Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hawks Getting Physical

The Atlanta Hawks are not getting any older. With the youngest average age in the NBA, Atlanta selected Sheldon Williams of Duke and Soloman Jones of South Florida. Two senior picks are a departure from the norm for Atlanta. Sheldon and Soloman should provide a physical inside presence, defense and rebounding for the Hawks. At first glance it looks like a good compliment to the skill and athleticism of Joe Johnson, Marvin Williams and the other young Hawks. Now, lets see if they can put it together.

The Grizzlies go Gay.

Who really cares about the NBA Draft anyways.

It was an afterthought as I was exploring my new DirecTV. Satellite is pretty cool so far.

Will Hoover center Pugh decide the Auburn Tigers this morning? It is shaping up to be a decent start for recruiting.

Georgia, best backfield in the country? Seriously, I beg to differ. I would not even say they have the best backfield in the SEC. That is Auburn, Alabama or LSU.

Most talent in the SEC? Florida or LSU followed by Auburn or Georgia? Where does Bama and Tennessee fit in?

Dr., Bama update and Grizz draft analysis? I saw that a few of your Memphis Blue Tigers went high last night.

Diddy, any more interviews?

Ladies, have a nice day. The stunning pics will return once I have internet back at #10. Later on.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Return of the King

Arriving late Friday night, the King has returned from Dallas. It was the flight from hell including circling over LaGrange and touch and goes in Atlanta. The most incredible week of my young professional life. We were treated like kings at the 4 Star Hilton Park Cities in Dallas where the Bama/Sigma Chi alumni CEO/Founder and EVP/"Pledge Trainer Judson" park there Aston Martin and Benz S55 backed in the driveway while everyone else must be valeted. The burger in the hotel bar is called the "World Wide Express Burger". Imagine 75 people between one month and three years out of college in a ballroom from 8:30am til 9pm learning the shipping business from my new mentor, Joe Judson. If the CEO is at training for several hours a day it must speak to how important the training classes are to DHL's largest sales partner in North America(in 15 month's we will be DHL's largest partner in the world.) Being wound up tight all week, Thursday night was a interesting night on the town in Dallas. I didn't make it the final 3 to compete for the Mont Blanc and cash so I will have to settle for Top 8 until I return to Dallas for another week in 3 months and a week in Miami for Conference in October. I guess Top 10% isn't to bad. I have some really, really interesting stories that cannot be published for the world to see. I turned into the ring leader Thursday getting everyone on 6 cabs to go to a place called Tribeca in uptown Dallas. It helps to grease the concierge's palm. I will be out on my own in the field this week so the hustle is oooooon!!

Congratulations to Daddy for passing his engineering test and the successful interview. That test is an absolute killer.

$hakes, I love the bar idea. I hope you are ready for some late nights. Might want to get EY a cot in the back and designate yourself the house band! You can be the Piano Man of Auburn. Your idol, Elton John, is suing Atlanta over property taxes due to "overvaluing his condo".

Nation, Braves game in the next week or two? I have some goodies that I need your help in using up. I have not smoked in almost two weeks. Who would have ever thought I would do that?

Dr., I am going to try and get a decent myspace page up. Any ideas? I am thinking about trying to publisize the blog from it.

$hakes, I mean Jeff Gordon won the road race. Rainbow Queer rides again.

Junior gets the rights to the name. Great business move.

Braves snap a 10 game losing streak but are sinking fast.

English and German fans riot at World Cup. Beck saves the day with his specialty free kick.

I got a couch, desk and leather office chair for the house Saturday so we are fully furnished. Now it is time to pick some accent wall colors. Any ideas? My office will be the Auburn room so I am thinking blue or a dusty orange. Chocolate for the living room to go with the dark wood, Loosier Leather Recliner and loden green couch. Maybe a rust or steel blue for the bedroom?

My father called Thursday morning to wish me Happy Birthday as I was getting on the elevator. You gotta laugh because it is not til September 19th.

I almost bought a Smith & Wesson 9mm today but I need to get a new license with my correct address first. I have been wanting to get a pistol for a while and finally found one I like. The range is a fun place to go and girls love it. Nice complement to the 12 guage Remington and Israeli AK-74. World War III will end at 371 E. Paces Ferry Rd. #10.

July 4th plans?

Have a great week and I hope to see ya'll soon!

El Wilbero de Mateo
Editor in Chief

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Winter Finale

June has rolled in and so did the finals in hockey and basketball. Carolina Hurricanes are the Stanley Cup Champs. Champs and the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals. D-Wane Wade is incredible. Impressive to come from 2 games down and four straight to win the title. Winning is the only thing that justifies Riley taking over the team from Van Gundy. T?

