Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dwight getting his mind right
Christmas time is here

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Monday, November 27, 2006

That's how the deal goes down

Shula is out. A joint decision by Mal Moore y Bobby Witt. 26-23, no, no, no, Alabama will not not accept mediocrity. It was a foregone conclusion that Mike was a goner so lets look at the high points of his Alabama coaching career.

Per Buck & Kincade, the $4 million buyout check came from one booster. I admire a man who does not want to see Shula on the sideline that badly! Is this his box? Who was he Dr?

Bambi High Points

1. 2 highest yardage passers in Bama history with Stickman & JP. Actually this translated into sacks by a poor line that killed QB's & produced few wins.

2. 10 wins in 2005. Ended ugly to LSU & Auburn with a "actually I did have my knee down around midfield" TD against Texas Tech in Dallas. 2005, apparently an abberation.

3. Winning over Auburn fans instead of the Crimson Complaint.

4. Beating Hawaii.

5. His buyout!!!

Now, gaze into the crimson looking glass, who will face Florida State next year as Alabama's head ball coach?

Spurrier, Can Bama pry Richrod from his alma mater Mountaneers?

Can they pay Petrino enough or Tuberville for that matter?

Paul "Bear" Jordan or Mickey Andrews? Jimbo or Pelleni?

How about Mike Price?? He has been pretty good at UTEP!!


Chesty is out at NC State & Dirk is cut at AZ St.

Gene Chizek is awarded for his hard work with the top job at Iowa State.

"I'm gonna miss you, Mike!" xoxo-Q

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Turkey Day

The foliage finally turned and the chill has arrived. Winter reaches her hand out to us as Thanksgiving arrives. We all have many things to be thankful for and here are a few of mine.

"my smoking hot wife"
my lights are on!
10 wins
17,709 DFF hits this season
smoked turkeys
gin & tonic & dirty martinis...gin....gin
Auburn's gridiron future looks brighter than the present
Late November Saturdays with Mike Shula...Big Fo
devilled eggs
Lil' Bo
Chris Capps
Smoke being able to kick JJ's ass
Cindy Taylor(below)
single serving sugar free jello
receptionsists who flirt
medium rare steak with a good red wine
sleeping in
...and many more things I either can't remember or should save for private conversations

Happy Thanksgiving,

Wilbur Churchill

Monday, November 20, 2006


Basking in the glow of yet another Iron Bowl victory, the Auburn Family seems relatively subdued. Is it because this Tiger team was not as good as expected? The offense never clicked and the defense never locked down with the exception of LSU, 2nd half vs. UF & periodic moments of brilliance scattered through the season.


Offensive line-the best game of the year other than the opener. This unit never jelled yet rarely let Cox be hit against Alabama.

Senderrick Marks-RFr DT played his heart out and was always around the ball recovering gobbling up fumbles as if they were doughnuts

Q-any explanation needed?

Lil Bo-broke the Auburn return yardage record for a season

Brad Lester Touchdown Maker-"All he does is score touchdowns."

KI-pregamed on PS3 and turned the advance film study into a solid day and a TD against Bama

DI-worst hands on the team recovers from being torched by Nikita to finish the game with his first career INT

The Heat Dancers get a gameball to.

Jimmy Johnson winning the Cup? I am still a Smoke fan!! Hell, only $ likes Jeff Gordons midget.

Auburn vs Alabama 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Auburn wins in a row for Tubs' Tigers in the Iron Bowl

Four losses against Tubs & Auburn for Mike Shula

2 incomplete passes on extra point attempts, a costly INT & 2 fumbles by JP.

Q, the manchild, told Dede & Co. he could not be blocked by Chris Capps. He was right as the suspect tackle could not touch him.

David Irons bullseyed by a bottle of water from the student section. Yeah, he shouldn't have thrown it, I concur, a classless act but what do you expect holding up a thumb to a pissed off, boozey Alabama student section. Of all people to get hit though, the best mouth the Tigers have.

