Friday, October 06, 2006

Dwight Schrute Fridays

Lets all take a moment and celebrate DWIGHT SCHRUTE FRIDAY. I have taken it upon myself to give this Friday this designation. After another great episode last night, Dwight continues to climb my personal ladder of all time TV character greats. So, we honor you today Dwight.
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"Let me describe the perfect date: I take her out to a nice dinner. She looks amazing. Some guy tries to hit on her... now he wants to fight - so I grab him - I throw him into the jukebox! Then the other ninja’s got a knife, he comes at me, we grapple, I turn his knife on him. Blood on the dance floor. She’s scared now. I take her home. I’m holding her in my arms. I reach in for a kiss... I hear something in the leaves, I flip her around, she gets a poison arrow right in her back. She was in on it the whole time... but I knew."

Florida State is dismal at best. Seriously, a loss to NC State?!?! Chuck the Chest might have salvaged his job. Back to back upsets of ranked teams. FSU and Miami will be out of the top 25 Monday morning. Weird. Did anyone see the interview with Amato after the game?? I seriously wonder how damaged this man's throat is. It has to look like ground beef after the abuse he has put it through. Maybe he is trying to make his pitch a little bit higherto prove the theory below.
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Now for the Dr.'s Weekly picks:
Oregon @ Cal -4.5
Look for Oregon to stroll into Calli and pull off the upset in the ugliest fashion. Not play but uniforms.

West Virginia @ Miss St. +21.5
Mountaineers easily cover this spread and Croom continues his transition into looking like an actual bum

Arky @ Auburn -15.5
Arky shows up in style. Runs all over the Auburn D. After the win Nutt actually goes insane. They drop him off at Brice on the way back to Arghhh-Kansas.

Duke @ Alabama -29
Since I will be returning for the first time the season, the team will want to show out for one of its most beloved alums. Look for Bama to cover this line. UL Monroe could beat Duke, and Bama put up 41 points on them.

Tennessee @ Georgia +2.5
I would steer clear of this game. I think it could honestly go either way. So, I will flip a coin. Heads-UGA, Tails-UT. Heads it is Georgia wins.

LSU @ Florida -1.5
I am in agreeance with the DFF brotherhood. Leak will shat his pants. I am going LSU by 14 in the swamp. Tebow actually cries after this one. Sissy.

The Dr.'s Weekly Upset Special
South Carolina @ Kentucky +5
I think Kentucky can take them at home. I know this is a stretch, but I am ballsy.

I will be on the road to Tuscaloosa around lunch. To all, a good weekend. Drink a cold one on me, because believe me, I will take one out for you.

Welcome to Colonel R, a fellow Memphis downtowner and Ole Miss grad, you are brave.

Until next week........Roll Tide
Signing off
Doctah Feelgood a.k.a. Carl Montgomery


Dr.Feelgood said...

My town is ablaze this morning. The tallest building in downtown Memphis is still on fire. 4 buildings in all damaged. Encouraging people to stay away from downtown. There is hardly any traffic on the streets.


Daddy said...

Do they know how the fire was started?


Oregon vs. Cal
I like Oregon as well. They might beat USC.

WV vs. Miss St.
WV of course

Arky vs. AU
War Eagle, but this is a scary game for me. McFadden is a McChine.

Duke vs. Alabama
Duke will win by a safety 2-0. Just kidding Dr.

Tenn vs. GA
GA since it is a home.

LSU vs. FL
I am in agreement with the shatting of the pants. Plus, I hate all Florida teams.

S. Car vs. Kent
I pick spurrier.

tigernation said...

So there is a feeling that AU may lose tomorrow? Wow, now I'm really worried. I'm usually the doom and gloomer about AU but to hear if from daddy is scary.

Nice front page there DR - except for picking my boys to lose to Nutt job and his bag of dicks.

I saw where Memphrica is up in flames....Fox news is all over it.

Dr- you should probably check with the fire dept and see if they need your super hero assitance in saving a kitty or a damsel in distress................LEAP INTO ACTION DR!

Dr.Feelgood said...

