Thursday, July 27, 2006

Best Units in CFA

QB-Arizona State

Minor league football appears headed to the SEC, Big 10 and ACC. They will start stocking the teams after the draft and the players will be employed by the league and pull about 100k.

Harold Reynolds fired for sexual harassment.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

2006 Daily Football Fix Super 16 1st Edition

And from the starting gate..............

16) Virginia Tech
15) Georgia
14) Michigan
13) Clemson
12) Lousiville
11) Notre Dame
10) Miami
9) Florida State
8) Auburn
7) Oklahoma
6) USC
5) West Virginia
4) Florida
3) Texas
2) Ohio State
1) LSU

42 days........

Ladies, I am sure some disagree so let us know why.

Friday, July 21, 2006

44 days and counting................

I am ready for the weekend and I am sure the sentiment is shared.

So, will anything come of the Auburn Academic situation other than funny photoshop emails?
I doubt it because it seems like an academic political issue and not a football issue. They are called electives for a reason. Did the article fail to mention Cadillac was waiting on his bonus check while taking the courses and eligibility was already gone? Does this go on everywhere? Hell yes.

Braves finally lose. Not a bad west coast swing. Bob Wickman for a minor league catcher. Maybe a closer will make a difference. Not bad considering the Braves have the best, young catchers in their system.

Diddy, is it looking like Bham instead of West Texas?

Nation, how was the solo debut?

Georgia fans think Stafford is God. I have run into many Dawgs and they think their QB situation is great. Joe Cox might have something to say about it. Joe T is basically keeping the QB seat warm til someone steps up. They are worried about their D line depth. Defensive backfield? QB? Let us see if they make it past SC the 2nd week of the season.

How bout them Tigers.

DDF Top 25 will return next week.

Gentlemen, have a great weekend and drive safely. I'm gonna get drunk.

Monday, July 17, 2006

How the World Turns

Interesting weekend. It seems Bama has gotten creative again with Photoshop. I never claimed that Carnell was in the Honors College. We all knew that on draft day when he said Ronnie "won the war but not the battle". Clever email by the way. Find something better, though. This is unreal ridiculous. Wouldn't it be more interesting why both Ronnie and Carnell committed to UTK and then changed their mind to go to the Plains?

Kyle Busch takes Loudon. Tony drops from Top 10 after an early crash? Dr., who are your favorite drivers anyway?

Can the Braves make a comeback?

Bill Curry takes a job at Baylor in Chattanooga teaching leadership. After Auburn whipping him 3 times in a row and numerous underachieving stops, does he really know anything about leadership?? Tiffany begs to differ and we will let her.

Ladies, it is almost that time. Football season is almost upon us. Is anyone else ready for football(and fall weather)?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Head Butt Cup

World Cup Wrapup

I am a fan. Cool. Not bad. I enjoyed it. I lost much interest when Germany lost but it was still entertaining. Frenchmen headbutting and Iti's crying over every bump. Not bad for every four years. Amazing ball handling skill and angles used to attack. The Final reminded me of a 12 year old Georgia State Title game Nation aka "Georgia All Sports State Champ" dominated a few years ago.


Jeff Gordon wins Chicagoland. I hate Dupont. Jr. shows well.


They win a series and are hot again. John Thompson goes out, maybe for good.


Composite rankings are posted on Tigerland for all majore preseason mags. Auburn is 6th, Georgia 15th and Bama unranked.

Take it away!!!!!!!!!


Friday, July 07, 2006

Weekly Wrapup

Braves win a few. Franceourereur tells fans not to worry. Ok, fair enough, then quit swinging at everything! They give up 5 runs in the 9th and live to tell about it. Unreal.

Co-ed kickball season starts this weekend. Why not? Sounds more fun than getting new brakes and a haircut. The Explorer needs to give me just 5 more months and then it can get a break.

Found a new BBQ place, Pig & Chik, its where Governor Purdue likes to go as well.

Did some lines come out already? I heard at the bar last night that Tech was plus 7.5 against Notre Dame. Who was the last team to open the season minus 7.5 to Tech? Yeah, Auburn.

DVR'd the Auburn losses from last year(only ones playing so far). Made it through the 2nd quarter of Tech game before I got mad and turned off the TV. That game was winnable in the 2nd quarter but they kept throwing the damn ball and giving the ball to Shoulder Shake Trey. The Auburn D shut down LSU til the end of the game and Auburn was moving the ball the whole game long. Irons is incredible. Recievers dropped double digit passes starting the first drive. Unreal. Wisco is this weekend. I don't know if I will make it out of the first quarter...

Dr., Bama update?

Have a good weekend and rock Russell's face off! Later on!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Enjoy Wilberos Exhaust

The Roaring Wilberos are taking it down the backstetch in Fantasy NASCAR. Kasey Kahne, Junior and Tony have been constistent performers. $hakes, JJ is just not gonna win against the 2nd-5th place drivers in points. They will smoke you. Team Bear is in second followed by the Dr. as $hakes brings up the rear eating exhaust.

Tony takes another one at Daytona. Going into the cautin with 4 laps to go behind Boris Said you just knew Tony was gonna win it all. Then he goes moshing. Kenseth only 10 points behind JJ in the standings as Junior falls to 3rd with a barely Top 20 finish.

Braves win a few. 6-21 for June goes down as the worst month in franchise history. Ahhh, the Braves of our early years. July is historically a good month for the Bravos and the Cardinals and Reds are the next two opponents after the O's. The tone for the rest of the season will be set in the first week of July.

And yes, Dale Murphy is still the greatest player ever.

Football is almost in the air. NFL camps open up camp in late July as most colleges soon follow. About time for some rankings pretty soon.

Is there a boycott of in the future? I am becoming more annoyed by the day with lack of substance outside of Insider.

Gentlemen, have a great 4th of July and do not let bottlerockets go off in your hand.