Tommy Tuberville...what can you say? I personally have never been a big fan of the guy but he just beat Alabama for the fifth time in a row. Suck the thumb! Makes me a believer as I have questioned his smartass ways. And questions why, I, Wilbur Churchill, a fellow smartass, could be so hypocritical? Probably because he was a 9 win coach. Now he is a ten win coach. Next he needs to become an 11 win coach and then 12. Tommy, keep causing waves since that is what Auburn really needs. If they won't give your Tigers any respect, rile them up til they come to the light.

The record gap is closing fast.


Wilbur Churchill

Iron Bowl 2007

Go Crazy Cadillac
Spirit flying at AU vs. LSU game 2006
Kodi Burns talks AU visit/commit

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Alabama Auburn Gameday Arrives...oh... Is there another game today somewhere colder?

The Iron Bowl. One of the greatest spectacles in all of sports. Out in the Peach last night, optimism was mixed with the shear terror of the Tigers not showing up. Alabama is willing and ready to turn the Tide. Auburn cannot allow LaRonthug McClain to ever win against the Tigers. It is that simple, he must carry Iron Bowl L's the rest of his natural life and throughout eternity.

Keys to the Game

After the emotion wears off, Auburn is a more talented and usually better coached team. I pray they pull away but it is hard to see happening. If Joe Cope is playing on his torn ACL and playing like he is hurt, he must have a short leash in favor of Jason Bosley. He was absolutely manhandled last weekend and it can't happen today. 12 needs to have a big game and cannot hang onto the ball and take needless hits. Cox is "FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE" at best.

Hit JPW, hit JP, hit 14, hit pretty boy, hit boy wonder, hit JP, hit JPW, hit 14. If Auburn gets the best of the Alabama offensive line and visits JP, they win. Period. Bama recievers will be running free all day so they must get to 14 before he can rifle through the Tiger secondary. Lil Will & Tubs must concieve a terrific pressure gameplan and execute.

Kodi Bliss, I hope Auburn does not have to punt but we need a few boomers. Whaddya say. there, Tiger?

How about Little Bo in the slot?

Michigan @ Ohio State

Bo went to the gridiron heavens yesterday. The emotion swirling around the Wolverines right now could be channelled into a game for the ages. How will they use it? Self destructive or victory?

Two of the best D's in the country. Auburn's D is probably twenty pounds lighter in the front 7 man vs. man than either of these Big Tenners, just as fast though.

Gameday blogging today so stay let us know your thoughts in no uncertain terms.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Iron Bowl 2006

The time has come for Alabama & Auburn to renew the greatest rivalry in collegiate sports. No other duel divides a state so drastically as the Tide & the Tigers. Nowhere do you split trailers down the middle during the week leading to the game and nowhere else does gunfire ring so true after a loss.

An embarassing loss has dimmed any SECCG hopes for the Tigers. Why does Tubs have to run his mouth so much. If Auburn had taken care of their own business, then everything would have worked itself out. And why does Tubs need an extra week off to get ready to watch the SECCG? He apparently cannot coach himself into it.

Tubs = 9 win coach.....the last 5 times Auburn had a chance to win their 10th game, they are 1-4. It seems that we have a coach who is all ears but can't seal the deal. In 2004, Cadillac, Ronny, Jason, & co. blew away thUGA for their 10th victory and did not slow down. That is the exception to the rule. They were talented enough to overcome their coach. you may be able to tell, I am definitely down on Tubs. He has a chance to redeem himself this weekend in a stadium he historically owns. Can the Tigers pull together to beat the Bambi's?

Auburn has to hit JPW early and often to have a chance. There is no way the Tigers can allow JPW to sit back and find a reciever streaking across the secondary. Perfect example, last night Pitt's Tyler Palko was on fire in the first half and then WV made adjustments and came after him in the 2nd. Result, short throws to get rid of the ball and recivers were not far enough downfield to make first downs. Muschump, how easy is that? You have not blitzed in ages so buck up and do it.

Tigers pull out a close one..........19-16 and push the spread!!!!

Game of the Century part XXII...we have one every few years. Florida State/Notre Dame, Nebraska/Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain, and now Michigan/Ohio State.

Ohio State 24-14. No rematch.

