Friday, September 29, 2006

Open Letter to the Auburn Football broke my heart

Dear Auburn Tigers,

I write to you tonight in disapointment of your perfomance tonight against a rising South Carolina squad. Rising, yes, but to take you to the buzzer is inexcusable. Better players, better program and you almost choked. This was a classic Auburn Tiger/Tommy Tuberville underperformance. There is absolutely no reason that Tommy Tuberville, Al Borges and Will Muschamp should ever be outcoached. Ever. Steve Spurrier is a hell of a coach, but only one man.

Coach Tuberville, this was the one time where the Tigers had the national spotlight all to themselves. What do you deliver? Another classic Tubs underperformance. Why did the team not understand the importance of this chance? Dreamcrusher, you!

Do you really think Auburn will be the 2nd ranked team in the country now? USC will jump you and maybe another team or two or three. And I can't argue this and neither can you. You have just made your case to be left out of the National Championship Game, again. Now being undefeated by the end of the year is a different story and not looking good for the Tigers.

One more thing CTT, who the dresses you? You look ridiculous with long sleeves, Under Armour and a golf vest. Big ears & glasses, as well. Please correct ASAP.

I reinterate, CTT, CAB & CWM should never be outcoached...although the onside kick was a brilliant move, saved the game and Tre Smith even tried to fumble that away. It would be greatly appreciated if he never saw the field again. Or Zach Gilbert.

David Irons, SHUT THE F@#K UP!!!!....You really need to shut the f@#k up!!!! Your behavior is embarrassing to the Auburn program. Your interference is out of control. Do not run your mouth when the reason for the incompletion was the QB's bad pass and not your play which is average at best right now. Seriously, be a man, be a senior and shut the f@#k up. I will let you know exactly how many times you got smoked after I watch the replay.

Coach Will Muschamp,.......?????? Where was the passion you displayed two weeks ago? What the hell is going on out there?

My beef with you lies here.........

*3 man line gets no pressure with your best DE dropping in coverage at MLB. Quentin Groves is an edge player and will play outside backer at the next level, not pass coverage MLB. A 3-4 would be great if we had LB's...not 8 DB's on the field. Dede didn't play all that well so thank heavens for Will Herring's INT. Did you not notice the difference in the rush with 4 down linemen? And on South Carolina's offensive line??

*DB's are awful....I can't honestly say I saw one DB chuck a WR coming off the line tonight. This "don't get beat deep" coverage is killing your team. LSU took advantage and USC took advantage. The combination of no pass rush and loose coverage will kill you down the road

*Syvelle Newton played a great game and was the best QB on the field but he was a WR at the beginning of the year(yes, he is a former QB but still). 240 yards, 2 TD passes(and nearly a 3rd save an overtime sending drop). Inexcusable. He routinely gashed the Tiger Defense for first downs and rarely got hit. When are we gonna see a knockout???

*Blitzing works....why the hell won't you use until desperation? Again, where is this blitzing we were expecting? Bringing more pressure would be greatly appreciated. Go after the QB, again when are we gonna see a knockout???

*David Iron's are the coach....make him shut the f@#k up. You are embarassing the Auburn family when you allow that trash to fly.

*Zack Lorenzo or Tristan instead.....38 should never see the field again.

Lil' Chamo, I love you, the old you, please return next weekend with your passion and better D scheming and playcalling. I would like a shut out of Arkansas if you please.

The misdirection & play action was terrific. Al, playcalling is a lot about feel so I encourage you to roll with it and have some fun. It really compliments the power running game and drop back passing attacks. Brandon, don't be a weirdo. Work on them, mechanics.

A W is a W, but Auburn, my Tigers, you might/probably blew your chance for the NCG if it comes down to 3 undefeated teams, although the thought of undefeated is a mother of an assumption right now and looking doubtful.

Coach Tuberville, coaches and the Auburn players, we expect much of whom much has been given. You have done a terrific job recruiting and building a good program. It is time to live up to ability. You have all of our support here at the Daily Football Fix (w/ the possible exception of the Dr.) so please go out and kill. I am happy as hell we are undefeated. I appreciate you and the team putting us in this position. Go kill it. Shut down the Arkansas run game and knock MM out of the game with blitzes of clean hits. It is time to play like Auburn again.

