Friday, September 05, 2008


Weekend started off great with Vandy putting the beat down on USC and covering 10 with an outright win. F'n great.....I won 17 cents. I am using to do my gamblin'.

Do we get Erin next weekend against Missy State?

For the rest of the weekend.........Churchill likes..........

Ole Miss +8

Texas A&M -3

Not betting online but Auburn covers 17 and wins 34-13. The defense shuts down Southern Miss and the Tigers pile over 300 yards rushing again. Now if the passing game will catch up.

Central Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiichiga is the best team on the lower peninsula. They cover 21 backdoor against the Daaaaaaaaaaawgs.


WP Churchill

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Tennessee chokes a win away to UCLA and their 4 INT QB and this is what Arian Foster's mother has to say...

"would've posted had we won, so what the heck. I've seen blame on everything from orange pants to Dustin Colquitt. Arian had a bad fumble....a good game, but a bad fumble. No excuses. It can't happen and it shouldn't. What would you like me to say?


What would you like Arian to say to you? While you lure former athletes to your home with food and drink and God knows what else? While you sit there and offer $100 handshakes to anyone who will pay any attention to you? While you spread gossip like an old fat bat at the beauty shop? What would you like my son to tell you?

How about I tell you something instead. I'm grateful that he doesn't look for fools like you. I'm grateful that he stays far far away from crud and filth and people who have nothing better to do in life than to mire in other peoples business. I'm grateful that he can get up tomorrow and still look a fine man in the mirror. And I'm grateful that no matter what he does on the field or in life, he'll be a far better character than you will ever be.

Money doesn't buy you intelligence, it doesn't even buy you love. But I guess in Memphis, it sure as hell buys you a crowd at your house for a football game. I'd gladly be poor all my life than to wind up like you.

And I don't care if I get banned. You, Roy Adams, can kiss my ass."

Tennessee has bigger problems than Fulmer. Their OC made no adjustments and their offensive line collapses when Crompton needed them.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


For Carl Montgomery............





UTAH +3.5

Vandy and Utah win outright. Bama and NC State cover back door. Auburn/LaMo hit the over.


How can Auburn be a top 10 team and bammer isn't even ranked in one of the polls????

Check out these star rankings for all you star gazers...

Auburn Offense 1st team = 2.8 star average per position
bammer offense 1st team = 3.45 star average per position

Auburn Offense 2nd team = 3.60 star average per position
bammer offense 2nd team = 3.45 star average again per position

Auburn 2 deep offense = 3.27 stars per position
bammer 2 deep offense = 3.45 stars per position

Now lets take a look at the defenses...

Auburn 1st team defense = 3.27 stars per position
bammer 1st team defense = 3.27 stars per position (push)

Auburn 2nd team defense = 3.00 stars per position
bammer 2nd team defense = 3.54 stars per position

Now for a look at the total star average for the 1st team, 2nd team, and the total 2 deep at both schools. O&D is offense and defense...

Auburn 1st team O&D = 3.03 stars per position
bammer 1st team O&D = 3.36 stars per position

Auburn 2nd team O&D = 3.30 stars per position
bammer 2nd team O&D = 3.50 stars per position

Auburn total 2 deep O&D = 3.16 stars per position
bammer total 2 deep O&D = 3.43 stars per position

Now I know you bammers like to cry about probation and any other excuse you can think of. What about the upper classmen on each team or the freshmen playing? Let's take a look.

Auburn's 2 deep breaks down like this per class...

FRHS = 4
RFR = 1
SO = 17
JR = 12
SR = 10

Now let's look at good ole bammer...

FRHS = 9
FRRS = 1
SO = 9
JR = 17
SR = 8

Auburn has 22 JRs and SRs while ole bammer has 25. So how can a team that is so much better on paper suck so bad? Bama has more experience and a much higher star ranking on their 2 deep. Why are they ranked so low and not even ranked in one poll? If I was Saban, I would sure hang my hat on this season. There is no excuse for him to not win now. It could get ugly if he doesn't produce with all the talent he has on his team. If you believe in stars that is....

Kudos to Weagle747 for the great info.

Monday, August 25, 2008

GAME WEEK--International Symbol for Gay

Monday morning of game week has arrived. Thursday night kicks off with Georgia Tech, Vandy and South Carolina all starting. Then, Saturday, the festivities truly begin. I will be working from home Friday as I see it as a national holiday. Nothing better than kicking off college football on a holiday weekend.

