Sunday, April 30, 2006

Draft Day

Bush #2, Leinart #10. What has happened to USC? Where there is smoke, there is fire. The NCAA, Pac 10 and USC are investigating the Leinart/Jarrett living situation with Bob Leinart footing 2/3rds of the $3800 plus rent as Matt and Dwayne split $1300. The cost of living in LA is incredible. Leinart's fall to Arizona might prove to be a blessing for him. Nice weather, lots of weapons and a straight shot to Vegas.

Bush's parents seem to have gotten him into some hot water. He could have been the #1 pick if he had agreed to an 8% increase over Alex Smith's deal the year before. Now New Orleans will have the best backfield tandem in football. Character issues plagued Justice and Lendale.

How involved is Pete Carroll in the alleged violations?

How far the once mighty Trojans have fallen.

Miami, Florida State and Ohio State all put quality defensive players into the league again.

Texans go D with Freak Mario and Demeco. I like New England's picks of Lawrence Maroney and Chad Jackson.

PJ had a big day as he was drafted by the Ravens in the 4th round.

Brodie to the Chiefs. Devin to the Dolphins and Predator to the Panthers.

Good SEC draft with Bama also drafting Anderson, Peprah, Harper, LSU, Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina all had several prospects go as well.


Braves almost get swepted. Maybe Sunday was a breakout game.

Talladega rained out. Bummer. I hate Monday races but I would love to call in sick just to watch.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Big Business of College Athletics

Apologies, as the internet has been out at the Wilber household since Sunday. I don't even think I got my Fantasy NASCAR picks in. Lots to catch up with. I trust all is well in the congregation. We are almost to the weekend. So close. So close.

I found a great article on Tigerland/ The Indy paper found the financials for college football. Auburn has the highest paid coaching staff followed by Texas, Tennessee, Texas A&M & LSU. Bama is 21st. Check it out.

Georgia has the best margins making over $23 million from the football program. Interesting revenue and cost figures. T?

Thoughts and suggestions about paying collegiate players with a portion of the massive revenue. Reggie Bush posed pay for production before saying a flat rate for everyone might be best( frontpage).

Kris cheated. Now will she sleep with the team? She lives about 10 minutes away in a mansion.

Police blotter: Former DFF starlet and $hakes Birthday girl Mae Anderson arrested and shipped back to the Netherlands for not being able to handle her liquor on an international flight. [DFF 4.6.6 post]

Gentlemen, a good day to ya.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Greatest that we have ever seen........

Interesting tidbits are scattered all over cyberworld. Little facts that reveal the truth of history. One truth is that SEC fans are the best in the land. 7 of the top 16 team leaders in attendace were from the SEC. Anyone else have anything close? I wonder who they are? Why don't you tell us about that great SEC attendance, Anna?

2 Tennessee
5 Georgia
8 Florida
10 Auburn
14 Alabama
16 South Carolina

The polls from 1869 to 1935 the polls are retroactive in picking National Champions. The AP reigned from 1936-1949 and since 1950 everybody and their mother have been picking NC's. Only 3 Bama NC's are consensus?

There have been several "Greatest Team Ever" to play through the years. Can you actually compare the Nebraska and Oklahoma's of the 70's against the FSU's of the 90's or even the Notre Dame's of the 1940's. Has technology, coaching and conditioning really changed that much? 2 out of 3 maybe.

The technological advancement of healthcare has vastly improved recovery time and effectiveness. My first ACL scar is almost two inches long on my right knee and the scar from the second surgery 3 years later is less than an inch. Conditioning has increased the speed of the game every year. I believe the greatest coaches back then could have been successful today because the best ones always adapt.

Well since I made you read that, who is the best ever? I will leave that completely open but I'll tell who the best in my lifetime is. *they must be undefeated*

Best Teams in the SEC from 1980 til now..........Georgia 80, Alabama 92, Auburn 2004

Imagine the swarming Crimson D of 92 againts the monster Auburn offense of 2004. Auburn would have won since the Tiger D would have shut down Barker, Lassic & Co. Chizek & Borges made all the difference in the world. Imagine Bama or AU's defense against Herchel & Buck.

2004 Tigers 23
1992 Cheatin' Tide 13

1980 Dawgs 20
1992 Cheatin' Tide 24

2004 Tigers 34
1980 Dawgs 13 (Jr would do it again)

Greatest teams of all include the above plus Florida State of 1999, Nebraska of 94-95, and Miami of 2001. Nebraska was the most physically imposing team I have ever seen and Peter Warrick was unreal in 1999.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Case of the Mondays........Moving on now

Thank heavens the worst day of the week is over. It is all smooth sailing from here on out. The first AC I felt all day was when I got home at 6p. Sweltering office. Got turquoise paint all over me. I hate Mondays. This picture kinda sums up my day. Enough of that. Speaking of sailing, wouldn't the Caribean be nice right now? Frozen drinks and senoritas.

