Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Eve

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Sorry fellas, been experiencing some minor technical difficulties with the internet connection. This has caused me to lose a couple of previous posts. Sorry for the delay, and cross your fingers.

Fairly boring weekend of college football. Auburn had another dismal output on the road against an SEC foe. Alabama actually covered Saturday mornings line against the fighting FIU squad.

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Georgia cannot take advantage of another second half letdown from Chris Leak.

UT recieves 2 lucky TD's early and doesn't seem to have a problem with the Gamecocks.

I will get a better post up for tomorrow. In the meantime let your football thoughts flow freely under this makeshift post until I get a steady internet connection to do some damage with.

Roll with it.


tigernation said...

OK I'll start.

So apparently there is a big possiblity that the AU/UGA game could end up on LF at 11:30. If this happens not only will AU most certainly lose, but the BTB will be forced to either play at 10 am or not play at all.

I blame UGA and Coach "The Book of Mark" Richt for fielding such a shitty team. If UGA was even decent there would be no question what time the game would be. But they are sucking ass this year(should be 4-5) and do not demand a prime time game.

Although it could happen, I am pretty sure we will end up on ESPN or the duece. Night games at JHS are awesome and I'm sure ESPN would love to come back one more time.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I hate this internet thing. It is on and off sometimes every 10 seconds and you can accomplish zero. Every now and then I will get about 20 mintes of solid connection

I am assuming that CBS will pick up a morning game as well that day

If LSU gets its way they will want the night game in Baton Rouge.

I am also assuming that the 2:30 game will be Tenn-Arkansas

also have Spurrier vs. Florida

tigernation said...

No early CBS game.

CBS picks for the 230 game, then ESPN, then LF, then ESPN 2.

Hopefully Arky loses to USC and UT loses to LSU so maybe they would be the LF game. Who knows.

lola said...

nation, don't bank on arky losing. newton and whoever the center is are all banged up. newton's concussion was really visible during the game.(in case you didn't see it.) big charlie brown head shaking like he had ear mites.