Wednesday, January 30, 2008

All Name Team & Friday Night Encounter with a Bammer

-Smooth and Savage

Auburn takes the All Name Team Recruiting Title. We have a Freddie Smooth, an Onterrio, a T'sharvin, a Christian, a Raven, a D'Antoine, a Deron and now a Jomarcus......yes, with a JO, not a JA. Nice to pull a Huntsville kid to the Plains.

-Osaban Bin Losin gets his man

Alabama names Jim McElwain as the new offensive coordinator. Not as much experience as Appplesauce however it should be a balanced attack. I won't sleep tonight....hahahaha.

What I am about to tell you is absolutely true. I could not have planned it any better.

So, KB and I went to spend a nice hundred dollar gift certificate to a place called Kurt's in Duluth. So after a bottle of wine and a decent steak, we get in the car and drive back into town. What do we see in front of us but a big, red Tacoma with Roll Tide all over it. Forsyth County mind you.

So we pull up to the car and I give him a SIX!!! Six fingers out the window! Take that, Sidewalk Bammer. He is not happy and lays on the gas.....vrooooooooooooom, he speeds off.

We catch up and get the thumbs down out the window. HAHAHA!!! Weak!!! And then, vroooooooom, he speeds off again.

We catch him at the light and I lean out the window to take this picture. The whole intersection is illuminated by the flash. He is ticked again, vroooooooooooooooom as he spins tires to get away from us. I am proud of my girlfriend as this is her first "Dig 'em up! aka Bammer Taunting Experience" Good girl!

Iron Bowl 2007 Celebration

So glad I am a Tiger. Not sure how Bammers live with themselves sometimes.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Poor Coach Fran

Poor Coach Fran, thought he was playing the system and it bit him in the ass.

Medical Marijuana Vending Machine

No...he is a real doctor and doesn't smoke the ganja.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Drunk Bama Fan Kissing Coach Saban

Couldn't resist...sums up the Alabama Nation.

Kaziranga National Park - Tiger Attack - Complete Video

Proof Nobody Cares about Bama

The Bowl was the 21st most watched bowl game on TV this season, climbing four spots from a year ago and drawing 164,000 more viewers than Nick Saban's first bowl at Alabama.

Birmingham's bowl between Cincinnati and Southern Mississippi drew a 1.9 household rating on ESPN2, accounting for 2.75 millionviewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. That was up 12 percent from the inaugural game in 2007.

Viewership of all bowls declined by 12 percent with a 3.6 average rating, the lowest in the 10-year history of the Bowl Championship Series. Twenty-one of the 32 bowls saw lower ratings than in 2006-07.

"If you weren't such and a$$hole then maybe people wouldn't enjoy rubbing your face in the mud so much." - Cribbs Sullivan
Alabama's victory over Colorado at the Independence Bowl, competing against an NFL game with playoff implications on NBC, drew a 1.6 rating and ranked 25th among the bowls. The rating was down from a 3.0 for Alabama-Oklahoma State in the Independence Bowl in 2006.

Auburn's overtime victory over Clemson at the Chick-fil-A Bowl drew a 4.4, the second-highest rating for a non-BCS bowl, behind a 9.1 for Michigan-Florida at the Capital One Bowl. The Chick-fil-A Bowl's rating was down from a 4.8 a year ago.

Mobile's GMAC Bowl, between Tulsa and Bowling Green, drew a 1.0 on the day before the BCS national title game. The GMAC Bowl drew a 1.6 last year and its ratings have been dropping since moving to a January date.

The Bowl's 1.9 rating was the second highest among the five bowls owned by ESPN. The others owned by ESPN are the Las Vegas (2.1), Armed Forces (1.7), New Mexico (1.7) and Hawaii (1.3).

ESPN initially said the Bowl drew a 2.26 rating. That number calculated viewers against the number of households that have ESPN2, and Nielsen calculates it against all U.S. households.

"Briana be the best A-Town dancer cuz she was ballin' out like crazy in Jeazy's video." - Cribbs Sullivan
The Big Ten had a team in each of the three highest-rated bowl games. Six of the 10 highest-rated bowls involved SEC teams, more than any other conference.

Many bowl games continue to produce higher ratings than what networks might otherwise program in those time slots. But the average bowl rating continues to drop from its BCS- high of 5.3 in 1998-99, when there were 10 fewer bowls.
In a telephone survey of 1,482 people by Nielsen, 73 percent indicated they planned to watch three or more bowl games, 20 percent said they would watch five to seven, and 14 percent said they would watch at least part of every game.

