Friday, April 27, 2007

Those are the Money Beets

After a long abscence, the return of Dwight Schrute Fridays
Also to you fags who called me out for raising numbers, yes you Shakey, read it. I think it says $38,000.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dr.'s A-Day Recap

I arrived into the Capstone around mid-afternoon Friday and realized that their was something quite different going on. As I drove down University Blvd., you could see RV's lined up in the usual spots. This time it was RV-ers in the middle of April, not the lunatic fans who stay from Wed. to Mon. during the fall. Restaurants and bars were packed with people at 3 p.m.

After a good meal and some drinks/shots at Catch-22, we decided to call it a night early to ease the hangover for Saturday and the game.

Saturday came with a slight headache and an amazing spread for breakfast (Thanks to Candice, the hostess) I was really surprised how many people my age had made the trek into town. Around 11:30 a.m., my mother called to say she was saving us seats and we probably needed to hurry because the stadium was already crowded and looking like it was filling up rather fast. I thought she was slightly exaggerating the conditions.

As soon as we left the condo, I realized she was right. Traffic was backed up on University from campus to McFarland and at a standstill. People were everywhere. We found a close parking spot and decided to walk across campus instead of fighting traffic. It looked like a gameday. Tents all over the quad with smoke rising from grills. People everywhere wearing red shirts and walking with solo cups.

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When I personally got into the stadium the bottom bowl level was just about completely filled up. Shortly after the start of the scrimmage/practice they announced they were opening the East side upper deck. As you all know now, and after the fire marshal stopped allowing people to enter, the number was 92,138 people. Barner fans even have to admit it was something very impressive.

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Now the game itself was very bland. No huge plays, No turnovers, two penalties. Saban did the running clock scrimmage to where the clock rarely stops. However, the energy from the crowd and the turnout is what sent the message this past Saturday.

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Say what you want about Saban. Take guesses at how many games Bama will win this year, and then act like you personally know that Alabama fans will hate him or run him out of town next year, but the bottomline is things have changed in Tuscaloosa. There is a new postive feeling. The fans are behind the team again. The players believe, and the players see that the fans are still behind them. Can you imagine what went through the heads of the recruits Saturday afternoon? It might not happen immediately, but the wheels are in motion. Its coming.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In Memory

Another dissappointing season...........

As I sat in the FedEx Forum last night I realized that it had been a dissapointing year for the two teams I follow closely. Thank God it is just about over.

The Grizzlies closed out the home schedule of what quite possibly could have been on of the worst seasons in NBA history. With one regular season game remaining, the Grizzlies are 21-60, already locked in as the worst record in the NBA. As of today, they are 46 games behind Dallas in there division. 46, they haven't won half that this year. They have yet to permanently replace Fratello, and now Jerry West says he is skipping town.
Tough year for the fan Carl Montgomery has come to an end, and next year is already looking up. Memphis has the best odds for the #1 draft pick and is guaranteed nothing less than the #4 pick. Hopefully a new coach who can promote the young talent already here and most importantly replacing West with a GM who can run a team somewhere close to how Jerry runs one.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

2007 SEC Champion is.........

Time for the first installment of Wilbur Picks of 2007. Something has to be done about the lack of interaction on the DFF lately as I am deeply disapointed and hurt that all effort is going for naught. Ahh, the good ol days of dozens upon dozens of posts when we had song lyrics going as well.



1. Tennessee-Fulmer gets back on top the East with what may be his last chance. Tennessee will replace the recievers and Ainge will toss for 3000 yards and 20 TD's. They beat the pants off Georgia in Knoxville as well as Alabama and Florida along the way. They won't be undefeated as UTK always drops one somewhere.

2. Georgia-They are a joke in the east until the beat Florida. Period bu this is the year. Fat Matt has the best arm in the SEC, lets see if he can use it behind a juco offensive line. The defense will be rebuilt and Auburn always runs on Georgia...and its in Athens and Auburn always wins in Athens. UGA goes as far as their O-line takes them.

3. Florida-Word out of Gainesvegas is that the coaches are worried about Tebow's slow release. Defenses will stack the box until he proves he can throw downfield. No matter of misdirection will work if 8-9 are chasing from all angles. Defense? What defense? Derrick Harvy is all that is left. Gators lose 3...maybe even to FSU in G-ville to wrap the season.