Ohio State plays USC in Glendale unless Florida wins out and somehow jumps them in the human polls.

Ladies, it has been a tough week in Atlanta but this weekend could be redemption.

For once this season, please let us know your picks as you did last year. Slackers!!!

Peace out from the Big Peach,

Wilbur Churchill

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What you want, a cookie?!
Michael, give me all your guns.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Players Imitate College Football Coaches: CSTV
Fudamentally Flawed?
Mike Shula - No One Knows
Yea Alabama

Paul the Parrot...Since when did Alabama have 12 NC's...did they just give them another from the

Iron Bowl

I apologize for not being around yesterday and Monday. It's Iron Bowl week and I am ashamed of my performance.
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This came into my inbox earlier this week. Since last year a few people who were on Wilbur's forwarding list seemed to not handle the pregame talk very well, I decided to post it on here.

Here are the Top 10 reasons we love Aubarn

10. Sociology majors. Earlier this year, the New York Times did an investigation and uncovered that aubarn was giving football players 'reading assisted' courses, in an effort to keep them eligible. All schools offer 'independent courses', but to serve in the place of electives, and usually to students that have already met their core requirements. Where aubarn was different, was that they were allowing football players to substitute these 'crip' courses for CORE REQUIREMENTS! Under their system, a barner football player could literally get a free degree. And while the NYT just uncovered this scheme, you have to wonder how long this has been going on down on the plains, since both Brent Fullwood and James Brooks 'graduated' from aubarn in the 80s, then later revealed that they were both ILLITERATE!

9. After Tubby uses the 1999 FSU game as a recruiting tool in 1999 (one recruit told Rivals that Tubby sold him on the idea of returning the opening kickoff against FSU), aubarn announces (after signing day) that they will BUY-OUT the game rather than play FSU. Auburn substitutes Appalachian St on their schedule. Wingnut claimed he had no idea that Auburn would buy out the FSU game at the time. Then several weeks later, Tuberville admits that he not only knew about the buyout, but that it was HIS IDEA!

8. Trees N Walkin'. Aubarn's 2 biggest traditions, the ones that they will defend to their death, is throwing toilet paper in THEIR OWN TREES, and players walking past fans. I'm not sure what's funnier, the fact that the barners are so backwards that they willingly trash their own campus and call it 'tradition', or that they think they invented the incredibly common occurrence of players walking past fans, which almost every school does, and which the barners are thought to have copied from North Carolina. But for a school with so little tradition, I guess you have to invent what you don't have.

7. In 2004, aubarn finally got their sixth SEC title to move them ahead ofGa Tech in the all-time SEC standings. The punchline? Ga Tech hasn't been amember of the SEC for FOUR DECADES.

