Friday, August 31, 2007

Southern Dozen

The Top 12 Teams in the South
"Let it begin." - Sabior

1. LSU

2. Virginia Tech

3. Florida

4. Texas

5. Auburn

6. Georgia

7. Tennessee

8. Louisville

9. West Virginia

10. Florida State

11. TCU

12. Georgia Tech

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's that time of year again.....Wilbur Picks

RV's are already on campus. That aroma of football mixed with grilled meats and beer permeates the air. College campus' around the country are brimming with excitement. To inagurate our 4th season on the web, Wilbur Picks and the Southern Dozen, a list of the 12 best teams in the South will arrive tomorrow.

First round of Wilbur Picks, and yes we aim to best last year's atrocious mark thanks to Jessica's return to the DFF.


LSU @ Mississippi State...LSU 35-13....Bengal Tigers roll over Sly Croom & Co. The speed and power of the defense prove to be to much for the Bulldogs as they hold yet another foe to under 100 yards rushing. Matt Flynn & the offense race to an early two touchdown lead and don't look back. Early Doucet scores two touchdowns. LSU covers 18 like a champ 45-12.

Washington @ Syracuse...Washington is in their pivotal rebuilding year under Ty Willingham. Syracuse is still at the botton of the Big East barrell. The Carrier Dome will not be a fun place to be Friday night as Washington walks out with a W. Huskies 23 Orangemen 13....UDub covers 3 with relative ease.


Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame...who is gonna play QB for the Irish?? We won't know til game time however it won't matter to much with a stingy Jacket D that will swarm any Irish attempt. The Tech offense should be much improved as well and Tashard Choice will run all over a slow Domer D. I will take the Yella Stingers all day at plus 2....Tech 27 Domers 17

Oklahoma State @ Georgia...can the Bulldog D stop the potent Cowboy O? That is the question as Fat Matt Stafford & Co. should hang at least 4 TD's on a defense that ranked low yardage allowed but ranked high on big game changing plays. If the UGA runners can get past the line of scrimmage they may run all day long. Okie in the upset covering backdoor 6.5....OSU 30 UGA 28

Kansas State @ Auburn...which Auburn Tiger team is gonna show up? Can Lee Ziemba contain the All Big 12 selection across his face at D-end? Brandon Cox throws for 200 yards and a pair of touches to his new recievers and the Auburn D shuts down K-State's QB (who did not pass his physical until well into August). Groves has two sacks and Blackmon takes one head for his keeping. Tigers roll and cover 14 with ease. Auburn 38 Kansas State 9


The annual ACC Labor Day Classic of Miami-FSU has evolved into the Bowden Bowl. Can Tommy stay off the hot seat? Not without winning an ACC crown. Can FSU's D hold Spiller/James, the best RB duo in the country outside of Arkansas? Will the Seminole offense explode for points as promised? A great matchup to wind up a great weekend. FSU covers 3.5...barely.....Noles 24 Tigers 20.

Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to another season of college football on the Daily Football Fix. It should be a season to remember.

All the Best and War Damn Eagle,

Wilbur Patton Churchill

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday FYI

-Bad news for two Iron Bowl QB's, Brodie "Stickman" Croyle has lost the starting job in Kansas City and Jason Campbell will miss the season due to a torn ACL.

-Saban suspends DJ Hall & Prince Hall for the season opener. I am interested to see how Rolando McClain fills the void in the middle of Bama's D.

-Auburn depth charts out....Two freshmen will start on the right side of the line.

Tuscaloosa OKs bar closing time of 3 a.m. Friday, Saturday
8/29/2007, 11:38 a.m. CDT
The Associated Press

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — The Tuscaloosa City Council voted 4-3 to impose a 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday closing time for businesses that serve alcohol, a move aimed largely at providing a safer environment on The Strip.

On Thursday night, bars now close at 2 a.m. Friday, and they aren't required to close at all on Friday night/Saturday morning. Councilman Lee Garrison urged the council Tuesday night to support the University Strip Area Advisory Committee's recommendation to close at 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

"I think we ought to give the committee's recommendation a chance," Garrison said. "If it doesn't work out, we can come back and look at it later."

Mayor Walt Maddox, who opposed extending the Thursday night closing time by an hour, said he is considering vetoing the council's action. It would take five council members to overturn a veto.

Police and university officials say the lack of a closing time on Saturday morning has created a crime problem. But neighborhood residents and some city officials were concerned that closing the bars too early would move late-night partying into residential areas.

Just like Atlanta's bar wonder this college town has a coke problem.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Ok, so this Borie lady is a teacher at Hoover High....and an ex-Bama cheerleader. Well she was told by coach Rush Probst to take a "special interest" in Kerry Murphy, bama signee, when he was a freshman. Well that doesn't seem like that big of a deal...except, she is accused of pressuring a fellow teacher earlier this year to change his grades to make him eligible to play in college. Well, with her being an ex-cheerleader she is known to the NCAA as a "booster" of the program. Since Murphy was a bama signee, and her a booster, then would it seem that she would be aiding in the illegal admission of a player to the program? I don't know, but i would be interested in what the NCAA has to say.

Not to mention the request made by bama for Hoover to send a "better transcript" for signee Josh Chapman, to make him eligible to play at the Crapstain.

