Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Martinis & Football...Always a good choice

After a few martinis, Alisha & I are ready for Wilbur Picks. Alisha & dirty gin martinis. Life is good.

Maryland travels to Morgantown and leaves with a whipping. West Virginia opened the week as 14.5 point favorites, which has now jumped to 17.5. Who cares, Pat & Steve will run wild on the Terps and then not play the last 10 minutes. Mountaineers 34-10 as they cover with ease.

Florida ventures to Shield Watkins Field at Neyland Stadium. Best athletes in the SEC for the Gators? Yeah, maybe. Two new D starters for the Vols. Yep. This will be a terrific game that will come down to the wire. Florida will have to pressure Ainge to win this game and he has not been touched all year. Then again, he only takes 3 & 5 step drops. His touchdown passes are not bombs, they are production of yards after the catch. If Tennessee's recievers can get free after first contact, it will be a long day for Florida in Knoxville. I go on a limb and say Tennessee covers the 4 backdoor in an oh so close outright victory. 23-21 Vols in a late one. Celebration on Rocky Top.

Michigan visits Notre Dame. Notre Dame's D seems to be shaping into a good unit. Chad Henne and Mike Hart will be their biggest test. If they shut down UM's offense, it is a done deal. They do, somewhat....Irish cover a touchdown 31-24 as Quinn throws for another three bills.

UAB pays a visit between the hedges. Alisha won't quit bugging me about those Dawgs and especially Matthew Stafford. She is right, as thUGA gets their criminals back from suspension and blows UAB out 34-14 and cover the 17 by a hair.

LSU @ AUBURN................check tomorrow for the picks for the SEC WESTERN DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP GAME which will be played Saturday in God's Country, Alabama 36830.

Lock of the Week...Central Florida -1.5....Take it to the bank and buy Wilbur a drink!


Blake Mitchell arrested for simple assault after punching a bouncer in the eye. Stay classy, Blake, you are a winner in our book. He hit this guy.........uhhh.....Blake......couldn't have picked anyone smaller? He looks like he was born to be a bouncer....and an Alabama fan.

I would now like to take the time to give a special FU to the ESPN Gameday crew for complete and utter blasphemy. Why in the hell are you taking Gameday to Los Angelos to see #19 Nebraska take on #4 USC? Why? Why? You have two top eleven matchups in the SEC and you go west. This is a complete slap in the face to the SEC and whomever made the final decision(s) to move this escapade west should be tar & feathered, mauled by Mike the Tiger, locked in a room with Smoky howling, swooped down upon by mighty Tiger the Eagle, subjected to the umthinkables you catch from a Gator co-ed and/or fired then deported to Somolia.

ESPN can go to hell and suck face with USC the whole trip!!

Ladies, it is yours.

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lola said...

so, is your lock of the week facetious? i need to know cause you are costing me.