6. The meltdown in 2001. So many times, Tubby is his own worst enemy. Suchwas the case in 2001. After a strong 6-1 start and huge win over Florida to start the season, Tubby responded by falling apart. First, against Arkansas,the barners were literally run off the field, as the pigs beat them by 25.The loss was home to 2 classic barner moments, first the shot of Tubby shooting refs the bird, then of big-money booster Jimmy Rane coming down to the sidelines and cussing Tubby out. Both magic moments caught on TV for all to see. Tubby would rebound the next week for a big win over Georgia. But even in victory, Tubby makes a fool out of himself, in the post-game press conference, Tubby mocked Georgia's Mark Richt for letting the clock run out with Georgia inside aubarn's 5 yard line and about to score to tie the game, stating that Richt needed to 'learn how to coach in the SEC'. A statement that would later come back to haunt him. Then next week, 7-2 aubarn headed to Opelika for the Iron Bowl. During the week, there were rumors that BamaQB Tyler Watts might not be able to play, due to a groin injury. Tubby said this was all Iron-Bowl propaganda, and that Watts was ready to go, and thusly, the 'great coach' Tubby devised a gameplan built around stopping the running Watts. Tubby arrived at the stadium for the game, and got off the bus and uttered the immortal line to a reporter that 'We won't run up thescore on them, it wouldn't be good for the rivalry". Tubby was right, he wouldn't. When the coaching master took the field, he found out that his carefully devised gameplan to stop the running Tyler Watts, was totally useless, as the passing Andrew Zow took the field, and promptly torched aubarn's secondary all day long, leading Bama to roll over the barners 31-7,the most lopsided loss in the series in a quarter century. The game was so out of hand that the CBS announcers wondered on-air why the barner fans were already leaving the stadium just minutes into the second half. And yet, the embarrassment for the barners in 2001 was NOT over! The following week aubarn went to Baton Rogue to play the Whos. The barners had another classic barner moment, by running to midfield BEFORE the gamestarted and stomping on the Tiger's Eye logo. The result? Aubarn received the rarity of getting a personal foul penalty BEFORE THE GAME STARTED! So with aubarn clearly distracted, and with LSU being able to kickoff from midfield, Saban executed a perfect ONSIDES KICK to give LSU the ball! Tubby had been made a complete fool out of, and was FURIOUS on the sidelines.But…you guessed, the best(worst was yet to come). When the barners went to halftime, they were obviously still embarrassed over the first half. So the team decided to leave the field and show how tough they were, by running through the LSU band. The cameras caught this show of 'manhood', and particularly caught barner punter Damon Duval attempt to shove to the ground a FEMALE LSU band member. Duval shoved her repeatedly, which totally shocked the girl, who never saw him coming. But the FEMALE bandmember quicklyc =ollected herself and ran after Duval and started BEATING HIM UP WITH HERINSTRUMENT! The panicked Duval quickly RAN AWAY FROM HER, stopping at the entrance of the barner lockerroom to wave his arms as if he had 'won' thefight with the FEMALE bandmember. He hadn't, and neither did aubarn, losingA GAIN, to fall to 7-4. They would lose the next game as well, to finish astellar 7-5, after starting 6-1.

5. barners talk themselves out of Wesley Britt. In early 2000, All-AmericanWesley Britt was still a high school student, and considering several schools, including Alabama, and aubarn, which was thought to be his leader.Well the weekend of Britt's official visit to Opelika came, and by Sunday, anxious barner fans were awaiting word on how the visit had gone. Then, for a reason that still hasn't been explained, an aubarn poster on an AOL TeamClub aubarn board (private password-protected for barner fans), stated thatBritt hated his visit to aubarn, and said the school sucked. Well you can imagine what happened next, within hours, the barners were hurling all manner of insults at Britt, and his entire family.Which is what Britt's MOM saw when she logged onto the board to read the chatter. Now seeing the barners insult her son over his comments about his aubarn visit would have been bad enough, but there was one problem. Wesleydid NOT go to aubarn that weekend, and instead cancelled at the last minute.So the barners literally talked themselves out of Britt, and he instead went to Alabama.

4. Fear da dumb. Another classic barner moment. After beating Bama in the2005 Iron Bowl, aubarn's 4th straight victory, Tubby shows up in Orlando forthe barners bowl game against Wisconsin wearing a 'Fear the Thumb' teeshirt. Knowing he was appealing to the lowest common-denominator (ie, thebarner fanbase), the barners on the net went wild over the shirt, and adopted the slogan. Of course the barners then went out and promptly got runoff the field against Wisconsin in the Cap One Bowl, dropping their recordto 9-3 and out of the Top 10. The ultimate irony was that Bama won theCotton Bowl, then moving them to #8, and giving them a better record than aubarn. The barner collapse in the bowl, coupled with aubarn's embarrassing practice of giving football players 'reading assisted' courses to keep themeligible, caused Bama fans to change the slogan into the more appropriate'Fear the Dumb'.

