Monday, May 29, 2006

Summer is here

3 months til football. Mark Howard of the AJC is already predicting a ho hum Georgia season made by a victory over Auburn.

Barbaro's leg after surgery. Kinda looks like Wilber's knees.

I hope all had a nice Memorial weekend. Lake Chatuge was a nice place. Water was clean. The boat stopped working. Got towed back in my a good ol boy wearing a Kasey Kahne hat.

Kasey Kahne wins the 600. Roaring Wilberos edging out $hakes for Fantasy NASCAR supremecy.

Nice finish in the Indy 500.

Braves sweep Cubs.

Thanks for joining, Nikki.

Ladies, have a good week. I am off to Gulf Shores with Mom and the sister before starting back to work hustling DHL.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

World Record Hammerhead

A new world record hammerhead shark was caught in Boca Grande Pass off Port Charlotte in the southern Gulf of Mexico Wednesday. The

14.5 foot 1262 lb. shark dragged the 23 ft. boat 12 miles offshore during the 6 hour struggle. It was caught with live stingray.

What the hell? This new "blow out" rule by the Connecticut high school association infuriates me. Newly adopted, if a team beat another by more the 50 points then the winning coach is suspended the next game. Bob Jones football coach Frank T. Sadler used to say that if you don't want us to blow you out then don't let us score. It is your own fault if you get blown out. I see this as the dumbing down of competitive athletics and a form of game fixing. Have they not sent people to prison for fixing games? Any thoughts, gentlemen?

I do love Elisha.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Brawl Ball

Anyone see the Cubs/Sox brawl? Unreal.

One of Alisha's favorite sports is boxing, by the way.

Jimmy is unbeatable at Charlotte. I am tempted to run him next week as the Roaring Wilberos lead fantasy NASCAR at the break.

Good luck on the INT, Daddy. How was the BBQ last week, Dr.? $hakes, where are you moving? The house or the condo? Nation, can you get those Bravos tickets sometime? Maybe $ and D might even come up.

I hope all are well. I have moved all my worldly belongings to a storage unit and my Explorer. Not feeling easy about things being in the middle of Buckhead. It is amazing how much you can throw away when you don't want to have to move it again. 2 month rule. I write to you homeless from Burton's couch until my apartment is ready next month. Auburn later this week and then the beach next week should do me right. I highly suggest a vacation to all. One might call it a hiatus. Nevertheless, the Europeans do it but then again they are nowhere near as productive as the USA.

The Big Cups are making a comeback in fantasy baseball. It is amazing how well you can do when you actually keep up. Go figure.

Please excuse the lack of new posts the next two weeks as I will be in and out. I will do my best. Ya'll have some fun!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Legends Tour

Two college football greats will be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Bowden and Paterno deserve to go in together.

Smart money says Lebron will join them in his respective hall later on. The Cavs are up on the Pistons 3-2. If they win out, who stops them? The Heat, Spurs or Mavs? Does the winner of the Clips/Suns series have a chance against the winner of the Texas series?

Can Lebron take them all the way?

War Eagles at halftime of NBA basketball. Barkley -"Where is he from? Where is he from? Auburn!" speaking of a dunking Marques Daniels.

Alabama produced Latrell Sprewell. Enough said

I give 3 to 1 odds that Auburn beats Bama in Tuscaloosa. I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. 3-1 Spurrier puts up 400 yards of passing against Georgia's young secondary in Columbia. 3-1 Mitch Mustain will be a starter before Tebow and I would not be surprised to see Smiley on the field at USC. The Ol' Ball Coach loves a QB controversy.

I am scared the press will be enamored by a Notre Dame/Ohio State rematch NC game. That is ok as long as they are the only undefeateds. Will the new system ensure that?

Shula has not done it for 3 years so it seams fair at 3 instead of 4 in a row. Forgive me if I am wrong but Cadillac was 3-o in games he played against Bama since I believe he broke his foot after Tubs ran him 40 times at Georgia in 2001 and missed the 31-7 blowout and meteor shower the next week.

Ramble on,

King of Tigerland
Editor in Chief
Daily Football Fix

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Midweek Update

I hope all is well with everyone. Newports are downright nasty. Why would you want to smoke fiberglass when you can smoke the good green cigs? It was nice to be home in Alabama this past weekend. Yes, my home is in Alabama.

The Braves are starting to show a little bit of life. Keep winning series and they might have a chance in August. The Phillies might be the team to beat in the East instead of the Mets. Almost a given the Wild Card will come from the East right now. Yes, my fantasy team has gone down the toilet already. At least there is fantasy NASCAR.......

..........Greg Biffle won Saturday night in Darlington. That was good to see and a long time coming. Smoke, Biffle & Junior are my favorite drivers......anyone else?

"The aim of life is self development. To realize one's nature perfectly-that is what each of us is here for." - Oscar Wilde......Oscar's favorite drink-----Absinthe in an old ad. I have done some good reading on while on vacation.

Alabama baseball one of the tops in SEC and Auburn is one of the worst. Best facilities in the nation and a new Healthsouth next door can't get some talent? First losing season in a while hurts. Baseball and Mens B-Ball at the 'burn need to pick it up. Sad state of affairs. There is always swimming if the girls would swim in string bikinis..

Gotta love Elisa. She would swim and dive in a string. She said she would do it naked for DFF.

Anywhere from #3 to #8 is what we are starting to hear about the preseason ranking of the Auburn Tigers. I am hoping closer to #8 than #3. I am scared Cox might not make it through the season. He did last year but he is one shot away from not broken bones; but crushed bones.

I'm going to go ahead and say JPW will be better than expected and might be in the top third of the SEC QB's by the end of next year. He just needs time to throw. Tebow might get a shot in many first halfs this fall. How much difference will Nikita Stover make for JPW in T-town? Tons. He might be the shot in the arm Bama's O needs.

SEC West starters are looking like Jamarcusrussellbum, Henig at State, Shafing from grades at Ole Missy, who knows for Nutt, Cox for Tubs, and Johnny Walker Wilson for the Tide.

How much will Tim Hawthorne contribute as a freshman? I think LB Craig Stevens might be one of the better signings in Auburn's class when it is said and done. Imagine a backfield of Lester, Fannin and Tate year after next.

Good day, ladies and gentlemen.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

Tubs highest paid SEC coach at $2.6 million and the next closest is Fulmer at $2.05 and Urban at $2. Not a bad way to make a living.

New playmate of the year, Kimberly is a big KI fan. He likes blondes as well.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Dale does it

Junior snaps his drought at Richmond on the short track. Good win for him. Braves are spiraling. This could be the year. Shula gets a new contract. Open Monday. Good week.

A new month of May and a Junior W call for a return of Jessica.