Thursday, May 31, 2007


Auburn University has been annointed by the ESPN Family of Networks as the season opening prime time game against Kansas State, 7:45e September 1st. Georgia, came in second to take the 6:45e time slot on the duece. The next week is a SEC double header with the traditional second game of the season with South Carolins visiting Georgia in Athens then South Florida at Auburn on the duece. The kicker, Virginia Tech visits LSU in Death Valley on ESPN at 9:15e. Football is so close you can almost taste the 101 on the rocks, deviled eggs and pigs in a blanket.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Less Than 100 Days

Dear Readership,

A remarkable experience from my childhood resurfaced this past weekend to let me know that it is almost football time again. Eastbay arrived! Yes, the Eastbay Fall catalog made its way to my door. Open the cover and it is non-stop football cleats, gloves(I always prefered Nuemans and Daddy probaby wore the fingerless kind that could double at his local gay bar) and training accessories. Ladies, it is almost football season. In two months, fall practice will start and the NFL will be playing a single quarter in preseason and in less than 100 days, Mississippi State visits LSU to kick off major college football on a Thursday evening in Death Valley before a new Mike the Tiger.

Other Incidents of Note

-Saban possilby violates recruiting bylaws
-Two Mobile area Auburn recruits are center of alleged grade changes
-Top UGay DB Paul Oliver ineligigle for 2007 season will enter supplementary draft
-Charlie Weis is still huuuuuuuge and Brady Quinn is still gaaaaaaaaaay
-Michigan State to sport new uni's...I know, I don't care either
-LSU backup Ryan Perriloux arrested for attempting to board a river boat casino, even after being investigated for gambling merely months guy

Open Week...Open Board

Friday, May 18, 2007

Moving Day...Bandit is Back

The day has finally arrived. The long dreaded moving day. Later today I will move into a gorgeous new townhouse complete with hot girls all over the community and my very own private living room where I may relax and recharge. Before the R&R, though, moving sucks.

Bandit is Back...Tray Blackmon is currently in class this morning and officially a member of the Auburn football team. DC Champ hinted that he will be in the middle next year which could make for some very interesting defense. As well as make Tiger fans forget about the last undersized, speedy middle backer, Travis Williams. Big shoes to fill as Travis was a key component of the '04 undefeated season.

Wilbur out!

Monday, May 14, 2007

- Sad news coming out of Memphis after this weekend. Raifords night club has closed its doors forever. I honestly cannot remember whether we made it during Shakes bachelor weekend, or if any of you have ever been there. It was seriously one of a kind. Straight out of a Michael Jackson video, Thriller days, not gay Mike. Smoke machines and balloons blowing over white nylon couches and a light up dance floor. 32 oz bud lights were cold behind the bar. I will truly miss this place. Glad I had a few memories in the past 2 years.

- To those of you who haven't seen the exposed nip nip of the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan, Enjoy(NSFW,kinda)

- Got Memphis in May BBQfest this week. Already starting to smell hickory smoked downtown.

Need some football soon, as much as I try, Cleveland vs. New Jersey, just can't cut it.

Enjoy the week, and the nipples

Dr. Feelgood

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Two thumbs up

Earnhardt Sr. is rolling over in his grave. Junior will be the hottest commodity NASCAR has ever seen in years. Dale Sr. never meant to leave DEI in control of Teresa (sp?, not really deserved) She should feel ashamed and terrible for this latest debacle.

Do not be surprised if Junior is driving the #3 car with the Bud logo next season. What a disgrace to the NASCAR family. Teresa, you have no place in this. Watch DEI smolder in flames as Junior makes his name. It is terribly sad that his dad created this company for an incompetent to run it in the ground.

Congrats to Little for ballsing up and breaking ties. Teresa, you are the biggest clown I ever ever seen. You ruined the work of the greatest man to ever participate in NASCAR.

Relevance to Hillary taking control of a country???

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Return of the King

Ladies & gentlemen, back to the grind. After a terrific week of training and exploring the fine dining establishments of one of America's finest cities I found myself at the lake this weekend. Laying on the back of the pontoon boat looking at the stars was the best way to end a great week. It has taken me a few days to recover but I will survive.

A few observations since I have been gone...

-Matthew Stafford is truly a race fan. The pics of him from Talladega that Erik over at found were amazing. The girl is no Te-ho but she is still fine.

-"The Houndstooth"-this is a bar across from Wrigley Field in Chicago that has a houndog wearing a houndstooth hat on the sign. It also has the Alabama A flag flying as well..."Southern Hospitality on the Northside"

-What the hell is up with drunk driving and Auburn football players? Two DUI's already and Sears isn't on the team anymore. Is Trey Blackmon back on campus?

-Did Chuck graduate this semester? Did $ finally??

-The Braves are ripping it. Pitching is much improved since last year as well as hitting. Is it their year? Let's talk if they make it through the first round of playoffs.

-How was Memphis in May?

-How was the Beau Tucker Reunion at Bodega's?


Friday, May 04, 2007

Its Friday, we ain't got no......

Women, the weekend is now here for the Dr. Daddy you will be sorely missed tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday. I know you were adamently looking forward to hearing Hinder belt out, "..with lips of an angel..."

- The Tigers are topping the list. My home team away from home gets the nod for the top spot entering next season. It pays to go with a grumpy old man to games when else will go with him. In front of alot of people I work with, CT (Grumpy), announced that I was the only one who could go to Memphis games with him next year, and anyone else who decides to be a fan because of their ranking can "Go to Hell"

- Derek Trucks then Mule then the Brothers. That will make up my Friday evening

- Good to hear you are eating well in Chi-town Wilbur. I am a huge fan of "good meals"

- Last, but not least, our good friend Dwight
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Peace out Whiteboys

Dr. Feelgood

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Midweek Update

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I hope I find all well. I have been enjoying all the Windy City has to offer the last three nights as I am slowly but surely falling for another great American city. The distinct accents are being noticed on both sides of the conversation. A blonde asked everyone at the table where they were from, two replied Indy and she cut me off before I could answer. "You are from the South" so I told her, "I am a blazing yankee!" A blatant lie but she was blonde.

A few observations......

-the buildings go on forever, a commercial brokers dream. It is like a canyon of concrete going on forever.
-people are much friendlier than expected, not quite the South though
-I am not a big fan of a ten minute lunch and not leaving the 28th floor from before 8 til after 6
-getting your RE license in other states is a joke...45 hours?!?
-no college football talk, only Da Bears!! and some think Rex Grossman is the next Brett Favre, ie: "their stats throught the first three years are identical"...seriously??
-cabs are sooooooo cheap and sooooooooooo worth it
-had a great steak tonight(bone in filet w/ broccoli) and the last time I had a truly great meal was Memphis...Wild Fire Grill and the had a signature drink, the Wildfire Manhattan with Basil small batch bourbon, terrific...actually handed the Bramble its butt

Nation & Carl, please post over this rambling space filler. All, have a great week and we shall see you soon!


Wilbur Churchill