Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Welcome Back

Back in the swing of things on Wednesday. Auburn won and the beach was nice. Not much else I could ask for. Carl, Babes, Breath & Wilbur had quite an adventure this weekend. An odyssey. We could write a book about it.

A few thoughts on the past weekend.......USC is the best in the country...word has surfaced that the amount of weed in Juwan's car was enough that he is considered a drug dealer in many circles...Shula has no control over his own program and Paul thinks he spit on Bama's tradition...2 freshmen will start by the end of the year(Arkansas & Georiga)...ThUGA has no intention of reshirting Fat Freddie Jr....Notre Dame is suspect...period.


shakeyour$maker said...


You hit the nail on the head...we could write a book about the travels of this weekend. Shit...Dr. traveled from Memphis to ATL, to AU, to Pensacola, To Gulf SHores, to AU, to ATL, and back to Memphis. Are you kidding me? That is 4 states in like 3 days, and making a College football game, a wedding, Labor Day getting burned on the beach, and back on an airplane. You are the man Dr!!!! I had a great time seeing everyone this weekend. I hope we can do this again real soon.


Daddy- Congrats on the big day. I had a good time. Margaritas were off the chain.

Nation- It was great seeing you this weekend. Seemed like old times! I hope LaGrange was worth the drive.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Man what a weekend, and surprising enough after a good nights rest last night paired with a cleansing of the system at 6:00 a.m. I have been on my toes all day at work.

It was very good to see everyone this weekend. I wish schedules worked out to where we can do it more often.

The Adventures of Carl Montgomery

Carl travelled TN GA and AL on Fri.
AL all Sat
AL FL and AL Sun.
All beach Mon
AL GA and TN Tues

4 states in 5 days, and thats hard on a man carrying around a cheesewheel.

In the process of the odyssey Carl was delayed twice in air on a plane, ran in a terminal to catch a plane, hit by a carload of illegal immigrants, went to an Auburn game, saw a 14 yr. old with weed, slept on hardwood for no apparent reason, drank enough alcohol to float a cruiseship, ass kissed Breath, drove a cadillac, took place in a wedding, got lobsterish on the beach, participated in a gluttonous attempt at eating the Mucho Nachos from Pink Pony Pub(as an appetizer), squeezed in a nice steak from hamiltons, told Shawn and Scott about the plug, wore one of Daddy's cousins shirts, threatened to fight a high schooler wearing a KA shirt with Shakes, found a bridesmaid that I will be getting naked with in Shakes wedding, introduced the saying "thats the titties", saw Neal and Nigel, got in a hottub with Burnell, heard Jessica Simpson sing Public Affair more times than needed, roughhoused in the ocean, caught up with old friends on the samford lawn, boogie boards innertubes, and a place we like to call Cooba.

What a glorious weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed it fellas. Looking forward to the next time.

Daddy - Congrats again the personalized M&M's were the titties as well.

Kingdom - The chauffering was great even though we were knocked by illegals it was still a good ride. Thanks again.

Nation - Enjoyed hanging out again. Even though I never ate one, those brats looked tasty. Wished you could have finished the odyssey with us.

Shakes - The hospitality was stellar as always. Enjoyed staying in Cowtown with you and Breath and getting to see the parents. Thanks for everything. Looking forward to all the wedding activities.

Also word is the drugs were not even Juwan's, they were the passenger's. He also took the appropriate steps and was told by the Northport police the gun was not stolen. One of the reasons the weapons charge was dropped. Shula has never told the press about any punishment. Until someone knows what the case and punishment was or until discipline becomes a problem in the lockerroom and on the field, then it is the teams business and not Finebaums or an Auburn fans to make the decision.

Tide needs to improve this week but had a positive 1st half. Need 2 halfs this week.

Tigers looked solid, but also have plenty of room for improvement. Vols dominated but Pac - 10 schools as we know do not play defense.

LSU, FL, and UGA may have looked good but those were pansy teams, can't make a clear judgement yet.

USC I agree looked this best, but was Arky being overrated as a sleeper (like the Dr. said all along) w/ McFadden we may have known for sure.

Looking forward to actually sitting on a couch flipping through games this weekend.

shakeyour$maker said...

Dr. --- Although that post was extremely wrong...I literally Gut Laughed out loud in the office, while a couple of people were on the phone. I got some evil eyes thrown my way right afterward.

shakeyour$maker said...

This weekend was "THE TITTIES" for sure!

Daddy said...

That is up there with one of the longest posts in blog history, besides cut and pastes.

To everyone, thanks for coming to the wedding, I know it was a whirl wind weekend (hell, damn near week!), but I couldnt have done it without out yall. Yall were the titties!

We missed you at the wedding, but we also understand why you couldnt make it. We will see you in a week and a half for LSU.

We have a lot of left over alcohol and about 20 bottles of champagne we are going to bring down for the LSU game, so dont buy any for that weekend.

Shakes and Dr.,
Yall tried any of the beer yet. The blueberry and Deadman are the best in my opinion. Some of them are not as good as I thought (sorry about the bad ones).

sorry you threw up on the way to the wedding.

King of Tigerland said...

well I was a trooper and got there......yall know I do that anyways and I can throw up on call....

shakeyour$maker said...

Daddy--Yes...we did a beer tasting Monday night. The Dead Man and Blueberry took the cake.....Dr.`s favorite was the Key West Beer!