Forty-one percent indicated there are too many bowl games, and 51 percent said they believe college football needs a playoff system.

HT: John Soloman Birmingham News

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wrong ball??? GO!!!

Pathetic and brilliant at the same time.

American Ides


Thursday, January 17, 2008

I wish it was a snow day.

I was hoping and praying to get the email around 7am this morning that the office would be closed for a inclimate weather. No such luck. Atlanta is currently sloshing through a Thursday hovering above the freezing mark. No fun, no fun at all.

-Paul Rhoads-New Auburn DC? We should know by the end of the day. His Pitt defense ranked higher than Auburn's this year. Should be interesting.

-Major Applewhite-Back to Texas-and the Bama fans thought it was funny when an Auburn coordinator made a lateral move, I think it is hilarious that he will simply be an offensive assistant. Now word is creeping from Tuscaloosa that he didn't have control over the offense anyways...that program is a joke and they treat people horribly.

-Tigernation-Happy Birthday to the eldest member of the DFF. Many more.

-Recruiting-I am starting to love all the speed that is being recruited by CTT and CTF to reinvigorate a stale Tiger offense. Speed kills and Auburn has more of it than Alabama.

-Atlanta Falcons-Can't find a head coach to save their lives. Here is hoping it happens soon as I have turned to the Hawks and Thrashers for my winter doldrums. Went to the Hawks game Friday and Thrasher Saturday. One of the best things I have seen in a while is sudden death shootout in hockey. Thrashers beat the Penguins in sudden death and we didn't see Jean Claude Van Dam anywhere.

Out, Wilbur

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Upon Further Review

Upon further review, the 2006 season was a mix of highs and lows. Auburn speaking at least. Two early losses to bowl teams that should have never happened, a last second Les Miles Miracle for LSU and a black out beating by Georgia were the 4 losses. The 9 wins put the Tigers at 20 wins in the last two years and 50 over the last 5. Averaging 10 wins a year ain't bad at all. Tied for the most wins in the SEC with LSU over that span. Bad thing is that Tubs ain't winning in Atlanta near as much as he needs to be. He needs to get there and that entails beating LSU at home more often. Tubs, get to Atlanta and you will win.

Upon further review, the Peach Bowl was an astounding success for the Auburn Tigers. Who else can install an offense in 9 practices and then rack up season highs in yardage and number of plays? I am looking forward to the Spread Eagle offense in the fall. Mario Fannin will be an all star. Will Auburn have an All SEC reciever? Fat chance but a better one without Brandon Cox.

Do it, Tony Franklin.....thank your defense because they can be simply amazing and they were just that on NYE.

Thank heavens that Brandon Cox has moved on. He never won games, he just didn't lose them.

I want a QB who will pull miracles out of the fire for Auburn and then take 3 nubile coeds to bed to celebrate over a bottle of Jack Daniels and mescaline.
2008...Auburn returns 18 starters...looking tough...Wilbur says preseason top 10...barely.

Upon further review, all my ex's live in Texas. Why in the world has my man crush left me for Bevo, an effing cow?!?!?! Breaks my heart to see Will Muschamp leave under the circumstances he did. "If you want to be a winner, come be an Auburn Tiger!" WTF happened after that??? Is Jay Jacobs that bumbling? Was this simply over tickets or a contract signed last year??? Is he really in a better place??? Tubs should have blocked him from going. Is this serious?? Did it really happen???

Upon further review, Michael Adams is an asshole. The day after the LSU won the national title, the president of Georgia who oversaw the Harrick academic fraud scandel suddenly wants a playoff. Screw you, they didn't deserve to be there in the first place. Yeah, the BCS sucks, I agree, however your beloved black Bulldogs didn't get it done on the field. They got beat by a .500 team at home and got blown out of the stadium by Tennessee (2 garbage TDs don't matter at the end of the game), the team that did what it took to get to Atlanta. Georgia has tons of talent however they relied on emotional gimmicks to get the job done. Send the whole damn team on the field against Florida and create a chaotic, dangerous situation and wear black uniforms against Auburn. The black unis didn't beat Auburn, Brandon Cox and Matt Stafford did. Typical of the petty, Georgia bullsh#t we will have to put up with until next football season. Get over it, you didn't belong in the title game because you can't beat Spurrier or Fat Phil.

