Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Hate Georgia Week.....A week early

Living in Atlanta, I am bombarded by red & black all year long. From sidewalk alumni to the biased AJC to graduates who drive red & black cars. I can't stand it so we are starting the Dawg Bashing a year early. Ladies, enjoy 10 Things I Hate about Georgia.


2.Insistence on the next recruit being the Savior, then where the hell is your O line depth? And insistence that Herchel was better than Bo. Please...you crazy. Herchel can push a bobsled...Bo can knock a 95mph fastball over 450 feet.

3.Red/Black...everything in Atlanta is Red/Black.

4.Atlanta Journal Constipation's constant reach around.

5.THUGA...go into Richt's program "with a bachelor of marijuana & come out with a doctorate of cocaine"-Johnny Depp in Blow......ok, that is a stretch although it is a crime school where thuggery thrives openly. I reckon Atlanta is a fertile recruiting ground.

6.Opening up the world to the SEC by way of a gay Real Worlder on MTV.

7.Their mutt mascot attempted to bite a Tiger. Aubie will have his vengence.

8."Dawgwalk" & "Glory, Glory to Old Georgia"...both clear Auburn rip offs, do the Tigers get royalties from Dawg/Vol/Gator/Bama/whatever Walk?

9.The Georgia Theatre...I was kicked out last spring.

10.They sold their SEC championship rings on EBay.

...and there are many more reasons still to come from the peanut gallery.

The Q in ATL this week, would you rather face Auburn half asleep at 11:30 or jacked out of their gourds at 7? No brainer, as CBS has put a four game hold on next Saturday. Auburn doesn't show up til after lunch.

The Dawgs are down this year and I want blood. I want the shut out we missed two years ago. I want another Rosegreen hit(and yes I will publish it at least twice next week). Stafford will get hit so hard he will throw it up. Pregame and the ball. I love playing Georgia almost as much as Alabama. I hate 'em almost as much.

The best thing about opening night of the NBA season, the Miami Heat Dancers. Yes, they are on fire and are hired out to events. Hmmm, I have an idea...........


Daddy said...

Anyone going to Auburn this weekend?

Well I am now tied for first place, with the bossman of all people, in the office college\NFL office pool. I have still yet to win the weekly money however. The tie breaker gets me every week.

Any good Hameen stories?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Not going to Auburn.

Going to spend a full weekend in Memphis, which I will now refer to as Seattle.

I cannot remember the last sunny day here. Rainy cold again today.

I dressed up as Hank again last night. It was killer. Even old women were eyeing the resemblance. Pictures to follow.

Only good story last night was Colonel called my roomates girlfriend a bitch to her face. Caused a little episode, but she sucks, and deserved it.