I have already been in. They shot the light in the air about 3 a.m., and I took off. Saved thousands of lives. Now that everything is under control, I can easily pack and hit the road to tuscaloosa.

I really don't think Auburn will lose, strictly a pick for Shakes

tigernation said...

Yeah I figured that one was for Shakey.

Once I heard there were no injuries I figured you had been alerted and had come to the rescue........nice work

Daddy said...

I dont think Auburn will lose either. It is just kinda scary, because Arky is a dreamcrushing team, and Arkansas has a tendency to play decent on the road sometimes. I think Auburn will win by two touchdowns at least, but maybe not till the end of the 3rd or by the 4th quarter.

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, able to drink his weight in alcohol, able to keep a beard year round.....its Super DR.

I may be in Hayneville about the time yall will be. I should stop by and make fun of EY, she would love that.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Alright fella, I am gone. Wish me luck

Need to keep up en fuego.

Roll Tide.

tigernation said...

Good luck and remember............"there is a fine line between tipsy and hammered, those that are en fuego do not cross it and they do not let the ladies cross it either...but let them get really close!!!"

So I guess it's just me from here on out.......




Daddy said...

Daddy is here.

Cousin Larry said...

The cousin is here to tell you that onions can be very sensual

lola said...

daddy playing bongos in his chaps. hmmmmmmmmm

Daddy said...

Thats right lola!

See yall @ 1. gone to lunch.

tigernation said...

About to heat up some leftover hibachi from last night mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

lola said...

yea, chuck is out of the hot seat for now. i kind of like nc state's qb and the whole drama that accompany's (is that a word?) his story. this was in the raleigh news and observer early september. it really is humorous.

lola said...

i'm kind of down today. i route for a team that is in a division where the #1 team lost to the akron zips. what does that really say?

redoak4life said...

I would like to first thank Dr. Phil-good for inviting me to join the daily football fix bloger group. Like the Dr. I too sit at a desk and do nothing all day. I would like to commend you folks on the website. Who knew that OHS would produce such quality men.

tigernation said...

Lola - I think that means your team might suck. I don't know for sure but they might.

Redoak - nice to have another newbie on the site. Feel free to talk shit and make fun of anything you read on the front page. Healthy and heated debate is encouraged.

Daddy said...

did you go to OHS?

Daddy said...

By the way, welcome redoak.

Cousin Larry said...

some standard UGA fan just tried to tell me that my degree was worthless, so I had to remind him of 5-2, and that I could wipe my ass with his paycheck and call that a good day, Nation, as you know, we are overrun by these people in the ATL region of the world

redoak4life said...

Thanks for the warm welcome tigernation and daddy. I am an OHS alum, c/o '01 to be exact. Dr. Phil and I grew up together and share many things in common, with one exception, he's a Bammer and I'm an Aubie. We both are reasonable about what we say, yet Dr. Phil seems to believe that I am turning into my older brother when it comes to AU/UA talk.

Daddy said...

Well I am an 00' alum, and I bet I know who you are redoak.

UGA fans are pretty standard.

redoak4life said...

I will leave the guessing up to you daddy' an Auburn fan I must say, we better come out and show something against the Hogs or we may get beat. With Trott and Cope out, I just hope that our bench is as deep as Tub's says it is. McFadden scares me to death.

tigernation said...

Cousin - tell that leghumper to shove it. I assume he meant your degree was not as good as his because the entry requirements are more strict at UGA.

Well give him this little tidbit. The reason the requirements are so high is because of the HOPE. When good students can get go there for free the school can up the standards for admittance, well, this has no bearing on the actual level of education one would get at that school. So, just because it's harder to get in UGA than AU, it doesn't mean that UGA is a better school, only that more people want to go there because it is FREE.

Actually, I saw an article stating that the level of education received at UGA is no better and in some cases worse than it was before the hope was put into action.

But this type of logic is usually lost on leghumping, ball licking, hydrant pissing, flea-bitten mutts like your friend.

Daddy said...

In 10 minutes daddy will be heading to the plains. War Eagle!

Dr.Feelgood said...

hint for daddy - red oak was the street me, shakes and red oak grew up on.

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