3. Alot of schools have had brushes with the NCAA. However, Auburn is truly in a class by themselves, when it comes to breaking the rules. Auburn is currently tied with being the most penalized team in history, and even theirtennis and golf teams were put on probation...AT THE SAME TIME!!! Auburn cheated at TENNIS AND GOLF!!! Over the last 5 decades, at least one of aubarn's sports programs has been on probation. Fittingly, the first instance the NCAA records of barner cheating is in 1957 when the barners'won' their first and only NC by cheating. Completely appropriate. In 2004,the barners took cheating to an entirely new level, by seeing the NCAA put the school on probation for cheating in basketball, while SACS put the school on ACADEMIC probation! The reason? Because SACS felt that football boosters had too much influence over the program! Who turned them in? A group consisting of FACULTY, STUDENTS, and ALUMNI! That's right, the barner academic cheating was so bad that their own instructors, students and alumni turned them in! A last-minute flight to Atlanta by Gov. Bob Riley is credited with saving the barners, which were facing the loss of all federal funding, which would have effectively CLOSED THE SCHOOL DOWN. And yes, the barners are EASILY the most penalized football program in SEC history. Givet he barners credit, they have definitely found something they are the best at, cheating.

2. What do Camp Greenleaf, CENTRE HIGH SCHOOL, Davidson, George Washington,Georgia Navy Pre-Flight, Manhattan, Marquette, Maxwell Field, Memphis, Rice,Santa Clara, Southeastern Louisiana, Sewanee, and SMU have in common? aubarnhas an ALL-TIME LOSING record against each of these teams. I'm not sure which is worse, Centre High School or SMU? I guess that was before you could buy teams out of games.

1. The 'Peoples' Champions for 2004. If there was EVER a year that perfectly encapsulated what it truly means to be a barner, it was 2004. First, aubarn has a perfect season in 2004, their one and only 13-0 season. But by November, it was obvious that aubarn wouldn't be playing for the BCS championship. So a 'fan' started a website to award 'The People's National Championship'. Of course the barners instantly fell in love with this idea, and went all across the internet encouraging fans to vote on the 'real' NC, and then screamed with glee when aubarn did indeed pull out to the early lead in the poll. The barners offered this as 'proof' that aubarn was the'real' NC. Then, you guessed it, it was discovered that the kid behind the website to determine 'The People's National Champion' wasn't simply a 'concerned fan' , but instead was an OPELIKA HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT. Shocking. But votingc ontinued merrily along. The site clearly stated that voting would continue until Jan 6th, 2005. aubarn enjoyed a sizeable lead in this poll, but thenwhen they barely beat Va Tech in the Sugar Bowl, their lead began to shrink a bit over USC. Then on Jan. 4th, USC ran all over Oklahoma, to cruise to a win in the Orange Bowl.And the next day, all hell broke loose. After seeing USC cruise in theOrange Bowl, it was fairly obvious to all that USC was the best team in the country. So, which was hosting the PNC voting, receiving a groundswell of votes for the Trojans, and you guessed it, USC pulled AHEAD of aubarn to win the first-ever PNC! Not so fast…When fans went back to the site on the Jan. 6th deadline to see that USC was proclaimed the first ever People's National Champion, they INSTEAD found that aubarn had won the poll! Huh?!? Then came the answer, the site had been CHANGED to state that voting ended on JANUARY 5! That's right! When the voting came in after the Orange Bowl to put USC over the top, the barner simply rolled back the deadline by a day, claimed all the votes for USC on Jan. 5th were 'invalid', and gave the first ever PNC to aubarn! That's right! The barners not only literally INVENTED their own NC when they couldn't win a real one, they then CHEATED by RIGGING THE POLL SO THAT aubarn COULD WIN! Again, how totally appropriate. And yes, Tubby held a ceremony and PROUDLY accepted the first-ever Barner National Championship! If there's an episode that more perfectly encapsulates how embarrassinglysad the barner nation is, I haven't heard it.

Roll Tide Bitches
C Montgomery
Alabama vs. Auburn: 1985 Iron Bowl:

Monday, November 13, 2006

Auburn vs Alabama 1997 part 1

For Auburn to cover 3 they might need a little bit of luck. This is going to be a classic game this weekend because both teams will pull out all the tricks and leave it all out on the field. I hope Tubchump decides to hit a young QB. A W solves all the problems in the world. T?
Auburn vs Alabama 1997 part 2 the kick
Auburn vs Alabama 1982 Bo over the Top
Auburn vs Alabama 1986 Tillman Reverse

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Georgia vs. Auburn

This is exactly what happened Saturday.

