Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Frank Broyles-Dallas Alumni Comments

We knew he was losing it when he wouldn't allow the Hogs to play on PPV against Auburn last year...now we know he has lost all sense and control.
Enrique Davis

Monday, January 29, 2007

Another Week....

Another terribly disappointing showing from the pre season top ten Crimson Tide. Seriously, how were they ranked this high?? Auburn put on a valiant effort, but the top-ranked Gators proved too much, bringing the Tigers overall record against #1 teams in basketball to 1-7. Since you all called it the "deer in headlights" look from Shula, what is Gottfried's stare going to be called?? Check out this face as his team is getting pummeled again by a conference rival.
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Looking forwarded to you all making the trip up to the river city this weekend. Excitement will be abound. Its Monday, thats all I've got. More to come while King takes his moving break.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

AU recieves ODK trophy, again!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Noel Devine

"Wat yu know bout them Miami boyz?"
Joe McKnight
Paris Hilton

I couldn't think of anything to write about so I posted Paris.
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton wishing Nation a Happy Birthday

Paris recieved 36 months probabtion for her no contest plea to DUI.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Flea Market Montgomery - Long Version

Wait til the Duane Rome version.
2000 Sugar Bowl
Seminole Rap

Almost as bad as the rap that came from the U.
Nick Saban

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Flip Flop & our Nation's Birthday

Whoooooooaaa!!!!! Did not see this coming, but Mike Shula is apparently one of the five finalist for the Miami Dolphins head coach position. Do you really think he would be better fitted for the pro game? After being fired from Alabama for lack, well for lack of a better word, balls, Shula apparently is in the running for a head coaching job in the NFL? Tradition tarnished by recent failures, a delusional fan base & an administration willing to pay top dollar...sounds like the job he just was fired from.

Another Whooooooaa!!! Mitch Mustain granted his release from Arkansas after Gus Malzon(sp?) leaves for Tulsa. This is evidence that a package deal rarely works out and raises serious questions about the near future in Fayetteville.

The biggest Whoooooaaa!!!! A happy birthday to Duane Rome as he celebrates another birthday.

Ladies, I am out!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dwight...Simply the Best

My heart is on fire.


The best talent has left the building. Today was the day that the underclassmen declared for the NFL Draft.

Jamarcus Russell
Ted Ginn
Antonio Pitman
Colt Brennan
Adrian Peterson
Michael Bush
Chris Houston
Eric Wright
Dwane Jarret
Reggie Nelson
Sydney Rice
& many other notables.

I was not expecting Colt to go, he would have broken every record around if he stayed.

How evident will the talent drain be at Ohio State & LSU? Did Glenn Dorsey go?

*Alabama media is frenzied over Satan taking Alabama's "#1 rated recruit". Why? He did not even start on his own team and his own coach said the player in front of him was the best defensive lineman he had ever seen in high school, that was Josh Chapman, an Auburn commit and they only defensive player who made an impact for Hoover in their failed title defense against Prattville.

*Why in the world has Cairo not joined the DFF? There is the Dr.'s diversity right there.

Big day tomorrow so wish me luck, phone interview with the commercial real estate firm I would gnaw off my arm to work for.

Wilbur Churchill

Friday, January 12, 2007

Barry Bonds 1st game getting boo'd

in San Diego
Juice Monkey starring Barry Bonds

Nation would have taken it like a man and not blamed a teammate!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


"I went out and got drunk with my lazer tag team last night."

Wilbur's Preseason Top 25

1. USC...I will go with the Trojans here over LSU simply bc of Jimbo's departure. 2. LSU...scary talent but QB & OC are huge holes to fill.
3. Florida...if Tebow can pass at all they could be in the big one.

4. West Virginia...Last time Daphne Pat & Steve "no heart" Slaton together

5. Virginia Tech...should be the class of the ACC with D & Beamer Ball

6. Texas...Colt & a ton of talent. Maybe able to take advantage of a new OU QB.

7. Wisconsin...really the best team in the Big 10 in 2006 must replace a QB but have stud RB

8. Arkansas...#5, if Nutt can replace a roadgrader of an o-line, #5 is the new Heisman.

9. Louisville...already dropped since Bush left, will Brohm stay with a new coach?
10. Michigan...Henne & Hart & must replace NFL departures on D
11. Ohio State...can they recover mentally from the desert?
12. Georgia...if they can block, Stafford will throw...all day long.

