Thursday, August 31, 2006

Auburn Tigers 04 SEC Champs

A new cast of characters...the same results in 2006.
2004 SEC Championship Game Introduction - Part 1
2004 SEC Championship Game Introduction - Part 2
2004 SEC Championship Game Introduction - Part 3

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Andrew Wicker #73 of Ole Miss crushes UK defender
Back Off Bitch

2001 South Carolina Florida Introduction to their game

Kingdom of personal Valhalla is here.

Less than 24 hours from now around 6p E, Boston College and Central Michigan tee it off.

Mascot scandal at Georgia. A bulldog used during WWII is making his rounds in old pictures showing him on the field at homecoming and macking cheerleaders. "Mr. Angel" was apparently a volunteer who became official. Now it is just a matter of convincing the UGA historians they remember.

Daily History Lesson: UGA's first mascot was a goat that they ate after losing to Auburn for the first time. Funny pic, although it is usually the other way around.

Congratulations to Daddy & $hakes. This weekend is gonna be fun. One just got engaged and one is about to seal the deal. Best wishes to both.

Absolute no joke, 100% cubic zirconia. $75 on the internet. Hmmm, I am trusting I won't see any of these, gentlemen.

Now let's get down to business with the 1st installment of the 2nd Annual Wilber Picks.

Thursday Night Picks

Boston College visits Central Michigan
BC walks into Kalamazoo and finds themselves in a fight. Talent prevails late in the game as the Catholics pull away. BC 31-17

South Carolina visits Missisippi State The Ol' Ballcoach takes his second edition into Starkville against a wildcard Bulldog team. Fur King is suspect at QB for State and may be shaky with early pressure. The Gamecock D is looking forward to it. It should be a low scoring but it is more fun to see some action. The first night of CFB may provide that. The over of 40.5 has a chance if State can put points on the board and State should cover backdoor at+6.5. 24-23 Gamecocks in a weird and close game. Good ol' SEC game to start out the slate.

Gentlemen, your thoughts.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

UGA Pre-Game Battle Hymn, BAMA 2003

Pretty cool I guess...if you can't think of an original fight song.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Auburn Tigers Football Tiger VI Eagle Flying`

Another great tradition.
Ramzee, Terrence, Juwan, LeRon

How high are they?

Juwan is a thuuuuug.
2005 Iron Bowl intro
Auburn vs Flordia 2001 23-20

Worth getting arrested.
Tim Carter's 100 yard Return in the 2000 LSU game
Auburn Football Practice

2 a days

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Redshirt Time

Enjoy the Green Dragon.
Craig Stevens, my favorite young Tiger.
It is that time of year when the youngin's are sent to the scout team. It is not a bad thing. Hell, I was even redshirted in kindergarten. A few of Auburn's young guys might get some time in. If I do remember correctly, he was my pick months ago. My crystal ball working well.

Zac Etheridge, Mike Berry & Tim Hawthorne all have a shot to see the field this fall. It is truly nice to be able to redshirt the kind of talent that Auburn is filling its program with.

Hoover USA Today #1, Greatest Alabama HS team ever?

Which Wilson will have a better season, Ross @ Hoover or JP @ Bama?
I say Ross since he allegedly has a crew behind him and Bama will have to catch some breaks to get more than half of the Buccaneer win total.
Bo Jackson in Bill Walsh's College Football part2
Great Running plays of the Auburn Tigers

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Comin' straight out of Hoova

Two a Days was mildly amusing. Laguna Beach lands at Hoover High School aka Hoova U. Biggest dadgum school in the state since Bob Jones sent the freshmen to the middle school. ESPN the Season would have been great. To many shots of the fans, I noticed and of the same damn kid pointing at someone. I give it two out of four helmet stickers. Anyone else not have much to do about 11 last night? I guess only Nation was busy since he is so on fire lately.
Reggie Bush @ USC's Pro Day

4.33 is unreal. Not quite Bo, though and he is only 5'11" 202.
Reggie Bush High School Tape

Widespread Wednesdays......Whoooaaa

On 92.9, not bad driving/background music during once you hear the same songs everyday on every station. Speaking of driving, I am looking forward to seeing Daddy at the tailgate as we celebrate is last day as a single corporation before the joint merger.

Joe Jamail Field at Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium and the Cardinal's new digs, site of the National Championship game. Is Texas's video board big enough?

Nation, thanks for the Joe T update. Fat Matt redshirt? Say it ain't so. Yes, there are backpeddling feet in Atlanta these days. And they wonder why people loved it when Danny Ware was hit so hard he bled. He could win two Heismans and they would ask why he didn't beat Florida, Auburn or a 3rd trophy.

Anyone see the near mutiny at Arizona State? Coach Kooeter(sp whatev) named the starter as Sam Keller on Friday and by Sunday Rudy Carpenter was the starter and Sam was at Nebraska. He made the final call after the "leadership council meeting" with upperclassmen. Is this the inmates running the asylum or something different altogether?

