Sunday, September 30, 2007


And still, heavyweight champion of the state of Alabama........the Auburn Tigers.

As an Auburn alumni and a life long Seminole fan I took extra special pleasure in Saturday evenings festivities. September 29, 2007...the night Scarbinksky and Finebaum's mouths were closed.

Oh, my, how the Tide has changed. FSU defense physically pummels Alabama's offense as Auburn defense and offensive line physically abuse the Florida lines. Bama will have to figure out how to play outside of the two minute mark.
Florida State's suffocating defense gave the balding, hair plugged Sabior fits and his young tandem of OC Major Applewhite and John Parker Wilson shut down. JPW is a good athlete, however a system quarter back with horrendous footwork at best. The score was closer than the game.

Auburn starts 3 true freshmen and they abuse the Florida defensive line. Auburn's defense was incredible as usual. The true key...Stickman Brandon Cox did not turn the ball over. Recievers caught balls, running backs made plays and the defense was amazing. Terrific play calling and gameplanning by both Borges and Muschamp.

The Tigers are alive. They might just have a chance against Tennessee Tech now.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Only reason this video is getting posted is bc of the gansta ass song!!

Under Armour should come to me about protecting houses.....seriously

For starters I just want to say, in the immortal words of Frank Ricard of Old School....."I had an AWESOME time".....this weekend. Auburn wins, bammer loses...........and I knocked somebody the hell out.

Yes.....since most of the 5 people who read this blog were around on Saturday after the altercation I will refrain from going into detail on the world wide web.....but lets just say that its not nice to enter someones home at 1am in a drunken-drugged rage and attack said get your face broken.

I will tell the story for free to anyone who feels like calling or emailing......

daddy, shakes, i just can't stop thinking about how crazy that was. I want to stop talking about it but its just like a freaking movie that keeps playing in my head.......

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

Turn Me Over

Please turn me over. That is exactly what Shug Jordan is saying in his grave after watching Auburn give the ball away another 5 times this weekend. I cannot even verbalize my disgust for Al Borges, Brandon Cox and the rest of the Auburn offense right now. Bobby Dunn seems like the only player who gives a damn. Just go ahead and turn me over.

LSU & Florida...will this be the SECCG as well? Maybe as LSU and Florida look like the class of the SEC this year.

As much as I hate to say it, WE, are the Georgia Bulldogs this week. A Georgia W in Tuscaloosa under the lights would be the greatest birthday present ever!! We need a real win, just like Jessica!

Deep in depression,


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Q for QB

Please register this as my formal request to insert Quentin Groves as Auburn's quarterback as soon as possible.

Brandon Cox can go....actually....I really don't give a damn where Brandon Cox goes. He won't make it out of Baton Rouge alive so Tubs better get the pups ready to play.

Friday, September 07, 2007

A somewhat sensible post

Tired of this nonsense going on................

Carl's Pick'em

LSU, and fairly big

Barners, will cover THIS week
Alabama, I wished I could bet on my old school, b/c this is a lock @ -3.5
South Carolina, only to cover the line, UGA wins in a close one
Oxford big over Pinson Valley

Headed down to the Barn in about 20 min. Ready to tie one on with the rivals. Looking forward to a weekend of gluttony, binge drinking, rehashing stories that still make me laugh EVERY time I hear them, total debauchery, half naked college co-eds, and, oh yeah, a little college football in the process

Roll Tide Roll


Dr. Feelgood

Wilbur Picks for Friday..........Condensed

War Damn Eagle!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Auburn vs. Kansas State Highlights

So Pirated,

Alabama Cruises to an Easy Victory over Western Carolina

Did this weekend really happen?

Did this weekend really happen? Did Wilbur really start off picks with a 3 game streak and then crash and burn with 3 losses? Did Auburn's offensive line really look that bad? Did that girl do the Phi Mu rush song at 5 am and make me laugh so hard I could cry?

Apparently the answer is yes. It was a terrific weekend with the exception of what was televised Saturday.

Glass Half Empty

"A W is a W" or "At least we won" will not appease me. The offensive line was so bad that Hugh Nall's grades were published in the newspaper. The returning starter is the worse?

Zone middle is not our only running play and when there is penetration, why don't you trap? Where was Mario Fannin? Tubs runs his mouth for weeks then the guy barely sniffs the field.

Robert Dunn and Ben Tate (who played a great game) need to learn to set up blocks. Both had long returns/runs that could have gone the distance if they were patient and did a better job of using the blockers in front.
Al Borges may have lost his touch calling plays.

Glass Half Full

Quentin Groves is the best defensive player in the SEC, no arguement.

The defense bent but never broke, the only touchdown was on a trick play, however they had tried to run about 3 times by the time it got in.

Last 6 minutes.........yeah, the Alabama excuse, I know.........Auburn looked unbeatable for the last 6 minutes. Can they play like that for 60 minutes? Can Auburn put together 3-5 step drop passes and a few play action 7 step deep posts? Can they loosen up the line so that a back can find daylight? Can the defense play with fire late into the game and not only when it is needed?
Nation, $ & Daddy, I appreciate the hospitality. Carl, there is a challenge from the Margarits Boys that the Martini Boys might need to handle this weekend so get ready.