13. Auburn...if Cox is still QB, it means a few playmakers stepped up and D will be better.

14. Florida State...Defense is loaded with young killers, can Jimbo save the O?

15. Hawaii...Colt can throw on anyone...records go down in 2007

16. Alabama...good QB, upgrade in running backs with 10, will be better but how much?

17. Nebraska...Zona St transfer Keller and Black Shirts bein' back are huge.

18. Boise St...Z gone but Johnson returns married & they have Coach Peterson

19. South Ca
rolina...lets see how much improvement this year without Sydney. 20. Texas A&M...is this Fran's tipping season? The Texas win saved his job.
21. Tennessee...What will UT do on the road in T-town & G-ville?
22. South Florida...might be ready to contend with the Big 3 in FLA.

23. Wake Forest...Returning mucho although the ACC should be better.

24. Miami...see above, ACC should be much better.
25. Kentucky...Fast Break on Grass may be back.

Others...Houston, Georg
ia Tech, Oklahoma, Clemson, Oklahoma St. Oregon St., Cal, Ole Miss, Illinois, Penn State, Rutgers, North Carolina & Iowa & Iowa State

Any questions?

Does anyone have any questions as to who the best team in the land is and which conference they came from? Anybody? Last call, anyone? Alrighty, its settled.

A better game would have been Boise vs Florida.

Florida blew the doors of #1 Heisman quarterbacked Ohio State. The Gator Defense displayed a text book whippin' that made Brandon Cox & JPW more successfull than Troy Smith. One touchdown is all they could muster. The Buckeye defense had never seen anything like the masterful web of runs and crosses.

I love what Urban did to the Big 10, ESPN & the national media. If they did not already believe the SEC was the superconference that all other conference b@tches should bow to, they should after tonight. 41-14, the same drilling that LSU gave to the beloved Irish...apologies, young sister, ND is a step above the service academies & a rung below Conference USA. The two SEC BCS teams drilled media darlings and I absolutely love it.

Yes, Dr., covering like a champ is a good way to finish the season and welcome in 2007. And all fans of Florida schools wear some type of inappropriate denim.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Florida regular season 06 highlight video
Drunk Bama Fan Kissing Coach Saban

10 Things That Have My Attention in the New Year

It is a new year, and and my attention is peaked on a few things. From the NC game to my actual job, the following things are one my mind, a week into the new year.

1. I hate to over post the King's National Championship post, but.... mark it down, Florida covers the 8 point line. I'm not guaranteeing a win, although I think Florida will win, but for gambler sake, take the Gators. Urban will be ready. Reggie Nelson and the Florida "D" will be better than ESPN and the National Media think, Florida covers.
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2. Auburn's reaction to Nick Saban's hire. - Its unbelievable the reaction from the Barners. I have received congrats from the Ole Miss, Miss State, UT and etc. fans since the hire. Please visit finebaum.com for a great article that basically sums up my thoughts. All of you on this blog have not personally made these comments, although I think King's desperation and Nation's savior talk are ridiculous. Anyone from the Barner fan base who questions Saban's loyalty is absurd. How quickly the Barner Nation forgot what their beloved "liar" Tuberville said before taking the job on the Plains. Pine Box?? He also promised a National Championship and Jason Campbell a Heisman trophy?? Yet, Nick Saban isn't to be trusted, right. Please post that Tuberville is 3-2 against Saban, because that means so much. Saban won it all. Tuberville, still promising. Bottom line to every college football fan, even better, SEC fans, this is a great hire. Please predict the future for me, because Barners truly know what is happening next.
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3. The Notre Dame Jerkoff - Its been 9 years since the beloved Irish won a bowl game. After ESPN and all other terrible Yankee driven media sites predicted Notre Dame vying for a national title, they were ridiculed again in a BCS bowl. What is it going to take before this ends??? Notre Dame and Brady Quinn are terribly overrated. Even Oregon State beat a top ten team. Suck it Notre Dame. Rutgers, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and even, get this, Auburn deserved this game more than you. Its pathetic, and if Brady Quinn still gets taken #1 in the NFL draft, I will personally quit watching pro football. A personal thanks to collegefootballnews.com who ranked Notre Dame #18 preseason, which in my opinion is still overrated at seasons end.

*Note to the the above post. I have never seen such whining in a football game. Face it Notre Dame and join a conference. Quit leaving out the actual teams who deserve to go.

4. Giants D - I know you covered and helped take me to a whole new level in Sundays gambling game, but seriously, injuries or not, I will say it now: You single handed gave no shot in finishing first in my fantasy football league. I took you second among defenses, and you make millions, and made me lose a small sum of money.