Scary phrases overheard today. "Georgia will win 10 if they stay healthy."

I think only if Fat Matt plays and absolutely lights it up. I am talking 3000 yards and 25 TD's. 2 INT's, maybe less. When was the last time a running back by committee worked with a weak QB? A great QB, yes, but Joe T. NO. It did not work against UF. Watch out Columbia and maybe a Colorado loss. Put Lumpkin in the I and run it 25 times to him with play action. Play action left and throw slot right. Patented THuga. Is the D strong enough to win games if the offense doesn't lose it with turnovers and mistakes? They won't average above 30 points garunteed.

A Happy Birthday to my sister Katherine. Easy on the Irish today, fellas.

Remember 10 is not what it used to be with a 11 games season. 10 wins means 2 losses.

Count Florida, South Carolina, Auburn, Tennessee. Hell, the odds are even better with 3 of the 4.

If Texas A&M does not win 10, Fran is gone. I heard it several times in Dallas and I believe it. They have a chance to run the table til the end if they beat Texas Tech. Then they finish with Oklahoma, Nebraska & Texas. Murderers Row but at least Texas is the only road contest. The QB position will be upgraded this year as Stephen McGee returns after finishing the Texas game last year(and almost pulling it off).

Ladies, that is all for me tonight.
2004 Auburn-Georgia & Auburn-Alabama Video Mix
Auburn vs Georgia 2005 Auburn Tigers Football
Auburn Will Rise
Jessica Simpson Bikini Vid-Extended Version

It has been killing her to not be on the DFF lately.
Joe Jamail Takes a Deposition...

A Suman favorite and the field at Texas is named after him.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Smoke on Rocky Top......only there is no fire.

Ol' Coach Trooper Taylor, a Tennessee assistant head coach who is in charge or player development and recievers, accepts a little bit of cash for his time and the Vols must self report. Seriously, please. The normal fee from these dinner speaches range from $500-1500. Troop cashed in $3000. He is one rung under the Great Pumpkin, what does Phil get for a dinner? 10-15k? More? The media, NCAA and Tennessee(they have their fingers crossed) may say these are secondary violations. Inadvertant voilations, you may hear.

No, I call it a helluva speach. A man took what they gave him. Where does the recruiting angle come in unless he is at the home of a star recruit? No, wait, wouldn't the recruit normally get that money and not the coach? Seriously, great speach, Coach.

Funny coincidence that UTK trustee Karl Schledwitz, Fulmer's boy, from Memphis was involved. Any one remember his name on the peripherals of the Logan Young fiasco? Allegedly, Karl invited ol' Troop to dinner and would pay him an "honorarium". No specific amount, just an "I'll hook you up." Karl passed around a hat after dinner for donation and Troop walked away with 3g's. Not bad for a night of fine wining and dining.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Deep South's oldest rivalry Auburn vs. Georgia.- AU Edition
Will Ferrell as Ricky Bobby, HILAROUS!!
Lowell George and Little Feat - Fat Man in the Bathtub Live

How can you not love Fatman?

"Against All Odds Contest"

"Wrestlin' with them angels."

The contest of pick 'ems has expanded a wee bit. We will be playing on Yahoo for the Wilber Trophy. 25 games a week against the spread. Why not? The group ID is #11769 and the password is "auburn".

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

2005 Auburn Georgia game ESPN Recap Part 1

"Oh, diddely dewdrop, what a game!"
2005 Auburn Georgia game ESPN Recap Part 2
Moore's Monster hit
Vince Young

Vince made a reported 6 out of 50. 12%, These guys were around 60-70%. At least he beat Junior.
Lowell George and Little Feat - Rock'n'Roll Doctor

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

DeMeco Ryans levels Chris Leak

Leak can fly!
Alabama's George Teague:

Taking candy from a crackhead. And yes, I was told this by someone who played on this Miami team. Lamar Thomas was boys with Michael Irvin. Go figure.

Wilber Updates

The "Wilbers" are now sponsered by Atlanta Awards in exchange for the hookup on DHL international inbound from China. There will be one on display September 2nd so you ladies can see what you are playing for. I saw one in person today and I think they are great. Then again, it is named after a pretty cool dude if I do say so myself.

"I'm a hustla, baby, just want ya to know." - Jay Z

Questions for Tubs

CTT, where do you get ears that big? Dumbo is jealous.

CTT, were you the one who fired the head of the sociology department or did Ed do it for you?

CTT, how long will Blackmon and Sears be suspended?

CTT, who will replace Borges after the season?

CTT, is that really you on MySpace?

CTT, how did you pull off Suzanne?

CTT, best cheerleaders in the SEC?

