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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Flippy Floppy Tubs, Lola Bowl & the BCS

Make up your damn mind, Tubs. Get back on the recruiting trail and off the banquet circuit. Get back to your job!!! Ok, ladies, Tubs has finally pushed me tht edge. He needs to either swim or cut bait and get another job. Just because Bama was desperate enough to give Lil' Nicky no buyout, doesn't mean Auburn has to. Just because Bama was deperate enough to pay Lil' Nicky $4 mil, doesn't mean Auburn has to. I find it so outrageous that Tubs is trying to negotiate after a 4 loss season where his offensce was in the botton fourth of D1 schools.

If Tubs leaves, then Auburn should take the buyout and go buyout someone good. Tubs is dragging down the program and recruiting right now by dragging his feet. Win the games you are suppose to (ie: South Florida & Miss. State) and we would gladly hand you the keys to the bank.....til are still an underachiever.....coaches who make over $3 mil should have their teams playing in January no matter how much reloading or how many young guys you play.

Peach Bowl--------the Lola Bowl.........ahhh, we now have the matchup for the ages. Auburn vs. Clemson in the Peach Bowl. Two gorgeous campus', two gorgeous female student bodies, Lake Hartwell vs. Lake Martin, the best uniforms in college sports vs. potentially all purple, Tommy vs. Tommy, ahhh the Bowdens still hate Auburn.

BCS=BS..............perfect scenario to necessiate a 4 team playoff after the season. Now is time to expand the BCS to 4 teams and not just two.

Better yet, after this season of ratings for Notre Dame, they will not command the same TV contract as they used to. Hopefully this brings ND into the Big 10/11 and thus another conference game. Same with the Big East and Pac 10.

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