Words Cannot Express

Auburn & Texas go down in flames. LSU & Arkansas roll. Words cannot explain the crazieness I witnessed this weekend. I cannot even put my thoughts together so only bewildered statements tonight.

Mark Richt put together a brilliant game plan and his players executed to perfection. Tommy Tupperware had no answer and made no adjustments. Georgia's beleagured staff and team outcoached and outplayed the pitiful Tigers. The Bulldogs have a talented and deep enough program where a competitive game was expected even with 4 losses. This was one sided all the way and over in the first quarter.

Al Borges turned in his worst playcalling of his Auburn tenure.

Brandon Cox & Joe Cope probably should not have even been on the field.

Auburn will never win a championship with Brandon Cox.

Auburn DC Will Muschamp was a much heralded addition and for the first three games he was a genius. What the hell happened? His defense has nose dived and is lost. Absolutely no pressure on the QB.

The Auburn defense is worse than last year this time with David Gibbs.

Alabama looked good. They gave LSU hell and Jamarcus Russell was on fire. He is the most talented QB I have seen in a long while. Imagine if Vince Young had 4's arm?

Shula might have outcoached Joe Kines for the first time in a long while. I am not looking forward to next week. It could be ugly if Tubs runs his mouth.

Ladies, I am at a loss,


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2004 Auburn-Georgia & Auburn-Alabama Video Mix
2004 Auburn-Georgia Introduction - Part 1
2004 Auburn-Georgia Introduction - Part 2
2004 Auburn-Georgia Introduction - Part 3

Oldest Rivalry in the South, the Big Easy & Corndogs

Dear fellow football fans and devoted followers,

I hope I find you in good spirits and trust you are observing the boycott of Lincoln Financial. Watching Ron Franklin's Saturday night introductions are painful with the thought of Brooks & Dunn. Any other game rocking a little country girl world is great, however this hallowed rivalry deserves better. And later.

Thursday night finds us with yet another Big Easy undefeated clash. Does the State University of New Jersey have enough firepower to hang with Brohm & Petrino? The Cards are favored by 7 with a total of 51. Which way does Wilbur turn after a victory last Thursday? I turn to Bobby as he calls a brilliant game as Brohm & Peanut show up on the field. UL wins 34-23 as the over rides again.

A complete game involves offense, defense & special teams. Auburn has played, maybe, 6 complete quarters this year. Can they put together 4 this weekend against the Bulldogs? thUGA's O-line & D-line were stoned by their Kentucky counterparts all day Saturday. Auburn is quicker on defense and better on the offensive line. This game will be decided in the trenches as "Auburn always runs the ball on Georgia". Kenny carries 16-18x if healthy, Lester 10 touches and a touch. If Auburn has any dreams of an SEC crown, now is the time to act like Georgia by hoping to backdoor yourself into the SECCG and to win out. Auburn wakes up but won't cover, 20-13. Will 3 complete quarter be enough?

Corndogs? Do you smell corndogs? How about elephant corndogs?

Alabama visits the intestines of the United States as they travel to Baton Rouge. 17??? When was the last time Bama was a 17 point dog? Maybe the last time LSU averaged 45 at home? Best D in the land? Saturday night in Death Valley will be tough on the Tide as the white jerseys return for the conference game. Riding high after a big win in front of a hundred thousand, LSU will roll. Bo Pelini will make Shula and Radar look bad, very bad. I don't see Bama scoring more than 13 points on this D. What I do see if LSU recievers running free in the Crimson secondary all night long. JR4 throws 4 TD's & the Tigers roll 35-13.

I will be taking the Wilbur Churchill Roadshow on the road to the Plains of East Alabama this weekend. I look forward to mixed drinks under Samford Hall Friday afternoon, smoking turkeys & other gameday specialties and plenty of intercollegiate fooball.

I am gonna have way to much fun.

