Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Ladies, you are in good hands with the Dr. He is more than capable of running the show although I will step in from afar if this becomes an Alabama Crimson Tide web site. Please welcome new DFF vixen Stacy Keibler to the Fix.

Wilbur Picks........I couldn't resist.........Auburn, LSU & Tennessee. I just want to see Arky's Pilates Punter.

Joe T returns for the Dawgs Saturday night and gives the Georgia O a fighting chance. I see improvement but not much.......whoever gets out front early in Athens wins.

LSU has the best talent in the land. Auburn beat them, but not by much and only because of its scoring defense and Kenny Irons running the ball.

I hate to miss this weekend but I have to, I will talk to some of you Saturday during the game as I will be returning at kickoff to the fortress on Paces Ferry. Sunday is Talladega so I am going to cheer for Kenseth and Smoke. Can I cheer for Smoke from the Dewalt hospitality tent?

Lola, where are you? We need a little insight from your perspective.

Will the Little Ball of Hate return from his ridiculous suspenion?


Daddy said...

Have fun king and get some P. You better be wearing the buckle no matter where you are on saturday.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Here's to all shapes and sizes King!

We will see how well the Dr. can blog starting tomorrow.

Daddy, did you say you were coming up for Iron Bowl??

Daddy said...

With bells on!

Daddy said...

Remember Dr. a picture of a scantily clad vixen will be required with each new post.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah, I hate that I can't test it out first.

I am self taught, keep in mind.

Vixens will be involved, maybe naked vixens, we will get Kingdom reported

lola said...

missing me, fellas? i've just been quietly waiting for the next shocker conversation.

some of us have to work. but i still drop in to laugh. been mourning stuckey's broken foot all day. kelley and taylor will step up. clemson's "a lock". even with half of the sideline on crutches.

i like the picks this week,wilbur.
daddy, i didn't heed the advice last week on bama/fla. sweating that one to the end. parlayed that with the over and a couple of others. not a bad day's pay for watching tv and partaking.

not sure what insight you need from me, king, but here goes. you like stewart? pull for him even in the dewalt tent. dewalt doesn't care about stewart at this stage. throw a cheer out for kenseth every now and then. be a company guy.

a kind drop in just stopped by. catch you all later.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah Urban Meyer tried to make the score look like last years ass whipping reversed by scoring again with under :25 seconds remaining. Fag

Lost my ass off with last nights Southern Miss - Tulsa game. bought 1.5 points brought the over down to 45, was confident... Until I realized Southern Miss quite possibly might have the worst QB's in the nation. Tulsa also killed me by not being able to capitalize. I didn't even come close.

I get no props on here for my picks last week?? I believe under the title "Dr.'s upset special" I very accurately chose GA Tech to win outright over Va Tech. Thats right.

Tony might pull out the victory this weekend. He has been running good, even though it is all for none.

lola said...

dr. i feel your pain. i really didn't think alabama played that bad. they do have some issues, though. i also didn't think florida looked like a top 5 team. just my opinion, though. they have their own set of issues.

i took tulsa last night. game 1 of the tues, wed, thurs, fri night parlay. tulsa minus 6. southern miss has had their 1 and 2 running backs quit the team since their victory over nc state. hull was touted. they have issues that they didn't start out with but can't recover from this season. central fla tonight (just for you, wilbur) , the under on tcu/utah and louisville. woohoo, pull for my teams.
i picked ga tech too. i'm nervous about playing them. i didn't think they'd be up 21-0 halfway through the first quarter of v'tech. look for me in blacksburg, guys. oct. 26th.

but your accuracy has no bounds, sire. you are good. (lola's props)
i don't think tony's run is all for none. but then, i've been a clemson fan for a long time.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I wanted to take Tulsa, but my worse judgement got tthe better half of me. The thing was with the over, it should have been hit. Southern dropping the touchdown pass, along with Tulsa's tendacy to drive into Southern Miss before decided to stall and the fumble. Was hoping for a miracle overtime battle, but USM 's QB situation is dismal.

I never fair well with the over unders, and yet somehow I continue to bet them. The thing is I admit when its a bad bet. However after two nights in a row where missed opportunities have killed the over bet, I feel like a made the right choice and was royally screwed by Philly's turnovers in the redzone and Farve turning his offense into the Crimson Tide in the red zone along with turnovers again last night.

I agree with UCF tonight, good luck with the week-long parlay.

Since I have the keys to the Daily Football Fix machine for the next couple of days, Any ideas on posts??

Daddy said...

Good to hear from you Lola, we hope you will stay a regular.

I am now currently tied for third place in the season office pool (out of 60 people), but have yet to win the weekly money. It has been the same guy to win the weekly, except for one week (seems a little fishy).

Bloggin may be at a minimum for daddy the rest of this week. I just got handed a huge project that I have to finish in a time period that i probably cannot do. May get a little overtim this week.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Nice I will be around tomorrow, but not on Friday. I will try to uphold the daily posts.

Saturday might be shaky, but I know you all will be busy.

I won the first week in office pool, so my season is paid for, but I haven't won since. (Due to some outrageous scores 12-1, 11-2, etc.)

lola said...

it's harley weekend here. time to break out the leather :)

Dr.Feelgood said...

Sturgis or bust

Daddy said...

I think I would look pretty good on a big Harley, wearing black leather chaps.

lola said...

have you been to sturgis? i think you should have a party and leave the whole damn site a mess when king gets back.

Cousin Larry said...

Never was one to turn down a good pair of leather pants

Cousin Larry said...

What is sturgis for us ignorant, non-cyclists?

lola said...

and nothing else, daddy, and nothing else. i had a harley. it was clemson orange, lol.

lola said...

twisted cousin, sturgis is the ultimately true biker rally. sturgis, south dakota, middle of nowhere, the badlands.

Daddy said...

Except maybe a sweet doo-rag with skulls on it.

Dr.Feelgood said...

The Badlands indeed.

So on the agenda for posts....harley's and naked chicks.

I am all over it

Dr.Feelgood said...

doo ras are not as high on the badass list as skull caps

Daddy said...

what about a skull cap with skulls on it?

Dr.Feelgood said...

double bad ass

lola said...

possible posts.

1. why is minnesota 0-3
2. top 5 reasons football players are transferring
3. why can't o'leary's team convert 3rd downs.
4. what do you think matthew mcconnaughy is going to do tonight in huntington after the game.

just some thoughts.