If you had not already seen, Atlanta has a new symbol. They call it the "International Symbol for Gay" after the Olympic Games of 1996 and the insanely high Elton John population intown. Their fight song is Madonna....doesn't matter which particular song, just Madonna.

Word out of Athens is that NFL superagent Drew Rosenhaus has already purchased KnoMo a sweet, little Beemer M3. Word also stated that Mark Richt had it prompty returned. No doubt he will be in the NFL this year....if Stafford can complete at least 60% of his passes, he will be there also.

Wilbur Picks later in the week.........

SEC Games

Vandy/Miami (OH)--Th
Memphis/Ole Miss
NC State/South Carolina--Th


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oklahoma Sooners Josh Jarboe Raps

Seriously?!?! He got kicked off the team at Oklahoma for this?!?! They used to only take these kinda guys at the U.

He is in the f'n lunchroom for f sakes.

I'm Shipping Up To Boston/The Departed - Dropkick Murphys

Sunday, August 03, 2008


What other way to dive into the first week of August than with college football practices kicking off over the weekend than with my best guesstimate of how teams stack going into the season. Take it away, Jess.

TOP 25

1. Florida--I think they get by UGA in Jax if defense grows up but explosive offense will carry team til they do.

2. Georgia--Need Stafford to achieve at least 60% passing and for WR's to show up. MoMass the Terrorist is completely overrated...almost as much as Fred Gibson. Defense could be great with Rennie and 9 returning starters.

3. USC--Defense is QB surrounded by inexperience with only 4 returning starters raises questions. Winner of September 13 Ohio State matchup will be in driver's seat for a slot in Miami.

4. Oklahoma--Best young QB in nation but can they win a big game???

5. LSU--Best offensive and defensive line combo in game today. All new QB has to do is not lose the game to win with all the surrounding talent.

6. Ohio State--Might be the best Buckeye team...ever...can they win a big game? Big Ten games do not count.

7. Texas Tech--Prolific offense...can defense hang in there?

8. Auburn--Defense has a chance to be great...will the Spread Eagle fly in East LA?

9. Texas--I see Texas as the loser of the Red River Shootout with Okie and Texas Tech.

10. Tennessee--The Vols will be a lot better than people think.

11. Missouri--Heisman candidate and Mr. Everything...prolly represent the North in the CG.

12. Clemson--Class of ACC talent wise but never seem to live up to expectations.

13. BYU--Pass happy all the way to the BCS.....if they get by Utah.

14. Virginia Tech--Completely rebuilding the defense...Beamer and Foster are two of the best in the game and will earn their paychecks this year.

15. West Virginia--You cannot tell me they are better than last year with a straight face. It will be the Pat White Noel Devine show until the skinny ass White gets knocked out again.

16. Arizona State--Are they ready to make a run at USC this year? Can hot head Rudy keep his head and can the O-Line protect him.

17. South Carolina--Fighting Spurriers will be great on defense and it will allow the offense to play catch up.

18. Mississippi State--Fighting Crooms are on the rise.

19. Wisconsin--Cheeseheads are paying more attention to Farve.

20. Oregon--Very talented and will make a run.....gotta have plenty of quarterbacks.

21. Wake Forest--Fratty Riley Skinner is back and Jim Grobe is one of the best in the game.

22. Michigan--Lost all time leading rusher, passer and the first pick in the draft. Growing pains but they will beat Ohio State within 3 years.

23. South Florida--Most of the team returns and maybe the second best team in the state. Ouch.

24. Florida State--Gotta catch USF.

25. Nebraska--Pelini will be huge...big improvement this year.



A lady in Tuscaloosa calls 911. Hysterically, she says, "Someone's just
broke into my house, and I think he's going to rob me!"

The police officer says, "We're really busy at the moment. Just get the
guy's jersey number and we'll get back to you."

Q: What is Nick Saban's biggest concern?

A: Does the NCAA count bail money as a recruiting violation?

Q: What do you call a drug ring in Tuscaloosa ?

A: A huddle
___________________________________________________ __

Q: Four Bammer players in a car, who's driving?

A: The police

Q: Why can't most of the Bammer players get into a huddle on the field?

A: It is a parole violation to associate with known felons.
_____________________________________________ _______

The Bammer team has adopted a new Honor System.

"Yes, your Honor; No, your Honor".

The Tide is expecting a 7-6 season this year.

7 Arrests, 6 convictions.

Q: How will the Tide spend the first week of Spring Training?

A: Studying their Miranda Rights