him. It will be an old fashioned grudge match that could hinge on big plays. How will the offensive lines protect Jamarcusrusselcumbum and BC. The Auburn Tigers pull away late to score a 27-16 victory and slingshot them towards a mean Buffalo team next week.

Ladies, it is all yours. We shall be together this time tomorrow with the good Dr. in spirit.
Brings a tear to my eye

CTT, it is time to make your mark. War Damn Eagle.
Auburn vs LSU 2006 Preview

Les Miles deserves to be knocked out for this.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Alabama Football 2005

This is the last Alabama post for the Dr. until they cover the spread for the first time this year. 24.5 this weekend, Can Bama even score 24?

Martinis & Football...Always a good choice

After a few martinis, Alisha & I are ready for Wilbur Picks. Alisha & dirty gin martinis. Life is good.

Maryland travels to Morgantown and leaves with a whipping. West Virginia opened the week as 14.5 point favorites, which has now jumped to 17.5. Who cares, Pat & Steve will run wild on the Terps and then not play the last 10 minutes. Mountaineers 34-10 as they cover with ease.

Florida ventures to Shield Watkins Field at Neyland Stadium. Best athletes in the SEC for the Gators? Yeah, maybe. Two new D starters for the Vols. Yep. This will be a terrific game that will come down to the wire. Florida will have to pressure Ainge to win this game and he has not been touched all year. Then again, he only takes 3 & 5 step drops. His touchdown passes are not bombs, they are production of yards after the catch. If Tennessee's recievers can get free after first contact, it will be a long day for Florida in Knoxville. I go on a limb and say Tennessee covers the 4 backdoor in an oh so close outright victory. 23-21 Vols in a late one. Celebration on Rocky Top.

Michigan visits Notre Dame. Notre Dame's D seems to be shaping into a good unit. Chad Henne and Mike Hart will be their biggest test. If they shut down UM's offense, it is a done deal. They do, somewhat....Irish cover a touchdown 31-24 as Quinn throws for another three bills.

UAB pays a visit between the hedges. Alisha won't quit bugging me about those Dawgs and especially Matthew Stafford. She is right, as thUGA gets their criminals back from suspension and blows UAB out 34-14 and cover the 17 by a hair.

LSU @ AUBURN................check tomorrow for the picks for the SEC WESTERN DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP GAME which will be played Saturday in God's Country, Alabama 36830.

Lock of the Week...Central Florida -1.5....Take it to the bank and buy Wilbur a drink!


Blake Mitchell arrested for simple assault after punching a bouncer in the eye. Stay classy, Blake, you are a winner in our book. He hit this guy.........uhhh.....Blake......couldn't have picked anyone smaller? He looks like he was born to be a bouncer....and an Alabama fan.

I would now like to take the time to give a special FU to the ESPN Gameday crew for complete and utter blasphemy. Why in the hell are you taking Gameday to Los Angelos to see #19 Nebraska take on #4 USC? Why? Why? You have two top eleven matchups in the SEC and you go west. This is a complete slap in the face to the SEC and whomever made the final decision(s) to move this escapade west should be tar & feathered, mauled by Mike the Tiger, locked in a room with Smoky howling, swooped down upon by mighty Tiger the Eagle, subjected to the umthinkables you catch from a Gator co-ed and/or fired then deported to Somolia.

ESPN can go to hell and suck face with USC the whole trip!!

Ladies, it is yours.
Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair (World Premiere)

"I am so glad that Jessica Simp could be such a huge part of our weekend."-EY

I would love to hear what Shawn has to say when he wakes up to Jess.
Jessica Simpson Boing(
The Tide is Out

Monday, September 11, 2006

Tuesday Blues

2 games of MNF cannot stave the hunger I have for Saturday afternoon when LSU visits Auburn and later when the Gators visit Knoxville.

Matthew Stafford is now making Chuck Norris bow down to his greatness(Georgiasportsblog). Pretty soon it could be Mustain & Tebow as well. This could be the most talented freshman class of QB's the SEC has ever seen. Think, Smelley @ SC, Caudle & Emsminger @ Auburn, Schaffer @ Ole Miss ( I know, I know...I only get a half point for him), and McElroy @ Alabama on top of the Big 3. And you never know with recruiting rankings anyways.

The DFF has been recognized for its journalistic excellence as we have been graced with a link on A big thank you to Erik.

Saturday cannot be further away.

Juwan is a dead horse so lets focus on the real problem. Although, I would love to hear the story from his mouth over b&b's. It starts with, "Now what had happened was...".

Dr., what is the prognosis for Shula's survival in Tuscaloosa?

