Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Midseason Thoughts

Watching UFC @ the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL, where we saw the fighters and the locale where a cute Goergia fan headbutted me while woofing, I ponder the half season which has passed us by. I relive Auburn being pummelled by Arky as I watch a fighter take the beating of his life. And the exertion that was LSU on the plains. And Bama's "wins" against Vandy & powerful Duke. The Buc's improved offensively by 3 points per game the year after Shula left. Imagine what the Tide could do? I beg you to keep him as a Tiger. Ortiz just killed Shamrock.

I wanted to stay at the beach but I rushed home to watch Houston Nutt prove he is the best single game coach in the SEC. Should've stayed. When the Ferril Pigs need to get up for a big game, the do it as if he has just castrated a bull or something. He is 4-4 against Ears. Boy, does he ever have his number to. LSU still has NFL talent combined with a high school coaching staff and a QB with the mind of a middle schooler. He might just be as flaky as Jason Campbell or $hakes boy, Daniel Cobb.

Stacey laughs at an opening line of AU by 2.5 and I am sure Tiny Tim heard about it to.

Urban Meyer could be the coach of the year so far as he has a brutal defense and a somewhat clicking offense. More importantly, he has a killer schedule and he is half way through undefeated. I guess you could call that a "Bama win". OC Cutcliffer has the Vols offense clicking and seeming like the Tennessee of yesteryear. They might beat the hell out of Alabama on the 3rd Saturday of October.

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Dr.Feelgood said...

I see you ladies took advantage of the fact my internet was down all of yesterday, and decided to make a few jabs.

QB1 is a game on the blue trivia boards. The game is trying to accurately predict the play calls in the Monday night football game. It is alot of fun, and if you think you know your coaching stuff you should give it a try.

King I will personally cast spells on you if you ever reveal my passion for dungeons and dragons in a public forum again.

As for you Colonel, if I were to photoshop my legs onto Oregeron they would have been alot sexier than the ones in that picture.

Thats terrible about the Johnson kid. I remember him from your wedding Daddy.