Tuesday, October 10, 2006

AU vs. UF 2001

What if it...nahh!! It would be worth wearing the silver bracelets again. Ahh the sweet taster of mase.


lola said...

boy, am i glad ya'll are done with your whining. all of you. i've made 3 bets so far this week
wake/ncstate- wake +4 (c'mon deacs)
auburn/fla- auburn pk (you guys must be crazy not to take this bet)
and of course the thursday night powerhouse struggle
clemson/ temple- clemson -43.5

i will comment on later picks....well, later

i'm sorry about ya'll's friend. terribly sad but prayers from the east coast that he will be found safe and ok.

dr. , that orgeron picture is absolutely disgusting. however, it appears he waxes before he suits up.

good lord. you people are changing your attire, your seating charts, your tailgate menus, and lucky underwear. what the hell does what you drink before a football game have to do with the end results of a bunch of boys running up and down a pasture in battle. headcases. all of you. except for daddy. he's just a head. (no offense, daddy, in fact, serious props are intuited here.)

who would have ever thought that klempson (who in the past, btw has been known to be severe headcases themselves) could rally back from their position to beat those vicious demon deacons. 2 minutes left in the 3rd and proctor throws yet another pick(3rd of the game). klempson down 17-3 and can't even toss the damn ball to the white and purple team. (where's the orange?) but then THE MAN, GAINES ADAMS, decides a play needs to be made, and make one he did. and then we scored 24 points in the fourth quarter. that is absolutely stupid. this team will give you chest pains.
king, hope the trip was eventful as well as the race. hope you pulled for stewart. he did what he could to help out the dewalt team's man.
it's late. hope i haven't bored you guys to death. take auburn. seriously.

King of Tigerland said...

Lola, we truly believe the belt buckles, blue pumas, orange boxers, which shaker we stir our drinks with and even if we are in the stadium truly matter. We live in karmic world and right now Auburn and Alabama need all the good karma they can find.

Cox has been sacked 18 times, as many as last season already....Tubs, hush now.

Cousin Larry said...

love the Brent dance, the british version of the office is up there with arrested development and seinfeld as one of the funniest shows of all time

Daddy said...

Last I heard on JJ was late last night. They found some sort of signal, and were going to start a search on foot. Hopefully we will hear some good news this morning.

I am indeed a Head Lola. However, unfortunately I can be a headcase as well. Every game I have on my lucky tiger boxers, blue auburn hat, obnoxious bright orange topsiders. I also try to use the same shaker throughout the season, and have several shirts that I try to stick to. And of course, it just isnt gameday unless I have started the day off with way too many mimosas.

Dont tell me that you dont have any gameday charms or rituals.

Daddy said...

They now have a lead in Franklin where three people saw a low flying plane. But now they dont really know where to look for him.

lola said...

my lord. i need a breathalyzer lock on my computer. boy, i get chatty.
wish ya'll could see the visual i'm getting. a group of dashing young men in lucky orange tiger boxers, adorned with various belt buckles and hats, hideous shoes, stirring cocktails with shakers. one guy has on leather chaps.
i certainly hope you all will be in the stands this weekend. dress accordingly.
i have contemplated not attending the gt/clemson game due to the fact that in recent years, it seems that when i attend, we lose in the last 30 seconds. well, game on reggie and cj. although cj appears to have a force field, i am hexing reggie the whole way. all the while looking cute in a gameday outfit selected that week.