War Damn Eagle,

Wilbur Churchill the King of Tigerland
Oh Junior
Auburn vs Georgia 2005

Monday, November 06, 2006

Daily Football Fix Announces Boycott of all Lincoln Financial Products & Services

*Public Service Announcement*

"Please join the Daily Football Fix, Auburn Family & Georgia Nation in boycotting all Lincoln Financial products and services due to their insanely early kickoff time on thier Saturday telecast. This is a gameday and tailgate killer which is untolerable. The boycott will last until Lincoln Financial moves their kickoff times to 2e/1c at the earliest. Early games are for the Big 10 and the birds. Thank you for your cooperation."

Let's take a look at Auburn's next two foes..........

thUGA has given up the ghost and is getting ready for next year. Kentucky drove the field and answered to win the game. Unacceptable against a Georiga defense. There are some things I can live with, but when the game is on the line the D must stand. Matt Stafford's INT from the end zone is not an excuse as it was erased by a Dawg INT. Inflexible game management has always been a trait of CMR and it is becoming an achilles heal this year. Kregg Lumpkin rolls in the first half and barely sees the field the second? Replacing him with Danny "He hit me so hard I'm spitting up blood" Ware on the goalline? Hmmm, richT. Neal (who Wilbur detests from Bama football camp) Callaway struggles to start out with, and shorting him on bodies is devestating for the team. Bad offensive line, freshman QB, droppy recievers & a D line that Kentucky stoned & blew off the ball, absolutely so penetration & Q Moses spent half his time in the air. Juco recruiting is fun.

My only reason to watch the NBA, the Heat dancers.

Now, Alabama. What can you say? Good talent is being cancelled by bad coaching. Offensively speaking, there is red zone troubles, a hobbled QB, atrocious coaching & no playmakers. Tyrone Prothro's talent hid thier flaws. Defensively, the lost 7+(correct me if wrong) starters off of the top ranked squaud of last year. No, they are not gonna be as good but they can still play with almost anyone.

Butch Davis = Tarheel
Shula = Crimson Tide HC

Radar = not Crimson Tide OC

Troy Smith = Heisman
Louisville = Glendale, AZ
Neil Callaway = not Georgia OLC
Auburn = Orange Bowl
Bobby Petrino = NFL
Wilbur Churchill = damn sexy

No pics in while so we went all out.

Later on, Wilbur

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Apology Letter

Dear DFF Brotherhood,
Yesterday it hit me. Hit me hard. I have been mistaken for 4 years now. I was wrong, and I apologize to each and everyone of you for arguing that Mike Shula was maturing as head coach at the University of Alabama.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I will no longer defend Mike Shula on this blog. I will no longer defend him in any personal conversations. Unless he gives up control of the offense, I will start calling for his job.

What I witnessed from a couch seat from 11:30 - 2:45 Saturday was just plain embarrassing. What upsets me more than anything is I saw it coming. The offense is horrendous under Shula's leadership. Sloppy Sly out coached him from the start. Alabama showed no emotion while getting spanked by the WORST team in the SEC. Hell, Tulane beat them.

I am finished with Shula. Our brief four years as fan and coach have now ended. I feel no remorse. It was your fault Mike. Your fault. I put up with lackluster football for four years. You made no attempts to change it. I warned you earlier this season, and you still didn't listen. Maybe the Bucs are hiring. They seem to have a stuck-in-the-mud offense going right now that you would fit right in.

Til next time go Hogs.

Dr. Feelgood

Friday, November 03, 2006

Weekend Thoughts from Dr. Feelgood

Sorry for my lapse in posting this week. It seems my internet issues have worked themselves out, and now I am back on track to help Mr. Churchill in keeping DFF up to date.

I figured I have not priveleged you all with a list in quite sometime. Since it is Friday, and I frankly don't have much to complain about, this list will simply consist of the thoughts rolling through my mind as we enter the 10th week (really time flies) of college football.