Weekend in weather in Auburn, Al will be warm and sunny in the upper 80's. This will require that any female sideline reporter(with the exception of Holly Rowe) to work in a bikini top and hot pants. If we were on ESPN then we would have had Erin Andrews. Hmmm...this plan could work.

If Florida A&M ran more on Miami than Florida State did, and FSU could not run on Troy. Do you think FSU is in trouble or deeeeeeeeep trouble? I say deeeeeeeeep trouble and OC Jeff Bowden is in hoooooot water. Best athletes in the world and they cannot gain a lick on the ground. It disgusts me. Maybe the return of the Fast Break Offense would be the elixir needed.

Bruno - In Alabama

Thank you, Shea. This really clears up a lot.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

SEC Saturday...Fall is here....150 posts and counting...a celebration

Bama & Tennessee almost blew it...badly, Georiga shut down SC, Auburn dominated State, Arkansas bounced some polygimists, Ole Miss was thumped by Mizzou. Kentucky, LSU & Florida all rolled over inferior comptetition.

Nationally, Ohio State & Notre Dame rolled and ascending to the top two spots in the polls.

A few SEC recap.

Ole Miss doesn't have as much talent as they think they do. There is a tremendous drop off between the top player(s) and the rest of the team.

Tennessee couldn't handle assignment football(disciplined defense againts less speed), although there is an element of trickery to the triple option, it should not have come down to a stupid go for 2 call by Fisher DeBerry. CFD forgot that overtime is now an element of today's game and he had the Vols on the ropes. Could you have imagined if Fulmer had lost this one?

Alabama has the same offensive line as last year plus an NFL guard playing LT. Andre Smith is 350 plus easy. Could be a lot quicker if he dropped 30 lbs. but he is a crushing run grader. Capps still lacks. JP has an adequate arm but sometimes can't quite read a defense. Ken Darby is obviously bothered by the pointer. Take a week off and come back twice as strong, KD. Juwan is a arguement here. Maybe they were distracted by a certain Vandy pledge class? Let's play "Which one was in the car with Juwan?"

Auburn is vanilla so far and self admitted stubborn playcallers(Tubs running so much the first half against State). What might come out against LSU after a great defensive performance. Special teams were a plus with a 55 yard boot from Vaughn but Dunn needs to quit dancing and run like Lil' Bo does on kickoff returns. Played many young guys and they produced. Auburn has a well balanced roster of veterans and young talent. What could be in store for the LSU game? Multiple blitzes, expanded offense? This has been gameplanned since before the summer. I believe this game has been the true focus since the Citrus Bowl debacle. LSU is the measuring stick since they were the last team from the west to go to Atlanta.

Tre Smith should never see the playing field ever again. This is justified due to lack of blocking on punt returns, no reaction to a fumble where he could have scored, lack of any offensive production (other than 2002 Alabama) in his entire career, horrible Halloween costumes, muffed punts and/or simple because there are younger and better players who should be on the field instead.

Tennesse looks terrific one week and flat the next. Looking forward to next week? Who shows up next week?

I know, Jen, FSU was struggles against Troy. What a letdown.

Georgia, Georiga, Georgia. You have the greatest quarterback ever and he will win 2 Heismans and 6 National Championships in 3 years before he is the Number 1 draft pick. No doubt Stafford has one the best arms in the SEC. 3 INT's are expected for a debut, and is there anyone out there who didn't think it would come against SC? Not a soul, as Joe T recieved a trust fund to step down(jk), bad luck for him, but it is a funny thought, isn't it? I can see the thUGA Mafia slipping 300k into an offshore account. Now let's see what happens when Fat Matt gets chased and hit by Tennesse, Florida & Auburn. That is world's away from South Carolina as Spurrier's bunch might not be that good at all. Not much offensive line as Georgia was all over Mitchell all night.


1 Ohio State
2 USC 3 Auburn 4 LSU 5 Florida 6 Texas 7 West Virginia 8 Notre Dame 9 Georgia 10 Louisville 11 Florida State 12 Tennessee 13 Virginia Tech 14 Miami 15 Michigan

Ladies & gentlemen, your thoughts on an interesting weekend all the way around.
Croom's Comments

More defensive than his own team.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind
Fight between Ole Miss and Mississippi State

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Shooting for the Moon

Thursday night football attention will be focused on the NFL as the Dolphins visit Pittsburgh. The line has slid to a pick with the total sitting at 34.5. After going 3-2 last Saturday against the spread to bring the season tally of 4-4, I need this one. Jump to the NFL over Oregon State travelling to the blue fields of Boise State, why not. The Fins win it outright. Right it down, take notes. Ronnie rushes for 80 & Daunte biggest dude ever Culpepper will have a monster game.

Oh by the way, take the over in Oregon State/Boise. There are two winners.

