Monday, October 09, 2006

My Last Straw

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After I finally sobered up from a long weekend, I tried to figure out what I had witnessed this past Saturday night. Most of you know that I have always been a supporter of Mike Shula and what he has accomplished at the Capstone over the last few years. I defended him through the many mini-controversies the bald-headed, nutjob Finebaum is still trying to drum up. I defended him last season after the offense took a nose dive following the Gator-drumming. I defended him for continuing to give Darby a chance after his terrible day at Vandy. I defended him for leaving Tiffin in the game in Arkansas. Saturday night is now my line in the sand.

Could someone please tell me why our offense cannot score on one of the bottom 3 teams in the nation?!?! Can someone explain to me why the defense looked lackluster and carefree when giving up 14 points in the first half to a team who had only scored 13 points in the previous 4 games?!?! How about telling me how we get outrushed by Duke?!?! I am tired of it. Saturday night made me nausious. I am sick of the excuses. We just need to gel. Next year is when we will be really good. Blah Blah Blah. This is it Mike, from a lifetime Alabama to you, Ole Miss is your last shot with me. Finally prove it that we can kick the ass of a team that should never even have a shot at staying in the game. If you can't do it, then it might be time to start looking for new OC's to handle the play calling.

So here is my last straw - I am going to blame myself, and say I am the problem. Here is why. I am throwing out my Freshman year. Dressed in coat and ties, doing nothing but running bourbon infused pepsi products and hot dogs for 4 quarters did not allow me to be a fan. Also Shula did not get on the scene my sophomore year. So Junior season and Senior season a combined record of 10-15, 0-2 against Auburn. I only attended one game inside a stadium last year, and that was in Oxford, MS where a last minute FG salvaged some huge embarrassment, especially to a Memphis resident. The only dominant performance I witnessed at Bryant Denny by Shula and Co. was the drumming of Western Carolina where Croyle was injured. I was a student when Hawaii beat us. I was there when Northern Illinois came in and won. I was in the stands for the La Tech debacle. I sat as a student his past week (laugh it up, but she is good looking) I walked in late and left and the end of the 3rd. This meaning that I missed the FG before I came in and missed the 14 points in the fourth. While I was in the stadium Duke actually scored 14 points and Alabama scored 13.

So this is it Shula, I will blame it all on me. This weekend for the first time since my arrival to the Capstone in 2001, I will sit as an alumni. I am breaking my habit of returning as a student guest(and being able to sit with the previous mentioned good-looking one). So I expect you to break your habit of lackluster performances against shitty teams.

Auburn just got outplayed and outcoached. It was ugly from the start. If you do not fix the lack of offense and inability to stop the run, this season might turn out horribly for the once #2 team in the nation. This however won't be your first fall from grace. My suggestion would be to put a muzzle on your coach during the week. Everytime he starts to pop off, he forgets to actually make a game plan. The fact it happened at home has got to be scary.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingColonel and the rest of the delusional Ole Miss crowd, just because I am somewhat angry at the Tide does not mean I don't have full belief that we can turn it on next weekend and give you the ass-kicking you all have grown so fond of in Bryant-Denny. I hate you are heading to N'awlins instead of Tuscaloosa. I was prepared to show you what college football is really all about.

Lola, how many points do you think Clemson can rack up against the 3A high school squad from Temple??

Off to QB1 at Sleep Outs. I am undefeated this season in the play-calling game. I don't know if thats because I am good or my competition. Other than the Colonel giving the occasional run for the money I would say we play not-so-stellar competition.

Good Tuesday to all. Everyday is one day closer to the weekend.

Here's to all shapes and sizes boys.



King of Tigerland said...

Coach O has some serious rebel least the under hit last night.

Auburn by 1.5???

Alabama by 14.5 & Georgia by 13.5 over Vandy.....Commies cover!!

Daddy said...