CTT, Shelly Meyer, Shari Shula or Kelly Orgeron? How did the Ogre pull that off?

The Magic 8-Ball says.............

Jamarcusrussellcumbum will be LSU's main man come kick off.

The FSU cowgirls say FSU smokes a depleted Miami team in two weeks and then goes undefeated until late in the season.

Cutcliff will work a small miracle with Eric Ainge and Tennessee will beat Georiga and take it down to the wire against Florida. They will beat Vandy this year, though.

Georgia will lose in Columbia the second week of the season and Matthew Stafford will be the QB from then on out.

USC will lose one. Cal. Notre Dame will lose two. USC and Michigan. Maybe more?

Cal will beat UTK in Neyland the first week of the season. To sum up the last two lines, Cal is the best team in the Wac 10. Cal's only loss.......a fluke to Arizona State and the two headed QB monster.

Alabama goes undefeated again........until LSU and Auburn. I keep saying it and I truly believe it. John Parker Wilson will be better than many think. Top 3rd of SEC QB's by the end of the year.

Arkansas will be gooooooooooooood. Great line, great backs, now if they can find a QB to settle on they might be really goooooooooood. If only the toe did not get hurt at 3am.

Oklahoma loses 3 and Texas goes undefeated again with a QB rotation. Adrian Peterson is sooooooo gone.

Penn State and Michigan lose two. Ohio State loses to Texas and then loses in their bowl game.

Brody, are you serious???

Nebraska wins the Big 12 North and gives Texas a scare in the CG.

Ladies, she is all yours.
George Bush saying War Eagle!! Hezbollah responds with a rousing, "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, give 'em hell, Alabama! Roll Tide Roll!!"
Auburn's Carnell vs. Bama03

Give that man a Wilber, my personal favorite Cadillac run ever.
Carnell Highlights
Ronnie Brown Auburn Highlights

Not bad to have 10% of the starting running backs in the NFL as Auburn alumni.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Auburn Tigers montage

Can't you feel the chill bumps? has arrived

Welcome to Daily Football We have officially transferred over to the dot com format to spread the gospel that is the Daily Football Fix for the 2nd season in existence.

1st Annual Daily Football Against All Odds Challenge

T-minus less than three weeks away and we will be running three contests here at the Daily Football Fix this year. Since the money never seems to change hands I will take care of the prize myself. Yep, we will be awarding Wilbers this year. This bobble head trophy is all the inspiration you boys need this year. It symbolizes pigskin prediction prowess and is accompanied by all the privledges and honor associated with similar trophies of the same prestige. Think Heisman, Butkus, Oscar, Lombardi and Sears Trophies.

The first contest will be a weekly pick against the odds on between 6 and 10 games a week(depending on appeal of schedule). The Thursday night game and ESPN Saturday Prime Time games will always be included along with several others to note. A recurring total will be kept weekly and the winner will be he/she who predicts the most correct games against the spread for the entire season. The tie breakers will be the DFF spotlight game of the week (they will still included in the total and there will be one every week). We will take totals for the entire regular season and championship weekend. The kicker is that conference championship games will become bonus rounds/playoffs/redemption as they will count double. I will maintain an excel spreadsheet that can be emailed weekly.

The second contest will be the 2nd Annual DFF Bowl Playoff Series. The DFF will pick winners for the all the bowl contests with the 5 BCS games counting double. The tie breaker will be picking against the spread for the BCS games. We will cross this bridge later.

The third will be NFL Fantasy football. Let me know who is in and I will republish the leage info later this week.

Take it where you may.
Matthew Stafford 2005 Season Highlights

Fat Freddie Jr. in HS
Class Act FB player Roll Tide
The Best Alabama Football Video

For the good doctor.
The Iron Bowl -AU Edition
Auburn Defense - AC/DC

Please stay tuned for the replay in 3 months.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Falling Straight to Hell.....Lock 'em up and throw away he key.

Maurice Clarett has fallen from superstar to perp. A simple U-turn winds up being a high speed chase where spike strips were deployed to stop the SUV. After shredded tires finally stopped Not So Slow Mo, it took several officers to handcuff and place him in a transport. Why did the taser not work? Why a bullet proof vest of course. After finally subduing and dousing Clarett and his indoor football dreams in mace, police found 3 pistols and an AK, all loaded. A half bottle of vodka followed but no DUI field test or breath test? Yeah, he would have kicked your ass if you had tried that but what about a blood test later on? Why not another charge, the ATF is looking at the guns and talking federal charges. Imagine Clarett in Supermax. Bail at over a cool mil. Could of had the world, Maurice. It looks like Cynthia McKinney and yourself lost on the same day. Why did you have to be such democrat? Get your Goose on!
23 days and counting. I am looking forward to college cheerleaders.

Georiga and Bama lead the SEC and most of the country in athletic profit. Not bad numbers.