Dye hard and a little disapointed,

Wilbur Churchill...the King of Tigerland


King of Tigerland said...

clarification from issue is with gold jerseys, gold is great as long as it is contrasted......

white helmet, gold jersey,

gold helmets, gold jerseys, gold pants......not cool

Daddy said...

i believe you hit the nail on the head with your letter to the auburn tigers.

King of Tigerland said...

Thank you, daddy. It still hurts a little bit.

King of Tigerland said...

I would love to see what Nation has to say.

tigernation said...

Well all I have to say is it's about what I thought could happen.

Offense - Passpro was bad along with the wideouts not getting open, Cox is hesitant at times and holds the ball for a sack. But they played ok and 24 points on 6 possesions is not bad. We scored on 4 of 6 so i guess I'll take it.

Defense - Where to begin? It's obvious to everyone that when we rush 3 and drop into that soft zone, we are suspect at best. I have said since last year that Zach Gilbert has NO BUSINESS BEING ON THE FEILD!!!! WSU, LSU, and now SC all picked on him. He just got exposed bad last night.

WE must find a way to pressure the QB in those situations. 3 man front will get us beat later in the year. Our safeties still have some growing up to do. They said the TD over the middle was a bust, well they need to get that fixed.

I am happy that we won but I'm unhappy with the defense and it's in-game adjustments.

Florida will beat us.....that is all

Oh yeah, we should and will drop at least 1 if not 2 or 3 spots this week. Which is fine with me, a little wake up call maybe.............and we ain't going undefeated. No reason even thinking about it right now. SEC championship should be the goal.

Daddy said...

Unless something miraculous happens this weekend with Ohio St. and iowa and USC and WS then we drop two spots aat least(USC and West Virg). And if Florida whoops Alabama pretty good then they will jump us too. Michigan could too.

shakeyour$maker said...

What a piss poor performace from the supposedly #2 team in the land. I have no clue what our defense was doing all night. What happened to making adjustments during the game? Zach Gilbert needs to be kicked off the team. David Irons mouth needs to follow Gilbert...although Irons tackling ability in the open field is second to none.

Offensively, I was satisfied.

Our special teams Suck!!!! (Excluding Punter, Kickers) How do we fumble every kick that comes to our deep guys on kickoffs, and end up with shitty field position? Punt return is a complete joke. Dunn will fair catch when he has a lot of room to run...and will run right into the coverage when he doesn`t fair catch. That is our stupid ass special teams coaches.

Bottom Line: We may have won the game....but Tubbs and co. were seriously outcoached. I think yall are right about gettin beat this season. We drop from #2 to #5 or #6 easy...and I hope we do. We are not a number 2 team. How lucky were we to beat LSU?

tigernation said...

If we can find a defense for 4 and 5 wide sets we will be fine. Our d-backs are just too inexperienced to cover 5 guys running around I guess.

We got the win and that is all we can ask for right now. As bad as we played at least we didn't lose.

Lets beat Arky and get ready for florida.

Anybody else want to see Tray Blackmon?

shakeyour$maker said...

I saw Sears on kickoff return team..did he play much on defense?

I would love to see Blackmon!!!

Daddy said...

Really all Auburn needed to do was put pressure on Newton, instead we made him look like a star.

I think you are right about the outcoached statement. We have very coachable players. Auburn has talent and depth, its all about what our coaches do with it, and they didnt do shit last night. I just hope everyone in the Auburn program learns a lesson.

tigernation said...

Didn't see Sears on D because we ran that nickel all second half.

We have no problem stopping teams who line up and run or play with tight ends and maybe 2 or 3 wideouts. 4 wide scares me really bad because we just don't get enough pass rush.

Blackmon will be good to see but I don't think he will really contribute until next year.

I was talking to Dad and he made a good point. Winning on the road in the SEC is always tough.....unless it's in Mississippi. We were not ready and played poorly but we still won on the road against a capable SEC team. Now we need to improve and get ready for Arky......who we should stop because they have no QB at all.

And we do get UF at home

lola said...

take the win. usc represented and did so well. (very difficult for me to say that, but hell, i thought it was going into ot) i do agree with daddy. your d made newton look good. and what, he's been practicing at qb this year for 3 weeks now. gotta love college football. now i gotta listen to all these damn carolina fans.

tigernation said...