I dont know if yall have heard about Jeremy Johnson or not. He has been dating this girl named Laura Meadors (Shakes I think you have met her), she and Haley Penney and Jana are freinds. Jeremy and his dad have a plane and Jeremy flies often. Jeremy flew to auburn this weekend from tennessee for the game. Laura dropped him off at the airport yesterday morning at 7;00 and he was supposed to call her around 9:00 when he landed. Well he never did. No one has heard from him since. They have search parties out looking for him but as of late last night, they have found nothing. The last track on his cell phone showed him around Tallapoosa, but they can not get a track on it anymore. It is supposed to be on MSNBC today.

Laura was visiting Haley on Friday night were we were staying the weekend. Jeremy came by to see her. He told us that his alternator went out on his plane, but that it wasnt a big deal except that he wouldnt be able to use his radio on the way back.

tigernation said...

Commies don't cover. UGA puts up about 35 while the d stuffs the commies. UGA fans and the AJC scream that they are back!!!

I will not comment on the AU line other than saying I have no idea why Vegas would do that. Usually they set the line one way so the public willb et the other way so I son't know why they would want the public to bet on UF when they will probably win and cover. Unless they know something we don't!!

tigernation said...

Wow daddy!! We saw them at the LSU game but that was the first time I had seen him in about 2 years. I hope he is ok

Daddy said...

Short story above.

Cousin Larry said...

Damn daddy, that is messed up...I haven't seen J.J. since he left Auburn, but that is still disheartening. I pray that everything is okay, but who really knows.

shakeyour$maker said...

I talked to Haley last night about JJ. She was a mess. She told me that they lost his t-mobile connection in the Talledega National Forrest. If that is the case, there is no telling where he may be. He is a tough guy...and out-doorsy, so I`m sure he is ok.

Dr.-- I don`t blame you for drawing a line with Shula. The team does not seem to be improving...which is all coaching. If they don`t destroy Ole Miss...I`m sure there will be an outpour of boos.

Vegas is insane if they have Auburn favored. Did they not notice that we got beat at home by Arky by 17 points? Insane!

Colonel R said...

feelgood - i see that you photoshopped a pic of your lower half to o's upper half, awesome. you are probably gonna want to stay with the uncle next week because when we "upset" you guys you will NEVER hear the end of it.

tigernation said...

Any new word on JJ daddy?

THe line really doesn't make sense Shakes. I think it's what they call a sucker bet!! It will probably shift to UF - 3 or more. But why would they want people to bet on UF? Do they not think that they will win or at least cover the 2.5? Anybody with a brain will jump all over that bet right now.

Daddy said...

Jana talked to haley over lunch and she said they still havnt found him, or any trace of him. Shakes is right, if he went down in the Talledega national Forest then he will be hard to find. But when you get your pilots license they train you for these situations, so there is a good chance that he was able to land safely.

tigernation said...

Ok I have decided what I will do. I have not bet this year on a single game, college or pro despite how well I did last year. Just haven't felt like it.

Well, I keep thinking about the line in the AU game and I have come to the conclusion that if AU remains the favorite until thursday I will put 200 bucks on UF.

I know this is bad karma and might jinx my tigers but I can't pass it up.

If we win and I lose money then no big deal, we won. If we lose then I can buy comething cool with the money that AU won for me. Either way I win!!!

Bad Idea???

tigernation said...


Daddy said...

I am very superstitious. So I would say be wary of the evil eye. However it is prolly a good bet.

Daddy said...

Where is Lola?

tigernation said...

Yeah, being an old NAIA baseball player I am really big on the superstitions but I don't know if I can pass this up.

I'm sure the line will move and I will decide not to bet but right now I am strongly considering it.

I also have to change my gameday attire this week. Since I wore the same thing every week this year and we have gotten worse every week I guess I should change. Although the Puma's will still be on my feets!

tigernation said...

Dr - what is "QB1 at Sleep Outs"? Is this some geeky game at a place like Aladdin's Castle in the mall? Or is it at a sprts bar? If it's a bar then you are forgiven....a game room and we will have to talk. Do you play the 'NSYNC dancing game too? HAaaaaa just kidding I'm sure it's fun.

King of Tigerland said...

run left, run right....pass left, pass right....almost as dorky as trivia which fits right up the Dr.'s ally

Heaven bless, JJ. Any new word?

King of Tigerland said...

In his off time the Dr. also plays dungeons and dragons....a Bama TTKA tradition