Thursday, October 12, 2006

Swamp vs. Plains

What seperates Gainesville, FL from Auburn, AL? Could it be....

Gelled hair vs. the shaggy flop?

Jorts vs. khakis?

Strip clubs on the side of the highway vs. no strip clubs within 30 miles?

Spurrier vs. Dye? Remember that Ol' Steve used to wear windpants during games.

Albert & Alberta vs. Aubie? Hands down Aubie.

Obnoxious Orange & Blue vs. "The Best Orange & Blue combo in Collegiate Sports"- Wilbur Churchill

Need I say more, please amuse us with your witty UF vs. AU responses.

We are getting blasted on Thursday night picks so far as Virginia Tech looks like they would turnover their girlfriends. Clemson doesn't count because it was to easy and we knew they would score on lowly Temp. So we move on, next.

Bringing Alisha back for good luck.

Staying in theme....Meyer vs. Tubs, Herring vs. Tebow, Leak vs. AU secondary, Florida D vs. Auburn's offensive line. There are many question marks. But many will be answered Saturday night. Auburn has a habit of playing up for big games and they are embarassed. What if the play calling of Al Borges opens up? What if the Tiger D succeeds, as they usually do, against a mid range finesse offense? If Florida gets ahead early it may be over as Auburn's is not built for comebacks. A win in JHS would be golden for either team, if Florida can't put up 20, then I say Auburn wins in a thriller, 17-13.

"Alabama sl@#s" as they were so passionately refered to by a fellow tailgater. Personally I think it is great because A, they are good looking and B, a mimic of the "Cowgirls at FSU" and who else could set the hooker standard higher? The issue I have is they are sidewalk alumni, attend UAB & their parents are dye hard Auburn alumni. What gives and where did they parents go wrong?

Alabama, Georgia, LSU & Arkansas all roll. Tennesse rests before the pounding they will leave on the Crimson Tide. Jax State upsets Miss. State, wait, that may not be a surprise.

Ladies, a good Friday to all. Big weekend around the corner. Auburntinis may need to make a comeback due to the seriousness of the situation.


lola said...

special props to temple. the football team personally( as in each player) donated 1500.00 bucks to the mcelrathbey fund to assist ray-ray raise his kid brother. no matter what was going on, the boys have class. i hate the players were beat so badly, but for them to do something like this speaks volumes. gotta go before the breathalyzer lock cuts me off.

King of Tigerland said...

Lola, do you have one of the new phones where a breathylizer prevents you from making drunk calls??

tigernation said...

King, Shakes, daddy, and all that will be at the tailgate tomorrow.................we will be in the presence of none other than Jay and Kate Russell. That's right, the game you have all been waiting for. I got a drunk call from him last night around 9. So funny.

Well I'll be there early satuday so if anybody has a chance to save any parking I sure would like to put the Z somewhere safe!!! No big deal though I'll find something.

Anything I need to bring food wise????

Daddy said...

You need to get plenty of sleep tonight nation. Paw paws need their rest, especially when we have to get demolished tomorrow so that we can be as loud and obnoxious as possible at the game.

I have a weird feeling about tomorrow. I really think auburn shows up tomorrow. Night game, drunk mad fans, mad football team, and a tired and beat up fla team. I think au wins big.

Do not be ashamed of drunk blogging. Let it flow baby!

I am excited to see the Jay. I havnt seen him in a long time.

You might want to come tonight. I hear the Last Waltz cover band is playing at the Street tonight.

King of Tigerland said...

$hakes, not sure if I will be using that hotel room....plans are still changing as we speak so I will let you know....I do want a ticket(as much as I say I don't, I do)so if anyone has an extra that would be great!!!!.......I guess I will call EY later to figure everything out.....I will prolly bounce between the amplithreater and our spot.

What time Nation, will you be at the tailgate? $, do we want to leave my truck there again??.....I can come meet yall Fri night after din din and then go from there......Branch & I will make Carlee drive us around!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy said...

I may have an extra. If i get it, it would be free.

King of Tigerland said...

that would be terrific

King of Tigerland said...

Please, daddy lemme there any confirmation on the service for JJ being Sunday in Hville?

Daddy said...

Yeah. There is a service tomorrow night at 6, not 100% on the time, and sunday at 2.

Daddy said...

I think it is a for sure thing. I think Mrs. Perry got 2 extra tickets in another section. One goes to Haley, and she would sit with Jana and her mom, and we could sit in the other section.

tigernation said...

I'll be there around 11 or a little after. I hope traffic isn't too bad.

Daddy - I actually won't get much sleep tonight since I have to go out with the ladies and that always turns into around a 3 am bedtime. But I'll be in full force tomorrow, don't you worry.

King of Tigerland said...

That would be great Daddy and I would pay you in green regardless of what you say!!!.........I will call you at lunch.

Daddy said...

Cool. i think they are ok seats too.

Daddy said...

I really cannot stand being in the office today. All these gators are killing me. They are really not scared of this game. They have been making fun of Auburn all week. Its ok though because we all know they wear jean shorts.

tigernation said...

So lets take a pair of "jorts" and a bunch of hair gell to the tailgate. We can burn the jorst and run up to gaytors and rub the gel on their arm or head or something. It would be funny

Daddy said...

Im in.

Dr.Feelgood said...

enjoy the weekend fellas

was great getting out on a college thurs. night.

en fuego

tigernation said...

En fuego is so much fun isn't it?!?!?!?!?