"It feel real good." - Gary Payton

Way to go Kobe. Run off Shaq. Do you ever think you will win another championship?

Now that the winter sports have come and gone, the only thing left to do is countdown to football season. I watched the game in the hotel bar. Yes, the hometown Mav fans were hurting but I did have a nice conversation with a Texas A&M alumni. When I told him I was from Atlanta he replied that I probably don't care at all. I told him he was right. Apparently Franchione must win 10 games to get a new contract. They should be good though. The only team that game Texas a scare before the thriller

Dr., the Alabama CEO & Founder drives an Aston Martin and is boys with Mark Cuban. Not bad for an English major in Tuscaloosa.

One thing, absolutely no diversity. All caucasion and good myself. Alisha is a good example.

Smoltz offers to be traded for the betterment of the Braves. What the hell?

I take personal responsibility for the lack of action on the blog as I have not provided any good topics lately.

Daddy, interview? go well?

Alisha, please grab these gentlemen's attention.

Ladies, have a good day and enjoy.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend Wrapup

Miami leads the NBA Finals 3-2. I watched the game in the hotel bar in Dallas with most of our training class. 60 folks who have the same attitude as myself is interesting. Kinda hope Dallas wins so we can have a good party later in the week. I saw Texas Stadium on the way from the airport. Huuuuuuuuuuge.

KK takes another one. That is 4 in 2006. $hakes, you can have JJ. I'll take Kenseth, Junior and Kahne. 2,3 & 4 in the standings.

Braves suck.

Ladies, have a good week. This might be the only post.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Futbol Americano and other musings

Mexico wins. Argentina wins. USA vs. Czech. on Monday. What are the forum's thoughts on the World Cup? Is it a novelty like the Olympics? Worth tuning in every four years?

Hamlin wins Pocono 500. I hate JJ & both Bush's. We need to see some more fighting from the wives and girlfriends. Shay agrees.

Anyone have any good stories?

Its in the works. Taber bachelor party appears to be relocated to Atlanta if anyone would like to partake and see the mighty Cheetah.

Quick question that we can see answered in about 85 some odd days. What will be the first offensive play of the season for Auburn, Alabama, Georgia and Florida?

AU: Irons zone left befind King.
Bama: Power up the midde over center with Darby.
Georgia: Lumpkin power right.
Florida: Shotgun spread quick screen to Caldwell.

Open Monday. Please take it away.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Welcome back to the real world, Wilber. My 5 week hiatus/vacation is over as I started work today and move into my new place (directly across from Bumper and Burton on E. Paces Ferry) on Wednesday. Amazing what a job change does for the soul. I think I am going to keep the tan though as I am hanging out by the pool Trap style and reading. Way to much fun in Auburn last weekend. I wore by bathing suit for 10 straight days from Lake Chatuge to Gulf Shores to Lake Harding. Yes, I did wash it though, Nation, before you ask!

Daddy, one the best AU setups ever. I loved it. Pools, grills, umbrellas, dogs, cabin/lodge/house.....heaven in Auburn. Like the Wild Kingdom. Nice to see Branch, $hakes, EY and Daddy as well. Lots has changed but the more they do change the more some things stay the same.

By the way, who did the Trap Target aquired email?

Thank you for welcoming in June so nicely, Jess. Yeah, I agree, Nick is pathetic.

Nation, Ol Clayton said the deal w/ M&B did not finally go down til 2006. Nice to see Lil' Nation at the Bodega. Very funny conversation after a few scotch and waters.

Kenseth and Dewalt take Dover. My buddy Trey who drives the big yella truck is happy.

Are the Braves slipping into the abyss? Cox says this is the worst series in Atlanta ever after being blown out and swept by the Diamondbacks.

Little Ball of Hate gets into some trouble. Might not go home for a while but we may never know what the punishment is since he might not miss the first game.

UGA and UF's seasons could go either way. 1-4 losses each. South Carolina might put it on both of them.

King Wilbero's new product.

Would the Bo Tucker All Star Revival be interested in playing the Trey Fricke/Vansickle wedding next April in ATL?

Any ideas for a Daily Football Fix website? Would Romaro be interested in writing an SEC column? I am going to try and get PJ to do one for the ACC.

Apologies for the neglect, I hope all is well with everyone.

Gentlemen, the blog is yours, please take it away and have a great rest of the week.