4. South Carolina-How many freshmen will SOS play? Tons and he will throw the ball all day with 3-4-5 wide sets. Tebow runner up Chris Smelley will even see time and Blake will get in another fight with a bouncer and lose. Defense will be good as Jasper Brinkley returns and he had twice as many tackles as anyone else last year. Actually, he was the defense. And he wore #52.

5. Kentucky-Andre Woodson is back and that is all that matters. If he can keep his mind this year, the Cats might even beat Tennessee and challenge for Atlanta. We shall see if they have the D to support the O it is back to B-ball on grass for Kentucky. Any early losses and basketball season starts earlier for Billy Gillespie & Co.

6. Vanderbilt-Earl Little is it. Best reciever on the league on the second worst team. Who cares?


1. Auburn-Can Brandon Cox stay healthy because the rest of the weapons are in place? Can an offensive line gel to protect the most brittle QB in the land? If so, then Auburn's offense could climb back to the top of the SEC scoring stats with a quickness. The defense might be the best Tubs has ever had with Q returning to play a lil stand up DE. The farther we get away from last season, the more amazed I am at the job that DC Muschamp did with his defense. They won games against LSU and Florida almost single handedly. Again, this could be the best Auburn defense in a while. AU wins 10+ a road upset at LSU or Florida. The scariest games are actually the first two at home. And of course they paste Bama, again!

2. LSU-Auburn gets the nod over LSU simply because of the experienced QB. Running roughshed over Miami in the Peach Bowl for Matt Flynn is not enough. The Tigers are stacked with athletes and a great defense. The Q is whether Les Miles can manage not to screw it up.

3. Arkansas-Nuttcase staves off the attempted assasination of the Springdale 5 to save his job and Broyles is leaving. How can life get any better for him? If he wins as he is allegedly still on the hot seat in Fayetteville. However, he still has 5 and a Dick at QB. We shall see if the defense can rebuild after losing their soul to the NFL.

4. Ole Miss-The light goes off for Brent Schaeffer this year as he becomes a mini-Vick(college edition not Falcons). The big Q is how does Ole Miss replace their amazing linebackers from the last few years? The Rebels win a few games they are not suppose to and beat Bama.

5. Missy State-Beats the hell out of Bama by 40!

6. Alabama-Nick Satan rolls into town and not much changes other than pissing off the world. Can Alabama be even more hated now? The answer is yes, as the people who name their sons after Bammer legends will run Nick to Lake Burton in a few years. Seriously, he averages 2.75 years at a school and will not deliver a NC to Tuscaloosa. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Alabama will win more games this year, but not many. JP and the top two recievers return on offense, but that is it. Did they really want the o-line to come back? Defense will be anchored by the secondary but it won't matter since they will be tackling runners who break through the front seven and not defending passes. Bama's D-line was decimated by departures and will be run on this year....plenty. The 3-4 defense is conducive to blitzing and confusion, not stopping the run. Bama wins 2 if they are lucky. Saban run out of town by December!

Auburn beats Tennessee in a rematch of 2004 to go the Sugar Bowl.


Wilbur Churchill

The King of Tigerland and the Crytal Ball of College Football post since all hated Tuesday post

-Pac Man out for the year..............holla at a playa!!!!!!!
-David Irons......4, Fo on the Wonderlic.......worse than Junior!!!!!!!
-Walk it out!!!!!!!!!!
-Drunk and out!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another Bloody Tuesday

As my life spirals towards absolute insanity, I pause to reflect on the recent craziness. If you don't want to see how insane my life currently is, then I do suggest coming back another day.

-There is not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

-Working at the pub is an adventure, there is no telling what is going to happen on a particular night. I would love to reach over the bar and grab certain people.

-I average 4.5 hours of sleep a night...I sleep on Sundays.

-I hate conference calls as they are a waste of time...I have one in 15 minutes...again.

-Women rarely grow out of their craziness, as some say they do at the age of 23, why can't they all be like Cobb? ie: redhead from Bama....maybe it is bc she went to Bama?

-Why do I return phone calls I know I shouldn't? I should just listen to her voicemail and let it die...but I don't.

