Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thursday Night under the Lights & Favorite Saturday

A tradition normally reserved for the ACC has traveled south to Columbia. South Carolina will get their heads handed to them Thursday night by Auburn. Spurrier does not have the guns to take on the Tigers. Truth be told, I believe it could be ugly. Auburn has a lot of aggression to take out and a national stage to showcase itself. An open minded playbook, Kenny Irons' 25 carries and the Auburn defense do not bode well for a team that has bad lines on both sides of the ball. Another truth, I hope Tubs hangs it on the chickens. Tigers roll 42-13 and cover the 14 easily.

Yes, Jess, it is gameday.

Another beat down will occur down in Gainesville. Alabama lacks confidence and arrives to play an eagerly awaiting Florida team on Saturday. The Gators remember, they have not forgotten the crimson hell of last year. Florida has way to many athletes and will trounce a weak Alabama running game and coaching staff. John Parker Wilson has never been hit in life like he will be hit this weekend, with the exception of a visit to JHS last November. He won't pass for more than 200 yards as the Gators roll 31-3 and cover two touchdowns easy and quickly.

"Them swampboys gonna put it on 'em" - Wilbur Churchill & LeRoy Shiloh

LSU, in another beat down, will absolutely pound Miss State. JR4 has the best arm in the SEC, an absolute howitzer of an arm. If only he had the head game because I truly believe LSU could beat Ohio State & USC, call me crazy but I don't believe Auburn could at this point. 33 and a half, no worries as LSU rolls 45-0.

Georgia travels to Oxford to beat the hell out of the Plantationmen. Coach O is playing 15 true freshmen and it shows. Super Brent is close to being benched for a walk on. The Rebs are seriously lacking and CMR will have the Bulldogs motivated after last week. The QB change scared the team into playing better as Cox did not distance himself far from Fat Matt. Dawgs roll 35-13 and cover the 18.

Bonus pick for the good Dr..........TCU @ -5.5........$20 on it.....hell, I'll parlay that with Auburn to wipe off Jim Kelly's days at the U if it doesn't hit.

5 for 5, yep the favorites roll this weekend.

A few other thoughts.......Gold helmets are a no go with gold jerseys. And no gold pants with gold helmets either. This applies to you Georgia Tech and you Central Florida. Calvin shows off his sharp duds, either white or dark are safe. Jerseys don't shine like helmets or pants.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I shall see you again Friday after a night of fun celebrating a Tiger W.


shakeyour$maker said...

Kingdom-- I agree with all of your picks. Maybe not the particular scores you chose...but your "picked" teams are a lock.

As for the comments about no Gold helmets with Gold jerseys or pants is not cool. My alma mater, Oxford High School, used to wear gold pants with black and gold piping down the side, Black (Home) or White (Away) Jersey, and a Black helmet with gold stripe down the middle. As the season progressed, those helmets turned Gold with stickers that were awarded for excellent play. By playoff time...most of the players had covered their helmets completely..and Oxford`s full jersey was very sharp. I fully disagree with your view on those jerseys.
****Only exception: ********
If the colors of Gold do not match from the helmet to the jersey/ doesn`t look as good.

Daddy said...

I hate Notre Dame, but when they wear the gold helmets with gold pants and white jerseys they look pretty sharp.... "Very Sparkly" -Rain Man

tigernation said...

Just got back from B-ham this morning. Got up at 445 to drive back and sit in ATL traffic for 2 hours....awesome.

Stopped in Anniston/O-town a couple of times to get gas and pee.....thought about calling Shawn to see if he wanted to burn......but I thought that was a bad idea.:)

So does AU make the statement that we need tonite? Like a 45-3 statement is what I'm talking about....but I'd take 28-0

shakeyour$maker said...

Nation-- What were you doing in B`ham? Visiting an old flame I would assume!

Auburn makes a statement tonight....but I think we can count on something closer to 28-0. To me, that is a major ass-whippin for a road game in the SEC. i will take that shit all day.

Dr.-- Where does Bama go from here? How does the rest of their season pan out? Are you still convinced that the Tide will not lose 5 games this season?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Damn this computer. Just typed a massive post and it page not founded me and lost it all. Piss

As a current football record holder at my alma mater, I was one with a shiny gold helmet midway into the season, and I looked damn good in the gold. Shakes Daddy you know Oxford no longer does the stickers, kind of a shame. Those shiny helmets looked awesome with the black home jerseys.

Auburn covers easily tonight. As much as it scares me to put money on Kingdoms Thuersday night pick, I think he probably stuck this one right. USC is worse than last year, Auburn is a little bit better. Last year was a blowout, this year will be a blowout. I think Spurrier affects lines, while he is a good coach, he does not have a good D or QB. I think 38 - 10. Easy cover.

As for Bama, Shakes, I don't know. This is a different team. I wouldn't expect the letdown coming off the LSU game last year. That game was a "could have" won, while Arky was a "should have" win. Second we own Florida. Florida has not beat Bama since 1998, and they may include basketball. I see the line has moved from Fla -13.5 to -16. This game could go either way with the spread. I think it will be closer than people think. Bama has a shot, but I just don't know. One bright spot is Tiffin won't see the field. I would stay clear of this one. I say Florida wins a close one, but I am making no score pick.

As for the weekend and TCU. TCU covers, Southern Cal rips Wash St a new one at home after two un USC offensive performances. Ohio St and Mich cover, LSU destroys what little hope State had leaving the Ham last weekend. Georgia further proves that the Mississippi teams are the new Vandy and Kentucky. UT kills what could be Ole MIss only W at Memphis.

Dr.'s upset special:
Ga Tech beats Va Tech

Got the entire family coming in town tomorrow. Mike, Debbi, Daniel, his new ladyfriend, Drue, Lee, ummmKay, and Fatboy are all coming up tomorrow. 13 of us in one house. Excitement will be abound

tigernation said...

Yeah i keep getting that page not found shit every time i post so I'm keeping this one short.

Shakes - yes I was in B-ham seeing an old flame......was forced into a "state of the union" conversation. Not fun and now I have the pressure of the long distance thing to worry about. Shit

Bama - probably won't lose 5 but may lose 4. UF, LSU, UT, AU will be tough but they will win 1 or 2 of those.....maybe/maybe not

If we win tonite I will be a huge Iowa and WSU fan this weekend....."Go Cougs!"

Dr.Feelgood said...

I think you have a better shot pulling for the Hawkeyes than Washington St. "Cahhhh--ooooo-gaaaarrss"

Yeah I highlight and copy before I attempt to post.

tigernation said...

That is a good idea DR - never thought about a copy.....

Yeah I don't think either one of those teams will put up much of a fight but you never know. I would like to see USC struggle with a team that we demolished (at least on the scoreboard).

Daddy said...

I know that I am a bigger fan than most, but My Morning Jacket just put out a new live CD...Live at Okonokos. It is pretty good. MMJ is right up there with the Crowes in the nastiness of their live shows, quite different than the studio stuff. If anyone is interested I suggest picking it up.

Work sucks today, I cant even see straight. I have 4 Autocad programs opened on my computer, three sets of plans, and someones field notes and I am trying to put it all together, and all of it or none of it may be right or wrong.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Work blows here. My boss is settling in for a big weekend. He has friends coming in to play in Grizzlies tournament tomorrow, and pulling the doubleheader Saturday, going to UT @ Memphis, then Georgia - Ole Miss. Needless to say he has left but I can't leave in case he calls for something to be done. Blows ass.

Daddy said...

War Eagle! Lets hope for a Slaughter!