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has agreed in principle to purchase clothing manufacturer Russell Corp. for about $600 million. The offer is $18 a share, a 35% premium over the Russell closing price of $13.30. Cheers to an Alabama company for their success. Congratulations to the family as well. Outfitted Auburn, Alabama, and MLB for years. Russell Land, Russell Marine, and owning Lake Martin. We all know people who work for Russell. I wonder if Russell Land was included and if Rooney's new boss is Warren? Not bad. Berkshire Hathaway A class shares closed at $83,600 and B class shares closed at $2,868 Monday.

Any thoughts?

Two Duke indictments. 1oo% sure of two people and 90% sure of the 3rd. It will be a spectacle. Somewhere Johnny Cochran is smiling.

POW....The Cowgirls of FSU....close enough......and a reminder of a great season to come. What are the odds of an SEC National Champ? 6:1? ACC...8:1? Who knows?

Braves lose a close one Pedro and the Mets. Two more games with Davies vs. Zambrano and Hudson vs. Glavine facing off. Do the Braves have enough to keep up with the Mets this year? Will the Mets crash and burn? Any thoughts?

The legend and legacy of BTB only grows.

By the way, wonder how 'ol Tucker is doing through the craziness? Beau seems to be living in the lap of luxory.

Ladies and gentlemen, have a good Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Midweek Update

Interesting week so far.

Logan Young found dead. Grusome. Interesting to see what comes out of Memphis. I wonder if Bama is left in his will and they don't know about it? Covering up for Paul Jr.? What is there left to cover up if there is a cover up? Better news of Memphrica, Calipari is staying...for now.

Nation, please enjoy your first Pornstar O' the week in Brianna Banks.

Open Wednesday, may the conversation lead where it may.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Weekend Wrapup

I hope all had a pleasant weekend and avoided the storms.

Kasey Kahne wins in Texas. The Roaring Wilberos have taken a slim lead over Team Bear and $hakes in Fantasy NASCAR.

Phil won the Masters...again. Who ever thought you could have said that. Congratulations to him on another green jacket. A southern tradition.

Braves lost more games and lost Chipper. Not much pitching when Hudson is giving up 6 and must be kept in the game to get to the bullpen.

Montgomery Advertiser article put several state sports journalists to task about the 2006 outlook of the Tide and Tigers. "Chance to be special" and "SEC West Favorites" were used to describe Auburn chances if the recievers and line replaced key losses. How will the Auburn D react to a new DC is exactly the same as how good will JPW be for the Tide? Probably good. More offensive production for the Tide but holes on D. But will the Tide really go 8-4 as the panel of Finebaum, Ingram, Jackson and co. see happening?

May I ask please that if Alabama is graduating a 2nd round draft choice at quarterback then what is the real offensive problem?

The blog is an open slate. Have at it.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Weekend Warriors

Ahh. Summer is near. Baseball has started. We are in the middle of the Masters. Racing is in full swing. Vijay has the lead, but will he keep it thru til Sunday? Tigger is 5 back. Who wins in Texas?

May wishes Happy Birthday to $hakes. Enjoy the beach.

Q: Since we have been talking about the SECCG this week. Who wins the SEC Championship Game in 2006 and how?

KT: A: AUBURN TIGERS over Florida Gators in a rematch of a slim Tiger win!!!

I have selected my drivers for this weekend. anyone else?

Braves at .500 after 4 games and taking a 3 game set in LA.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Arms Flying Everywhere

Florida capped a great run with a dominating performance. It seams as if they can reach across the court. Joakim Noah is the real deal. He can block, take the ball away, and then take it down the court.

Congratulations to Nigel go out as the "Two Time Defending World Champion of the Daily Football Fix March Madness Pool".

Did anyone else see #11 Green's dance in the final seconds? Unreal.

Speaking of, Barry Bond booed on Opening Day in San Diego. He will forever be an *asterik*. Fan thows a syringe in front of him. Walking human growth hormone.

Female Democrat...Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney may face charges for striking a Capital policeman. Her excuse....."he should have recognized me". It is not like he asked her to stop 3 times or anything.

Braves win wild opener. Score 11 runs but give up 17 hits and commit 3 errors. Should be an interesting season.

Nice to know Cheati-sun is doing well. Might have to invite him over.

Ladies, please enjoy.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Championship Game

Florida vs. UCLA

Tonight is the finale of a grand old tourney. Upsets and surprises abounded this year. Florida favored by 1.5 with and o/u of 127.5. Hoping for Florida and the over. Any other picks?

Caution plagued race around the giant paperclip that is Martinsville, 20 pulls it out. It was good background for a nap after a fun night. Going to Texas next week.

We had to bring her back since its the first of the month.

Ladies and gentlemen, have good week.