-Bravos start out 5-1 as they take on Washington today. Mooga's man crush is Frenchie, I prefer McCann.

-Saban hates the media and they hate him back...this won't have much affect on Saturday afternoons unfortunately.

-Eventually, the Dr. and Wil
bur will be the only Uncles left. We have no all. I will be 30 before I even think of marriage.

-When will Smoke win???????

-My roomie needs to get back from Europe to take care of the damn cat, at least she is bringing Absinthe! Make sure it has the wormwood.

-I want to go on a float/rafting trip to get out of ATL.

-Auburn is gonna paste Alabama this year....again!

-Addy only goes so far.

-Some people should never get married, especially if she hates ATL, loves strip clubs and several other reasons...there is an over/under of 3 years in place with a steak dinner on the line.

-Does the GA RE Course have to take so damn long????

-Do leasing agents really have to take so damn long returning calls, do they not want to move their vacant square footage?

-Why do I find myself speaking with an Irish brogue? Maybe the pub.

-Why am I such a big, hairy, American winning machine?

-I have acquired a taste for fish and Guiness, maybe I am getting older.

Gentlemen, as Nation may say, "I have no idea what he is talking about." and I say that about myself lately.
By the way, Nation, lake time sometime in May? Allow me to drop a few lbs and get in better shape, our building has a decent workout room and we are working it.

For the sake of posting something since this is what is on my mind lately,

Wilburt the Churchill

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Birthday to $hakes the Moneymaker

A happy birthday goes out to $ this weekend as he turns the big 2-5! Helluva year and it is all downhill from there.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, $!!"-hot chicks in bikinis

A happy Easter goes out as well to everyone as Nation gets to watch his great-grandchildren hunt for Easter eggs once again. Damn, that man can procreate...they are everywhere. 6 baby mamas scattered across 4 states!

Kingdom won a Masters hat and Masters chair at a broker happy hour last night. These "mixers" are lucritive, another guy from my office won a 42'' plasma a few weeks ago.

Ladies, be safe and we shall see you soon!! Holla at a playa!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

SEC vs. "Bad Person" = SEC Victory Every Time & "Just Like Football" Chant

The Florida Gators have repeated and did so against, what Jo Noah called, a bad person. In doing so became the first school to hold the football national championship and basketball national championship in the same year. The football Gators were 13 & Auburn while a 3 loss streak in February seemed to wake the b-ball Gators. Now, will Billy go to the Bluegrass?

Greg Oden is a superb player, but never really dominated a game. Billy Packer is a moron, who mentioned that he should be the Final Four Most Outstanding Player. No, Billy, he is mearly the reason that Ohio State did not get beat by 30. He also looks like a tree from Lord of the Rings.

Braves ring in the new season with extra inning homer to take a win against the Phils.

And we have decided that Carrie is the new face of the Daily Football Fix. Any objections??

Nation, excellent post. Extremely gratefuly for your contributions. Hope you are feeling better. $ & Daddy, lake on Friday? Holla at a playa!!

Out, Wilbur Churchill

Walk with the Animals

Well, here are some pics from our walk through the month of March with the animals of Atlanta.......the caged animals i should say. As you know I was pumped about my Saturday night in a fine hotel accompanied by a fat steak, followed by a day at the Ga Aquarium. Well, it didn't turn out quite like I had planned. Got a stomach bug right before dinner on Saturday, which led to a violent episode in the bathroom of Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. This, my friends, was the beginning of the end. I was up all night in the bathroom unable to enjoy the "heavenly bed" that the Westin is so famous for. So we get up Sunday and after a stop at the IHOP (which i forced down)we headed down to the Aquarium.
Downtown was slammed with Final Four goers and a free concert at Centennial Park. Despite the rain and the crowds it was a pretty good time. Took 3 hours to get home from the ATL due to the closing of I-985 after a dual-fatality accident. So, needless to say, i was still sick when I got home and went straight to bed.
The weekend could have been better, but I guess it also could have been much worse.
Anybody else got some good weekend stories? Dr, any near arrests? Shakes, how was the wedding that you enjoyed from the comfort of the Tahoe? Daddy, King, lola, larry? Anybody got some goodies?