1. Big East football is not in the same league as the SEC. No one can convince me otherwise. Bottomline, Louisville = South Carolina if playing SEC football

2. I can't believe Wilbur Churchill correctly picked a Thursday night parlay. Congrats, compadre, maybe your luck has turned

3. Bama covers for the second week in a row at home.

4. There is no better food after midnight than an order of Huey's nachos to go.

5. Thanks to Slatons vaginalness, Troy Smith will runaway with the Heisman.

6. If Louisville wins out and plays Ohio State for the NC, Ohio State will murder them.

7. Crest's new Pro Health toothpaste is the titties, I suggest you all give it a try.

8. Arkansas will cover against South Carolina, and beat Tennessee next week.

10. I should be doing work right now.........

11. Cold Coors Light

12. Auburn will cover this weekend. Seeing the opportunity in Louisvilles win, Tommy goes for some style points.

13. Philip Fulmer is a fatass, I bet he ate a cheeseburger for lunch

14. A winning 5 game parlay is as follows: BYU -15.5, Georgia -7(Its Kentucky, be reasonable), Hawaii -27, Western Michigan -10.5, and finally TCU -20.

15. 2.5 hours left until 5 o'clock.............

So now that you have perused my brain, I must be getting back to the thing that actually pays my bills. Hope a good weekend to all of you.

Colonel, your Rebs may actually win one this weekend.

Daddy and King, be careful in your travels, and when you meet up with Shakes be sure to have a cold one on me.

Lola - Good luck to you and your Tigers against Maryland. Seriously who takes a Terrapin seriously??

In closing I leave you all with a picture of Carl dressed as Hank Williams Jr. Tuesday night.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Til next time
Carl Montgomery

Too Much

Louisville was too much. Plain and simple. Aggressive playcalling by Petrino til the last moment and a decent D was enough for the Cards to hold down WV.

Gripping prewrap during the biggest game of your life. I lost any admiration for Steve Slaton last night. He has no heart, could he have not carried the ball in his right hand and not sat out the 3rd Qtr? No heart, absolutely no heart. Is it a hurt or an injury? You can play with a hurt but not an injury!! Disgusting and embarrassing.

No more dirty martinis for Wilbur Churchill. It got ugly really quick, I had a whole pad full of notes from the game and seeing straight was out of the question once the room started spinning.

West Virginia's D is awful by the way.

Ladies, Auburn doesn't cover, Bama does, Georgia......who knows?

I told a Dawg fan I would buy him a beer if he could name a single o line backup...he replied, "I will buy my own beer, damnit."

Til' Sunday..............

The King of Tigerland will be enjoying the crisp fall weather on the Plains this week as I visit the Daddy Family reunion when the necks come down from the Ozarks.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Appalachian High....West Virginia vs. Louisville

We appear to be in for a special Thursday night as two top 5 teams clash in Garlic Sauce on the Side Stadium. 85% of the public has taken the points with West Virginia at +1.5. The total is 56 and that number is overable if you ask Wilbur Churchill himself, who by the way may have perfected his dirrrrrty martini recipe this weekend. Alabama boy Pat White is unreal, Steve Slaton may be the only back who may equal the Hogs' McFadden.

Imagine if he was at Florida and how good he would make the Gators spread offense with their other talent. Savor that nugget.

Wilbur Picks...against the grain...WVU 27 UL34 & the over hits...hmmm...did I really just say that?

T's on the matchup?

"WE" are making a comeback on the smurfturf as we speak. "WE" may cover 21 backdoor after all. Best mustache in college football belongs to "OUR" coach. He looks like a cross between Toby Keith & James Hatfield...

"Exit light, enter night, take my hand, off to never never land." or "I love my truck, I love my girlfriend and I love this bar."

Are there any pictures of the Colonel on All Hallows Eve? I would like to put a costume to the story. I can actually picture Nation's as Bullshit telling a girl in a (Hooter's/cheerleader/insert skanky costume) exactly where she stands.

*Disclaimer-not saying she was wearing said hooker costume since photographic evidence has not yet been supplied but we are waiting on the pictures.*& photos are not working so we will rely on the Dr. for the visuals by way of email.

Ladies & Gents, til tomorrow & 3 martinis later, I bid you goodnight,

Wilbur Churchill

The King of Tigerland
2006 Sugar Bowl

The beginning of the end for the Dawgs.
Forecast West Virginia at Louisville 11/02/06