Just a little pot-stirring for the last friday before football season.......

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Alabama Police Blotter...NOT GUILTY, sure!!

Bama's football team cannot keep themselves out of trouble right now.

2 Bama players enter not guilty pleas
Posted by Gentry Estes, Sports Reporter August 22, 2007 10:25 AM
Categories: Sports, breaking news

TUSCALOOSA - Not guilty pleas were entered on behalf of Alabama football players Brandon Fanney and Roy Upchurch this morning in Tuscaloosa District Court.
Fanney, a sophomore linebacker, and Upchurch, a sophomore running back, did not attend the hearing and were represented by attorney Jason Neff. Each player faces charges of disorderly conduct due to a July 14 disturbance outside a bar on the area of University Boulevard known as "The Strip."

Sophomore defensive end Brandon Deaderick, who was also arrested as a result of the incident, has applied for youthful offender status. Deaderick was charged with criminal mischief, resisting arrest and providing a false name.

Monday, August 20, 2007


What a punk!!! The Sabior is a joke. Handled internally?!?!?! Because it is your best defensive player and someone you personally coach?!?!?!?! What a joke!!!!!!

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) -- Alabama star cornerback Simeon Castille was arrested early Sunday on a disorderly conduct charge.
Castille was one of the top defensive backs in the Southeastern Conference last season. He led Alabama with five interceptions and three recovered fumbles.
Tuscaloosa police spokesman Capt. Greg Kosloff said Castille was arrested in an entertainment district near campus. He was taken to the Tuscaloosa County Jail and released after posting bond. Police declined to release details of the incident.
Through team spokesman Jeff Purinton, coach Nick Saban said he didn't have all the facts of the case on Sunday and would deal with the situation "internally."
Saban led his team through scrimmages Friday and Saturday before giving the team a day off Sunday. Alabama starts the season against Western Carolina on Sept. 1.
Castille is the fifth high-profile Crimson Tide athlete -- the fourth football player -- known to have been arrested in the past two months.
Brandon Deaderick, Brandon Fanney and Roy Upchurch were arrested for their role in a disturbance near campus on July 14. Fanney and Upchurch were charged with disorderly conduct and Deaderick was charged with criminal mischief, resisting arrest, and giving police a fake name.
Basketball player Yamene Coleman was arrested and charged with credit card fraud last month.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Ray and Andy....I am speechless

Leave it to my friends to make it on the TV at the Braves game. First Nation, Rob (wearing a giveaway Franceour t shirt that is several sizes to small with collar popped from the inside may I add) & Jacob wrestle for a bat after Jacob points out to the world where the bat hit him. Then, last night, Ray and Andy go the Braves game with blowup syringes and heckle the world from behind the dugout. Who would have thought that they would have made it on Yahoo Sports? Where in the world do you even get something like that????
Erin is so proud.
Do I really want to be in wilderness of North Carolina with these guys this weekend?????????
15 days......

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coach Mo

My offensive line coach from Bob Jones, Coach Mo Thigpen passed away from a heart attack at 42. I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever been screamed at like he used to scream at me. In demonstration, this 6'3'' 300 lb. man would knock me into briar patches by our practice field to simply prove a point to the rest of the line. My chemistry teacher, Mrs. Sullivan said to me one Monday after attending the game on Friday night, "I am friends with your mama but if you ever get in trouble I am going to Coach Mo and not her."
He was someone who knew exactly what we were doing on the weekends and even had beers with after we were out of school. For what it is worth, he did a great deal for me in a time where my parents marriage was in shambles, my father was non existent in my life and I could have very easily gotten myself into trouble. I was the smallest starter on the line at 193 pounds, he gave me a chance to prove myself and I appreciate that. May he rest in peace.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not Much Longer

Well, it looks like we are just under three weeks away from the start of college football once again. The blog is pretty slow these days and I really don't have anything good to say, but Kingdom asked me to put up a new post so here it is.

I figured I would just put up some of my pictures that I've saved on the computer over the last couple of years, rather than post some stupid preseason All-SEC team or a top 25. I'm one of those who sees those lists for what they are...nothing but hype to get us over the hump until kick off. So I'll let somebody else post their opinions. Ok here are some of my favorite old and new pics from across the world wide web..............

Notice the Bo Tucker Band Rocking, Les getting ready to put a wang in his mouth, Rosie in the morning, Rob-Heavy and Big D partying, Shula at his new job, a rapist, Tubs surfing, Brodie hiding, Dr. Feelgood's new lady friend, Optimus, the Sabior, Jimmy the Fag, UGAY, Brodie poo, Sabior and the Drunk Snake getting a high five in the background, the Hoff, AU d-line laughing at the bammers, words of wisdom on masturbation, and finally...kingdom and shakes outside the Haley Center at AU before a big test!!! Enjoy bitches........

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy 3rd Anniversary Daily Football Fix

Ladies and gentlemen,

We have come a long way. It has been a highly rewarding and comical last 3 years. We have now reached out 3rd Anniversary and year 4 is going to extremely interesting to see.
As the official, DFF mascot, Jess says, "Party all the time, wooooooo!!"

Open Day again on Thursday as Wilbur P. will be in meetings most of the day.