Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair (World Premiere)

"I am so glad that Jessica Simp could be such a huge part of our weekend."-EY

I would love to hear what Shawn has to say when he wakes up to Jess.


Daddy said...

War eags everyone, even you dr.!

Anyone know anybody with extra ticks, flannthropy needs dos.

Whats the happs this weekend? same ol same ol? looking forward to gaiting, let me know if we can help in any way. Having to bring the dogs this weekend, waited too long to board them, so either staying with the perry's or penney's(I hope the penney's).

Can't wait to get to the plains and see everyone this weekend, getting a little homesick allready.

Better be wearing your walking cane and oxygen tank, cuz its on.

Bring the buckle.

tigernation said...

Oh I'll have my EXACT same outfit on that I wore to the first game. I will not change it up until we lose. I even wore it to work last walking cane needed smartass.

If you could put smoke in the oxygen tank then I would consider that.

Y'all going up on fri or sat?

Dr.Feelgood said...

There will be one minor piece missing, and that will be the Dr.

Daddy, I can tell you have been talking with Flannigan, your typing reflex his starnge jive talk he uses.

Kingdom, I remember when this blog was fairly equal with the Alabama Auburn vids and pics. I know I am outnumbered 4-1 in here, but at least give me a little something to look forward too. I love how proud ya'll are of beating Spencer Pennington, that was sure a proud moment in Auburn football. Does anyone remember that we were 10-2 last year?? I am however a tad bit nervous after last week but a win is a win

Nation, Nice panty pic. During your firestreak, the Doctor has been mediocre at best. Long gaps between ugly women need to be corrected. Share the fire. I plan on turning it around very soon. And yes, from yesterday, there is alot to be said for momentum, when it rains, it pours.

Shakes - Enjoyed the chat, got meeting with bossman Friday, and he wants me to "talk stuff" with him, which could become interesting. I will always be honest, so we will see come next week. Hope the fag chills out.

tigernation said...

Dr - don't really know how to share the fire but hang in there. It's an ebb and flow with the ladies. I was in a huge drought for about 5 or 6 months and then the rain came.....and it has been refreshing. But i'm sure it will dry up before too long. Just trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

I will return with a funny interview with the new king of humorous trash talk .......the great David Irons Jr.

tigernation said...

OK here it is....remember this is partly tounge-in-cheek. He is good friends with Bowe, the LSU guy......enjoy!

DI per ESPN Insider:

David Irons is this good a talker. The Auburn cornerback is this good a player.

So what I'm going to do right now is stand out of the way and let Irons rip. Call it David Irons unplugged. And trust me, these are his words.

About 20 minutes worth. And I'm sure he's still talking.

So David Irons, with LSU on deck, here's your time to shine. And unwind …

"I got two picks at practice today. Practice is easy for me.

Forget Michigan and Notre Dame. The SEC is where it's at. You know that Auburn and LSU is going to be the best game this week. And don't forget Florida and Tennessee.

I'm taking Tennessee in that one. I'm thinking their defense is up for the rematch.

Let's cut right to it. I talk trash.

You know that LSU receiver Dwayne Bowe? He's my friend. But that catch he made last season, the one in the fourth quarter where I broke it up, the ball hit my shoulder and it fell onto his leg and he took it off the ground?

It was all over the ESPN highlights. I called him up and said, "You can't get credit for that." On the field, it's worse.

I say, "You can't catch."

I'm all in his head.

I say, "Do you need me to get my coaches to help you out?"

Then it's, "I'm a grown man out here. You're my little son. You're so little I can't even beat you up. You'd better make it home for dinner tonight!"

I knew Dwayne had eye surgery in the offseason so he could see. I told him, "Don't use that as an excuse! You know you can't see. You know you drop balls."

The worst is when I get guys who won't talk back. Last year, I was going against this Georgia guy and I was like, "Man, are you ever going to say anything back? You must have been raised in a church."

When they talk back, I feed off of it.

The nation is sleeping on me. I'm going to be the best cornerback in the nation. They all talked about Jason Hill from Washington State and he couldn't get off my jam.

I told him, "Welcome to my roller coaster. You get on and you don't want to get off."

This year, our corners are backing off of nothing. Coach [Will] Muschamp has us playing physical. He says, "We'll put you on an island. Now be a man."

I got an interception last week. But I wasn't worried about Mississippi State too much. None of their wide receivers made my heart beat. So I just jumped the route. I let him think he had me beat and just closed on him. I took their heart away.

Last year, I didn't have any picks. I was coming off knee surgery, so I was fighting it. I was always thinking about it. Coming off an ACL, you think about it. It was in the back of my head. And I haven't said that before. I was scared.

So I just broke up balls I could have picked, like one against LSU and two against Georgia. I could have had six picks and my name would have been across the world.