Georgia just couldn't back in this year.
Everyone says they lost the same number of games......FYI......LSU won more than Georgia and USC....on top of that the coaches think USC is better.

Who effen loses to Kentucky and Vandy (at home) anyways?? Mark Richt, that is who and Vandy is coming back next year to Athens...........Go Dores!!!

LSU won the whole damn thing.......good for them. Hat tip to Kirk Herbstreit for taking it like a man and ensuring that Les Miles didn't take the Michigan job. LSU outcoached ohio state in the BCSCG anyways. The Big 11 is somwhere between the MAC and the Southern Conference in regards to quality. Who would subscibe to the Big 10 network??? Ugggggggghaaaaahah, something just came up. Slow football teams, pasty white yankee girls..........I be stayin' down here.

Bama recruiting victories.......great for them, helluva consolation prize. Makes Bammers feel warm and fuzzy about the future. To bad that Auburn has enough depth to outlast a class that has been promised the world, instant playing time and one night with Mrs. Saban to come to the Capstone. Auburn has the 15th rated class and 8 less recruits.........go figure........the rankings are based on point total and Bama is beating Auburn by .20 average stars. Seriously, wtf?? Auburn's coaches coach and Bama's recruit...couldn't you tell?? Auburn will beat the hell out of Bama next year and the next and then Bama will be competitive again in the rivalry.......maybe.

Happy New Year!

Wilbur Churchill

Friday, January 04, 2008

WTF?!?!?! Seriously?!?!?!

New Years at WSP in Atlanta & Karino y Wilburo.

"Anybody who wants to be a winner needs to be an Auburn Tiger." - Will Muschamp...the reason Auburn has won 20 games the last two years with the worst quarterback ever.

Lordy, I hope he stays but I doubt it.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008........glad she is here........finally.

Welcome to 2008! This is going to be the best year ever.

I had millions of ideas flowing through my mind and now don't have the concentration to put them together on a we'll just go with bullet points........not like anyone posts or responds anyways.

*Auburn Defense gave the new Auburn Offensse a chance to win the Peach Bowl against Clemson. Great game, from what I saw. I actually only saw about 10 minutes through the whole game and then overtime as I was stuck at Widespread Panic next door. And I got in trouble for it even though I was given "permission" to watch it on the club level.

Does anyone detect any bitterness from WPC over this??

*I don't care if I ever see Widespread Panic again. Every show seems exactly the same. Can we please outgrow this?? So fn glad that New Years is year we should jump from Thanksgiving directly to Christmas and then skip New least Marta was fun......bc I was absolutely not sober and couldn't stop laughing at the lil' ghetto smurf who kept asking if I "Watch the internet?" while he mimicced typing with his lil' ghetto hands.

*Alabama played well....for about a quarter and then absolutely fell apart. It was a miracle they didn't wind up losing the game. What gives over there? I guess we are all were expecting a lot more. There are problems over there that 4 & 5 Star recruits can't cover up.

Maybe the coaches only recruit and don't coach? There is evidence to support it.

*Will Fn Muschamp---Thank you, Arkansas & Ole Miss for not taking him. Auburn now has (argueably..sp) the best set of coordinators in CFB and the best coaching staff in general. DCWfnM is amazing and will have the best defense in the SEC......again.

*Urban Meyer has now proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Tim Tebow cannot save a team from not having a legit running game. Michigan beat Florida's brains out all day long.

*Hawaii didn't belong on the same field as Georgia. I have not seen such an unmerciless attack on a quarterback since Auburn sacked Stickman in the Iron Bowl a dozen times. Georgia and USC deserved each other in the Rose Bowl...Georgia had no business being in the BCS Championship game though because they got blown out by was 35-0 before garbage TD's made it seem a bit closer....and they can't beat Spurrier, that is like not being able to beat Duke.

*Arkansas embarassed themselves.......ugly game, ugly unis. I hope Petrino gets the ever living shit beat out of him the rest of his career. Arky will be on probation by 2010 if you ask anyone at Louisville.


Auburn--held Clempson's RB's in check (with the exception of the OMG run) and shut down Cullen Harper---Cullen, maybe you should have gone to Auburn after all.

Mississippi State--shut down the nation's leading rusher and held Barry Sander's single season record intact

Georgia--is Colt still alive of in the trauma unit of New Orleans Mercy Hospital? There may be a criminal investigation into the severity of his beating.

Happy New Year to all,

Wilbur P. Churchill

All played well.