Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back in Business

I walk into my home and what do I see but VaTech spanking the Tigers of Clemson who killed Georgia Tech who bludgeoned VaTech. There is no telling with any major college football game.

Apologies for the brief break from posting. The Big D was way to much fun and WC is rejuvenated and ready to go.

With the 4 Ole Miss players suspended and 1 dismissed, one can only wonder what they did. Think about it, 5 Rebels involved in nothing good. The LB dismissed prolly was the ring leader. Let your imagination wander on that Q.

Auburn rolls this weekend. Kenny will be back and burning for a huge game. The Tiger Defense is seventh in the country but you would never know.

Miss State/Kentucky is a toss up & so is Vandy should beat Duke in the Smart Bowl. Florida will beat Georgia although 14 is a helluva number.

Alabama should pound FIU since they are missing 18 players from the Thug Brawl. They were just as responsible for the fight as Miami. Tennesee & South Carolina will be a great game. Helluva game for the Cock fans to show up in all black.



lola said...

dammit. i am at a loss. a really huge one. ok, to start off, i'm drunk blogging again. next, my team imploded on national tv. yes, (big sigh) they looked terrible. i'm going to give you guys my "girl" take on the game since i'm not into stats and shit.

we looked terrible. proctor couldn't hit water if he jumped out of a friggin boat.

our defense sucked. (except for gaines adams but he is still but one man and i love him) i love dwane coleman too but some guy literally dragged him 10 yards.

our offensive line sucked.

i don't have the answer. i went to meet the sports agent and ended up staying there thru the first quarter. then they turned the sound to the baseball game. listening to a baseball game is freaking miserable, so i came home to watch the football game where i can hear. last thing i heard before i went back to the pub down the street was chris fowler saying "maybe clemzon just can't handle being top 10". i used to like that jackass.

daddy, i told you there was a lot of frickin football to be played and there is. next we play maryland, who hates us. yea. i cannot wait. well, good luck to all of ya'll this weekend. from now on out, i'm in it for the money.

had tickets, thank God i didn't go. imagine how sh$tty that ride home would have been.
God is looking out for me.

peach bowl , here i come. maybe. ya'll whipped our butts in the peach bowl a couple of years ago. should ya'll implode and suck enough to play us again, meet me to tailgate.

have i mentioned i did luck out and get 4 practice round passes on tuesday of the masters. can't wait. i love the practice rounds 10 times over the actual tournament.

go tigers.....wherever you are

lola said...

btw, i know who dragged coleman. don't remind me of his name. i feel so redneck. right now i'm sitting here drinking a deuce.

Cousin Larry said...

how's the hangover?

Colonel R said...

drugs, it was because of drugs, the mary jane I think - which is a surprise since I'm pretty sure I saw coach o smoking a crack rock before the memphis game. anyway, my rebs will still upset the tigers, my prediction of one of the "A" teams being upset by us will be completed tomorrow.

Daddy said...

We feel your pain. keep up the drunk blogging, it is pretty funny.

Shitty rainy day in the cola. It is Friday though.

tigernation said...

Shatty day here too. Had to make a delivery in ATL this morning. Got here at 730, left at 745, sat in traffic on 400 outside the perimiter for an hour and a half.

Didn't open the store till freaking 11.

Oh yeah, and it's cold as hell and raining.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Enjoyed it Lola, last season I did many late night tirades. Been under control as of recently, or the fact that the Crimson Tide has been letting me down.

Been nursing a week long hangover today. Have to tighten up, headed to T-town for the massively important game. Also had the Mexico stomach to day. No fun, especially at the office.

Had one hell of a time in Cancun. I will try to get some pics emailed out. Viva la Mexico. In our group we only had one hospital trip, one guy who ended up with a mexican flag tattooed on his arm(this is no joke, keep in mind I work in new construction), one relationship ended and one divorced that is now on the way (or at least should be or seems to be).

Dr.Feelgood said...

Weatherwise, help is on the way. It was shitty here until about an hour ago.

Now the sunshine is beaming and its about low-to-mid 70's.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Actually I lied, sorry for the false hope..........

Here comes the rain again
Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion
I want to walk in the open wind
I want to talk like lovers do
I want to dive into your ocean
Is it raining with you

lola said...

thanks for the kind words, gentlemen. i'm over it. weather here is crummy, as well.

doctor, you have been missed. i never understand how so many people end up in hospitals on vacation. you see, i work in a hospital in a tourist town and spend two thirds of my time at work, shaking my head and thinking "you've got to be kidding me."

Dr.Feelgood said...

This was one of those cases. Guy got drunk, fell going up the stairs. Cracked his rib. Decided since we were in Mexico he would treat himself at the pharmacia.

By wednesday he had not been to the bathroom and ended up in the Mexican ER

tigernation said...

Well I fell out of the delivery truck and bashed my head on the corner of the step under the roll up door wednesday.

Was pretty dazed and saw some stars but I self medicated and should survive.

Although, I think I may have a concussion(sp?). Threw up later that night..........but that could be from the massive amounts of booze combined with my traumatic head injury.....along with some other recreational party favors.

Glad to hear you had a good trip DR. I hope the senoritas were as nice to you as they were to me way back in 1998 when I was there.

lola said...

Well I fell out of the delivery truck and bashed my head on the corner of the step under the roll up door wednesday.

would have liked to have witnessed that episode. hope you are truly ok, but can't help but laugh a little and out loud.

tigernation said...

Lola - it really was pretty funny. I laughed after I finally got up off the ground.

The funniest part is that there was a witness. We have high school kid who comes in and helps me deliver. Well, he is a real smart ass, not to mention a stoner and a complete moron. So he falls out laughing and screaming, saying he is gonna tell everybody at high school about it. But since I am no longer in high school and these things do not matter to me any longer, I told him to shut the hell up and fired him.

He thought I was serious and the look on his face was priceless. I told him he wasn't fired anymore and he then continued his ribbing of me the rest of the day.

Needless to say, I made his monkey ass clean up all the trash behind the store, then made him get in the dumpster and jump on the cardboard so the trash would fit.

Smart ass punk kid!

lola said...

i would think getting in the dumpster was pretty bad. keep 'em in check, nation, keep 'em in check. did you ever ask the chick that works at the ck outlet out? tongue ring girl? she could have held your head while you were vomiting the other night.

tigernation said...

I actually forgot about that, thanks for reminding me. I'll call her next week. Or maybe I'll go up there on sunday before work. I don't know.

I had my girl TwoBits(pretty hot herself) helping me in my time of need the other night so I was good.

Oh, and I'll keep that little punk in check. He likes to tell me how hard he parties and all the beers he can drink. Little punk still counts his cans at the end of the night.

I can't say anyhting though, he reminds me of myself at that age sometimes, which is nice.....(no daddy it was not that long ago that I was his age so shut up).

King of Tigerland said...

If you are really drinking then there is not way to count your cans at the the end of the night

lola said...

as long as you weren't alone. got the hot date with the mad irishman tonight. he's been in new york for a couple of days. i'm sure he'll be ready for slow, sweet, and southern. been practicing my best behavior all day. ya know. hiding the empty 40's and such.

have a good weekend, fellas.

Daddy said...

Happy Hameen eve! We need a new post king.

Dr.Feelgood said...

my fault on the post I will get it up ASAP Internet going in and out today, been diffficult to do anything