Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Busted...Steeler O, Willie, Corndogs & Shula

Many a deal went down on an interesting Monday.

The Steeler and Jaguars tried to imitate LSU/Auburn with a 9-0 Jag victory.

Willie Nelson busted with pot on his tour bus. Police issued misdemenor citations for a pound and a half of grass and 0.2 pounds of shrooms. Several were cited and their ages ran from 54-75 years old. Rock on, Willie.

SEC affirms right calls in LSU/Auburn.

LSU fan pours a drink on Spirit the Eagle. He is charged with assault on an endangered species. Great article about the classy individuals from Lousiana on Deep South Sports.

Shula suspends at random. Ice cream comment, weed, booster's daughter or general thuggishness? We will all never know since its handled "in house" at the Capstone. Although, it is mighty interesting that summer offenses are not punished until a Lousiana school other than the one in Baton Rouge visits Tuscaloosa in late September. He is getting murdered right now. There is no way of knowing what is going down in T-town but it looks like a mess.

Alabamaslammer will win the weekend against Arky or they are suppose to do so. Bama beat Vandy by 3, Arky by 2...relatively insignifigant differences, wouldn't you say? Yeah, suppose to win, but who knows who will show up on both sidelines? You may see Daddy strap it up and run out there.

Trips to Florida and the third week of October could clear the dirty haze that is hanging above Crimson Tide football as we speak. Good of bad.


tigernation said...

Sorry Shakey - but Bama should win this weekend. I'm basing it not on Turdichuuun but more on the fact that Arky just has no defense and even with the lack of O that Bama showed early, they should be able to move the ball fairly easily.

See, we need Bama to run it up on Arky to make that USC blowout look less pretty. We need Arky to win about 3 games this year simply because USC played and beat them.

shakeyour$maker said...

Mark my word.....With Houston Nutt sitting on a seat of FIRE...He will have his team ready to play.

There is no way on God`s green earth to keep USC ahead of Auburn, IF (notice the word "IF", Dr.)Auburn defeats Florida, and UGA. There are many senarios for how everything could play out...but I think UF will come to the plains at least in the Top 10. UGA "SHOULD" be in the Top 10 when we play them as well.

Name one team that will be in the Top 10 when USC plays them. Nobody!!!! Especially the over-ranked and over-hyped Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The ball will have to bounce our way....and we will need a few breaks....no injuries to skilled positions....and we may have a shot to go undefeated. We shall see what happens.

Daddy said...

I think Oregon will beat USC anyway. I dont think USC can make it undefeated this year. Though they are not great teams, USC still has Ariz st. , Cal, and Oregon.

shakeyour$maker said...

The Pac-10 Sucks ass. None of those teams should give USC much of a game. Oregon may be the only one that can match up...but the others will more than likely get their asses handed to them.

tigernation said...

If there is a possibility of us getting screwed it will happen.

But lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. We have to play some great teams in the upcoming weeks and I don't want to jinx anything by talking aobut what if's and undefeated seasons.

Lets just hope we get through the next test, at USC next thursday, without any injuries. I say play the entire 2nd team the whole game this week.

shakeyour$maker said...

Shula eats his own boogers

tigernation said...

Shula picks his boogers and saves them until he is sure he is hungry.....then he eats them on top of an ice cream cone......retroactively.

Daddy said...

You forgot Doodoo. He eats doodoo as well.

shakeyour$maker said...

Daddy--Oh yea...he eats his own duke as well! I forgot. Actually, since he takes it in the a-hole soooooooooooooooo much, he can make his own "Sweet Tea!"

He can make his own Tea and drink it too! ha ha ha ha

tigernation said...

He also loves to eat Tube Steak smothered in Underwear with a side of pubic hair salad!!!

With dingleberries for desert along with a nice spoooooge frosting for that added flavor.

King of Tigerland said...