Who is this lola? Is it a chick? Is she hot? Way too level headed to be talking with us about football. Makes too much sense. WE only like bitching, moaning and crying about things we can't control.....come on.

A buddy of mine just said some UGA fans were giving him hell because we got "lucky" last night. Unreal!! Do they not remember having to throw a TD with 40 seconds left to beat 0-4 Colorado (who kidked UGA's ass all day by the way)? Their rivials are always lucky to win and UGA never gets beaten by a better team, the other team either gets lucky or UGA gives it away or gets cheated. Makes me sick.

Cousin Larry said...

I love you, lola

lola said...

cousin, i'm not a midget

King of Tigerland said...

Mills??.....are you lola??...if so let me know when you get into Miami....if so bring that Clemson orange on!

I got money Lola is a guy since they used the term "represented"

Yeah, I was probably harsh on the letter but I feel so let down by Tubs & Lil Champ

King of Tigerland said...

Quick update on the financial status of MW Publishing....we pulled in a whopping $4.24 in August for ad revenue!!

Look for more visual ads, a few banners and the such this weekend. Taking it to the next level with the Dr. posting next week.

King of Tigerland said...

And $, yes, Irons can tackle and is our only shut down corner, but he waits for the ball carrier to come to him and cannot control his mouth or his interference.....just shut up and play......a girl I was with last night told me that DI emailed her on Myspace and said "I wanna take you to da movies.".......both Irons like white meat

tigernation said...

I don't have a problem with him talking. He can back it up and if not he just interferes with the guy so there is no catch. There is a reason that other teams do not throw at his side.

We REALLY missed Wilhite last night.

If Gunn doesn't drop that fumble the game gets out of hand.

But you know I don't like "if's" but that was a big play.

I just looked out my window and saw Zach Gilbert chasing Kenney McKinley down the street.

King of Tigerland said...

In all fairness, we are missing parts of the game where AU was absolutely brilliant. The offensive line needs to pick it up and Borges needs to get a groove.......when/if they out.

lola said...

god you make me laugh. sorry, king, you make me laugh. i'm not mills, but if he's in clemson orange, he's not all bad. just a chick from myrtle beach who somehow found this blog and have been humored ever since. now i have a serious question. going all out on a parlay. alabama and the points? gators covering? over? under? would like everyone's opinion. where's the bama guy on this site?

Cousin Larry said...

over under on your height lola, 4'3" Come on under

Daddy said...

i would not bet on that game if I were you. Way too many intangibles.

Daddy said...

It wont be long until I need to purchase a new mattress. Am I going to need to come to Gainesville?

lola said...

cousin, you are twisted. thanks, daddy, probably good advice that i should heed. wilbur, if you give me a winner, i'll buy you the drink that "the lock on central florida" should have gotten ya. you guys have a nice stress free weekend.

tigernation said...

Yep daddy you're gonna need to come to G'vegas for that. Unless you want to tell me what you want, size, firmness, price, and then I could bring it to you. But you might want to lay on it first.

Lola? A chick from Myrtle Beach? I call BS but we can find ou the truth right now.....

I used to live in Charleston so here are some questions that when answered will tell us about Lola......and if she is from SC

1) Do you own or have you ever driven a lowered Civic with either a) an airbrushed liscense plate, or b) lights underneath.

2) Do you have a tatoo and where is it?

3) Where is Goose Creek, South Carolina?

4) Can you smoke a cig and hold a baby while pumping gas?

This should be fun.

lola said...

i have never owned a said vehicle but being originally from orangeburg, i know several people who have.

i do have a tattoo, right hip
i will go a step further with it is an orange jerry bear

goose creek is outside of c'ston, somewhere in the ladson or summerville area i think

i'm not sure what you are implying with the last question. i was always taught not to smoke around babies or gas pumps.

actually, i live in north myrtle beach, grew up in south carolina because dear old dad was transferred to o'burg when he was with international harvester. spent 5 years at, as lou holtz has now deems it , "the university of" clemson. but had several great weekends at au.

King of Tigerland said...

cool.......lola, glad you found it.....who knows what will happen with Bama although the game if the game is decided within the first qtr then Florida will win, if it is tight then Bama might pull it out.

King of Tigerland said... key chain is an orange jerry bear bottle opener!!!!!

Cousin Larry said...

guess what my tattoo is