A new month, a new Jessica Simp. Thank heavens it is only a pic
ture. Maybe next week I will post a pic of her floating by her floating devices.

Videos below.....some d-bag already removed the entrance & 1st half so I hope you have seen it. Savage makes 2 killer hits and line is making huge holes. Good stuff.

Might as well throw Saturday in as well. Auburn rolls over a weak Miss St
ate team as they pass more as a quicker Bulldog D will prove tougher to run on than the Cougars. That is ok as State does not score. Shutout. Nada, nothing zero. Tigers cover 31-0.

Tennessee is giving 20 to Air Force. Florida 23 to Central Florida. Vols cover as the D shuts down the Falcons. Gators do not. Central Florida makes the charge to be in the Big 4 in the Sunshine State but falls short of a victory.

Vandy always plays Bama well. The Tide have some kinks to work out this week and need to shut a team down. Vandy won't be their whipping boy today as the Commodore cover 16.5 but fall short of the Tide in Tuscaloosa.

LSU & Ole Miss play out of conference against Arizona % Mizzou respectively. Both cover as LSU wins by almost 30 & Ole Miss pulls out a W as the cover 8.5 backdoor. SEC representing well.

Games of the Week

Georgia travels to Columbia with 3 new DB's, a recently blown redshirt for Fat Matt & a ton of talent. Will it be enough against Spurrier & SC in Williams Bryce Saturday night? No, as Carolina wins the always tough, low scoring affair. 17-16 as D rules the night, as will conservative playcalling with Steve letting a few plays ring out.

Penn State visits Notre Dame. Irish are given another close scare and do not cover 8.5.

Texas wins outright and covers 23-16. The offensive lines are the key as to who can run the ball and control the clock. It will be a slobberknocker.

Gentlemen, shooting for the moon is the titties.

Auburn-WSU Second-Half Highlights
Auburn-WSU Post-Game Interviews

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Welcome Back

Back in the swing of things on Wednesday. Auburn won and the beach was nice. Not much else I could ask for. Carl, Babes, Breath & Wilbur had quite an adventure this weekend. An odyssey. We could write a book about it.

A few thoughts on the past weekend.......USC is the best in the country...word has surfaced that the amount of weed in Juwan's car was enough that he is considered a drug dealer in many circles...Shula has no control over his own program and Paul thinks he spit on Bama's tradition...2 freshmen will start by the end of the year(Arkansas & Georiga)...ThUGA has no intention of reshirting Fat Freddie Jr....Notre Dame is suspect...period.

Friday, September 01, 2006

1 day and 19 hours til...

Satisfaction is within our grasp. We have been waiting all summer to taste that first drop of liquor on campus. The smell of football permeates the air and spreads like a fever.

The season officially kicked off tonight as Wilbur went 0-3.

State is in for trouble. We will get a better idea about South Carolina next week as I believe they might pull of a stunner against Georiga. Their D looked good but the Gamecock O-line may be suspect against a good rush.

Wilber Picks for Saturday August 2

Cal @ Tennessee-Cal walks out of Neyland Stadium with a victory. Tennessee will be trying to gel on D throughout the night and Ainge should be better. None the less, Cal will be to much as they cover +2 or -2 no mater how it swings and win outright 27-23.

Notre Dame @ Georiga Tech-Notre Dame is to much. Unless Calvin Johnson goes for 200 yards and 3 TD's, the Irish plunder Atlanta. Reggie Ball's middle name is still suspect, although he plays great in the first game of the year. Notre Dame has had time to prepare and watch Auburn videos from last year. Georgia Tech's fans will realize that Bobby Dodd's 50 someting thousand is not an intimidating road stop. Weis & Co. throw for over 300 as the Irish cruise 34-20 and cover the 7.

USC @ Arkansas-Many a starter returning but remember they were still 4-7. No more than 4 more W's this year. They will keep it close but the Trojans will have to much firepower. USC pulls away after big plays late in the game and the Pigs can't respond without McFadden. USC 34-23 as the Trojans cover the 8.

Hawaii @ Alabama- The Rainbow Warriors pay a visit the Tuscaloosa to visit the Herd. Colt throws for 325 yards and 3 scores on an inexperienced D. JPW & DJ Hall combine for two scores as Darby returns his standard buck on the ground and of course will not break anything long. Not enough as Hawaii outshoots Bama 28-27 and backdoor covers the 16 in an outright victory.

Washington State @ Auburn- Auburn jumps all over the Cougers early with scores on their first two drives. New D will hopefully force turnovers and bad decisions that can be taken advantage of. Cox throws for 225 and Irons reels off a buck fifty and two scores. The D adds a touchdown due to pressure and the Tigers roll 34-17.

Ladies, opinions are welcome.