5. Marriage - Shakes is tying the knot in march. Daddy has tied it. Redoak4life is now tied. I got word this week Tankersley, the college roommate, is engaged. I am headed towards the "fake" uncle.
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6. Kobe Bryant - This may shock as a point that needs my attention, but in my gambling addiction, I won all games today.... EXCEPT the Mavs @ Lakers. Although I am way ahead (personl jab), the way Kobe drew a couple of miserable foul calls down the stretch made me laugh.. You are no MJ, never will be. Michael Jordan still stands as the greatest player ever.
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7. Strip clubs- I can't go anymore. I fell in love again this weekend. Easterling, "Restless Legs" caused the random trip, and I came home paying for a fatherless child's rent......Again. No more, except in Feb., and I have her number.

8. Daily Football Fix - I know I have had a lack of posting. King gave me the keys to the castle, and I have failed to hold my end of the bargain. But after the great numbers in October, I started spreading the word. After season's end, all have quit checking due to the dominance of Auburn posts. All I ask is can we turn this back into a football forum, not jut an Auburn site. I will be around regardless, but if we want to take numbers to a new level, a slowdown of Auburn posts is needed.

9. Pro Coaching Carousel - Bill Cowher out. Petrino in?? Art Shell fired again. Is Coughlin gone?? Parcells?? Cardinals opening?? I can't help but wonder how this affects the football scene next year, college and pro. Keep your eye out.
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10. Real Estate Job market - We had a company meeting on Monday the 2nd. Changes are in store if things stay as slow as they have been in the past months. Apparently nobody is safe. King with a big move, others thinking changes. Come summertime, we all could be in new positions. We are young enough, and smart enough, this shouldn't affect anyone to seriously. Its going to be an exciting 2007.
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I look forward to the next year. I can't wait until the majority of you step foot in Memphis for an all important weekend. I have said it before and I will say it again, as an Alabama fan, I am glad the season is over.

To a new year, to a better year.

Carl Montgomery

Sunday, January 07, 2007

National Championship Game...The Grand Finale

And now the end is near,
and so I face the final curtian.
My friend, Ill say it clear
Ill state my case of which Im certain
Ive lived a life, a life thats full
I've travelled each and every highway
And more, much more than this
I did it my way.

-Frank Sinatra

And they both did it their way, Florida and Ohio State. The Gators did enough to get by and the Buckeyes dominated a weaker slate. Speed vs. Speed Can the Gator D match Ginn & Gonzalez on the outside and Heisman & the O running game? Can they move the ball on offense?

What will Leak do late to lose it for UF?

Laurenitis vs. Tebow...who gets knocked out?

SEC talent all leaves early, Jamarcusrussellcumbum, Meachem, Arky Anderson & Spurrier's Sydney.

Petrino spreads his wings to become Falcons coach in Atlanta. I am looking forward to see his aggressive playcalling matched with Mike Vick.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Miami Dolphins take on the Hurricanes

Nick Saban coming up University Blvd
Saban Lands in Tuscaloosa

Crimson Forked Tongue

Nick Saban has descended to the Dark Side. As he promised Miami, his player & the world that he was committed to the Dolphins, his agent, Jimmy Sexton plotted his trip north. Mike Shula was a good friend and he was disapointed Bama let him go? Chastising the media? The villian of Miami he has become. The most reviled man in South Florida.

On the other hand, how much job security did Saban really have in the NFL? More than most, as Wayne Huizenga gave him complete control. That doesn't mean he would not be fired after another losing campaign next year.

In summation, I believe that my new found dislike for Nick Saban does not come from his blatant beytrayal of the Miami Dolphins, but more because he is now on the sidelines of Tuscaloosa.

Saban vs. Tubs after Thanksgiving...CTT earns his paycheck here.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Boise St. vs Oklahoma - Fiesta Bowl 2007
2007 Cotton Bowl Highlights

At least Pat Summerall is not calling the highlights.

Double Talkin' Jive

"Double talkin' jive gets the money motherf#$@er cuz I got no mo' patience."-Axl Rose

Nick "Double Talkin' Jive" Saban has returned to the game. Mal got his man and cemented his legacy at Alabama. After weeks of denial and the wear down of the brutal NFL, Nick Saban is returning to the SEC. Instantly, Bama gets better TV slots and more ESPN primetime. Not to mention a little more credibility. Will Saban win a NC? Maybe, but it won't be with any of the current players on campus. An SEC Crown, maybe in a few years.

Now lets see how good a coach Tommy Tubs really is!!!!!!

Auburn season wrapup later in the week. Internet is back at the Wilbur Casa.