The next one? I celebrate.

I am like a cheetah. I close fast and get low. If I run one back there is nobody in the house that can catch me this Saturday.

You know Kenny [his brother, the Auburn running back] isn't the only one that can run in this family. I could get 100 yards in the SEC if I had the ball.

JaMarcus Russell is a good quarterback now. I did find some tendencies, but I can't say too much because he might read about it on That's the only thing I won't talk about, these tendencies that nobody knows.

You know what my goal is? It's to win the Jim Thorpe Award. That's why I write, "JIM THORPE" on my white t-shirt with a marker every day. They talked about Jason Hill. Whatever. When that game was over, he said I was the best cornerback he's ever faced.

No disrespect to Jason Hill. But this ain't the Pac-10.

When I came here, they said, "What do you want to learn from Carlos Rogers?"

I said, "What can he learn from me?"

You know. That's how I compete. Deion Sanders? Champ Bailey."

I don't compare myself to Deion or Champ. When I'm done, I want them to say, "Who's going to be the next David Irons?"

I know I'm cocky. I'm not saying I'll never be humbled.

But every play, I feel like I'm going to make. I have to feel that way.

I'm a cornerback. And I want you to know my name."

tigernation said...

And in the words of my favorite trash trash talker Fred Smoot......."75% of the world is covered in water, the rest is covered by Smoot."

Dr.Feelgood said...

Did you see Smoot the other night. That dude seriously never shuts up. he was running his mouth every play.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Auburn should have the Irons show every week. I would personally be entertained just listening to them talk for about an hour.

Shakes you should do one of your articles on them

tigernation said...

They really are funny. I just hope he can back up all that talk. We'll see.

That is a great idea. Shakes you HAVE to get an interview with David and Kenny together....and record it on tape so I can listen to it.....sooooo funny

tigernation said...

From the Corner News.......

“Their fans are crazy as hell,” said Matt Wilbanks, a 2004 Auburn University graduate. “It’s a different world down there. It’s the only place in the world where a 5-year-old can scream ‘Roll Tide’ and a grandmother will cuss you.“

For most Auburn fans, one favorite Auburn vs. LSU memory is from 2004 when Auburn beat LSU 10 to 9 on Courtney Taylor’s touchdown with 1:14 remaining. Another that often comes to mind is the 2001 game in which Damon Duvall got into a confrontation with an LSU tuba player.

“Since 2000 they’ve been the best two teams in the SEC West,” said Bill Loosier, a 2003 Auburn graduate, of the Auburn-LSU rivalry. “I think that has a lot to do with it.”

Bitch left out my corn dog comments....they were funny as hell....shit!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Classic, I want to know why I wasn't contacted Shakes???

An outsiders point of view would have hit the trifecta on this piece

Dr.Feelgood said...

Corndog comments should have been included.

Every now and then I get the wild hair to settle for a sald for lunch. Today I met a nice looking yound lady at Newks cafe, and given my eating record for the week, I decided this would be an opportune time to order the salad.

They serve a big salad so I filled up and thought I was full. As the case everytime I settle for the salad at lunch, here I am am 2-3 hours later hungry again.

I hate the salad lunch. It is temporary hunger satisfaction at best. I know though however I will fall into this trap in, say, about two weeks.

Daddy said...

I am an insider and I wasnt contacted either.

Daddy said...

I had to go to a lunch meeting today. Food was gross..still hungry!

tigernation said...

Guys, do the salad for lunch then just eat the meat out of a double cheese around 3 or 4.

I have a McD's double chee sitting right beside me for later. They have a good grilled ranch salad (4 carbs) and then the meaty chee has 0 carbs. Works and it's filling.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah I mean I dig the salad just not later

I will start trying the double cheese just meat and cheese

Daddy said...

We have been getting the sugar busters brand bread and pasta. it is not too bad, we made lasagna last night that was pretty good.

Man this is sad. A bunch of guys in their mid twenties discussing diet foods!

tigernation said...

"Mid" twenties? Try LATE twenties after January......27 boys, 20 freaking 7

Daddy said...

I could have a field day with the old jokes right now, but it would be too easy so i will show some restraint, you old ass!

tigernation said...

No, please go right ahead. I always laugh when I hear a random "Hey PawPaw" at the tailgate.

Oh yeah, I think I am losing my hair. It's all over my pillow in the morning.

Daddy said...

I feel your pain. Go ahead and start the propecia. It is too late for me!

Daddy said...

Flannthrax's jive talk can be contagious sometimes.

Daddy said...

I need some help. They put some randoms on the office pool this week. No line on either game. Who do I pick.

Iowa vs Iowa st.
UNLV vs. HAwaii

tigernation said...

Iowa and HI

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