Gandy gone for the season, maybe hopefully not. Auburn takes its first blows from injuries.

Dr., Bama update or practice footage?


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back in Business

Internet has finally touched down at the King's Castle. I feel like a free man. No more renegade posts from Panera in the middle of the afternoon. I know some of you may not read the postings so my new goal is to get your attention with quality journalism. Yes, it will be ripped indeed.

Yes, Jessica, it feels good to be back to. What's that, Jess? Yeah, I got a few questions as well. (example quality journalism)

Will the winner of the ND/USC game play in the NC game?

What is Stickman aka Brody's legacy at the Capstone?

Is Fulmer looking at the end? Two years? Three? I can't see that far beyond that.

I have seen a few late night football replays lately and they have made several impressions. Matthew Stafford looks like Fat Freddie Kitchens on the field. Just like him and he may be 235 instead of the listed 225. He has got a gun though. Georgia might not be as good as Bama this year. I wished they played. Alabama's offensive line problems have been going on for years. Double teams between center and the guard have been busted through since Tennessee 2003. Stickman and Pennington("That's my roomate!""He sucks bad!") didn't help either. Neither did the lack of a home run hitter in the backfield. Paris Hilton's new video is pretty cool. No matter what anybody says, I believe Clemson will still lose 3 games. Same with one of the three Florida schools. And one will be undefeated until late in the season, maybe even ACC title game and then go down in flames with one loss. Texas will walk to the Big 12 CG and even go undefeated in what may be 3 team controversy again. Imagine ND, Texas & Auburn undefeated. Or Florida, USC & Ohio State. Please, heavens, no.

Story Time

This afternoon I was sideswiped by an illegal. I checked my mirror, looked over my should and then flipped my blinker. NASCAR. Rubs up against me and tears his mirror off. He puts a dent in the Explorer. I pull over in the QT and the 3 illegals in the car get out and insist on calling the police. Are you serious? It is rush hour ATL and barely any damage. Well, to make a long story short....3 of Atlanta's finest show up in one car. They spoke enough English to know whats up. Mexican woman says she was driving and so they ask me and of course it was the guy driving and not her. Cuffs slap on the beaner real quick. Turns out he has two tickets for driving without a license and the car is not insured. They put his car on a flatbed and the woman and teenage beaner have to walk which they truly deserve. They haul him off to jail while tacking on obstruction, resist, driving w/o a license and uninsured motorist.

It could have been my fault but the office gave me my ID, insurance card & business card with my current address & cell # back to my and says, "Go tell your insurance company you were sideswiped by an uninsured motorist." (not really enough damage to exercise the deductible)

Justice have seen served. Cold.

Ladies, I shall return.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Morning Thoughts

The bar scene in Buckhead is starting to annoy me. Why do we have to go to 5 Paces Inn every night? I guess I just need to go to church to meet chicks. Or weddings or funerals. Maybe funerals are a bit to much.

How depressing is your program when you paint of a 6-3 victory after a fumble. mailto:Seriously?!@#$!?*&^$%^!@$?? Nice blur, Danny boy.


My Friday morning FU's go out to TI's custom car shop for their inability to look at the big picture (10% is 10% so why do you look at every single price moron), ATL drivers who only know how to accelerate, shady girls, bitch office managers who think they are financial decision makers and every one of them say "oh, I take care of that, you would talk with me". No, go get president, bitch.

$, to answer your Q about RB23's Hummer....Rims, interior, stereo & accessories. Mario Williams' Hummer was supercharged and completely tricked out. Unfortunately it was gone by the time I got to see the back of the shop.

College Football News places Bama(6th in the SEC) in the Liberty Bowl and Auburn in the NC game against USC. I think we can take this rematch if the D line shows is a long season though. We shall see.

Dr., do you need my extra ticket or are you set? We are good to go on picking you up from the airport as the Tarheel is driving over instead of flying.

I am ready for football. I am seriously thinking about picking up a big screen for Miss State weekend. I will drive straight from the airport to Auburn Arkansas weekend as I will be getting back from Miami late Friday. It seems to be coming up in every conversation now. I need college football back.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Midweek Update

I am like a kid on Christmas morning right now waiting for September 2. Are the lines out yet? Nice to see skinny Nation last weekend as well as Shakes. I love Hootas.

Auburn picked to win the SEC. The most All SEC picks. Should be an interesting season.

I have been thinking about this lately. Bama doesn't think they are getting respect. Why should they? They lost their D and QB. They look like they will consistently win 8-10 games from here on out but I garuntee they will not compete for a championship with their current leadership. Shula is in the lower tier of SEC coaches and the offensive performance from last year is proof. Hawaii will throw for over 300 yards easy.

Auburn will give up points the first game as well. Hopefully there will be turnovers caused by the blitzing and intensity of Muschamp.

Ladies, we are about to be back in business with daily posts.