Sunday, September 24, 2006

Playing with Fire

Alabama and Georgia both play with fire Saturday and only one escapes. Shula, Radar & Co. get burned after relying on their kicker to win for the last season and a half. JP had solid numbers and outplayed Mustaine who threw the ball up every other pass. It didn't help that the best reciever in the game, Marcus Monk, played with no heart and will not run a route for Young Mitch. We'll see how Bama stops Leak & the Gators.

Bama D was run on by McFadden and Darby stuggled. He looked to be over the hip pointer but couldn't break free. My bad, that was always Ol' Kenneth.

Arh! It won't come out.

John Vaugn-LSU
Leigh Tiffin-Arkansas

The "Messiah of Athens" is pulled for a red headed Cox and we now have a QB controversy between the hedges. As recently as Friday night I was hearing National Championship Defense. Really?! Colorado ran on the Dawgs. Its as if they gave Ralphie the ball.

Notre Dame vs. the State of Michigan...The Wolverines feast and Sparty looks to do the same until Drew Stanton, John L. Smith & Co. hand the game to Weisman on a silver platter. The Irish avoid a close one as well. No first round draft prospect should have to have the coach design plays to get him confidence. Brady Quinn is reminding us of his first two years in South Bend.

Auburn ran the ball, then ran it some more. I guess it did what it was suppose to do. The O line is suspect and Cox needs to make better decisions if this team is to win against a Florida team that will beat Bama this weekend.

Falcons visit the Saints Monday night. Reggie Bush & Mike Vick on the field at the same time. I am looking forward to seeing the Vick spread offense. The Falcons are favored by four with a total of forty four. After a one and one weekend, Dr., I will rebound with an NFL parlay. I remain undefeated in NFL action as I predict Atlanta and the under.


King of Tigerland said...

I saw a boat on TV last night....the "En Fuego".....must be Nation's, he must live in Casa de Fuego and drive a black Z with orange flames to accent the overall "En Fuegoness"

About the Boiler Room.....Gainesville, GA's classiest bathrooms in the land.....get past the fish tanks and G-Ville's version of Coyote Ugly and you arrive in the cave......ah lie...its like you are going in a cave...its great with all the stonework

My smoldering attempt at en fuego....we are merely smoldering but by the end of the week we may achieve full wild fire......if Wed & Thurs night fall my way.

"I'm sorry I didn't call you last night, I was sick." - female

Wilbur replied with a smile, "That's ok, I didn't call you."

"Oh." as she is realizes that I didn't care....she later found out that I lost all my plastic, had to change my bank account #'s and more as she realizes I went out and got druuuuuuuuunk. Crown & water, baby!!!

tigernation said...

Crown and water is my fave also King.

Boiler room was on hit saturday night. I think i might have brought "sexy back". I had about 100 Red Bull and Vodka's and ended up arguing with Two bits until 5 in the morning.......but then we made up.....!! :) HA

tigernation said...

Dr - nice looking "skunk" ($1 to Chris Carpenter's word of lady) you had in those email pics.

I hope everything worked out for you there. I liked the prom pic with you cradling her hand in yours like you were gonna sweep her off of her feet. Charmer I say, what a charmer.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah, had a great weekend. Things went well. Real well actually. I think I am going to have to pay her another visit Duke game weekend.

The game blew ass. I have never seen a bar deflate so instantly. I can handle the missed fg's. It happens and we were still in a position to win (See Au v. LSU, ASU v. LSU) But my sympathetic line gets drawn at the extra point, now I have no remorse for people butchering that kids entire college career. Ray Finkle

Red Bull and Vodka, I normally do not drink these. However this weekend it was my drink of choice. I easily had 50+, and I got druuunnkk.

Heard the entire new Red Hot Chili Peppers new album this weekend. IT is really good. Had to pick it up this morning on way to work.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Anyone other than me, see the resemblance of Virginia backup QB Chritian Olsen and Matt Jones??

Daddy said...

Pig Sooooie!

King of Tigerland said...

I absolutely agree with you, Dr. about the RHCP & the kicker. A missed PAT is inexcusable and with all the INT's Mustaine threw up, it should have been long over.

I will say that the PA pass to the TE was a great play call for the touch in OT.

Mark my words, $hakes is out of control in the casino right now!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Mark it down, Shawn too

Suck it Daddy, no need to rub salt in an open wound

Daddy said...

Shawn's a gambling man.

I had to give one pig sooie. That is all I am going to say.