Thursday, September 07, 2006

Shooting for the Moon

Thursday night football attention will be focused on the NFL as the Dolphins visit Pittsburgh. The line has slid to a pick with the total sitting at 34.5. After going 3-2 last Saturday against the spread to bring the season tally of 4-4, I need this one. Jump to the NFL over Oregon State travelling to the blue fields of Boise State, why not. The Fins win it outright. Right it down, take notes. Ronnie rushes for 80 & Daunte biggest dude ever Culpepper will have a monster game.

Oh by the way, take the over in Oregon State/Boise. There are two winners.

A new month, a new Jessica Simp. Thank heavens it is only a pic
ture. Maybe next week I will post a pic of her floating by her floating devices.

Videos below.....some d-bag already removed the entrance & 1st half so I hope you have seen it. Savage makes 2 killer hits and line is making huge holes. Good stuff.

Might as well throw Saturday in as well. Auburn rolls over a weak Miss St
ate team as they pass more as a quicker Bulldog D will prove tougher to run on than the Cougars. That is ok as State does not score. Shutout. Nada, nothing zero. Tigers cover 31-0.

Tennessee is giving 20 to Air Force. Florida 23 to Central Florida. Vols cover as the D shuts down the Falcons. Gators do not. Central Florida makes the charge to be in the Big 4 in the Sunshine State but falls short of a victory.

Vandy always plays Bama well. The Tide have some kinks to work out this week and need to shut a team down. Vandy won't be their whipping boy today as the Commodore cover 16.5 but fall short of the Tide in Tuscaloosa.

LSU & Ole Miss play out of conference against Arizona % Mizzou respectively. Both cover as LSU wins by almost 30 & Ole Miss pulls out a W as the cover 8.5 backdoor. SEC representing well.

Games of the Week

Georgia travels to Columbia with 3 new DB's, a recently blown redshirt for Fat Matt & a ton of talent. Will it be enough against Spurrier & SC in Williams Bryce Saturday night? No, as Carolina wins the always tough, low scoring affair. 17-16 as D rules the night, as will conservative playcalling with Steve letting a few plays ring out.

Penn State visits Notre Dame. Irish are given another close scare and do not cover 8.5.

Texas wins outright and covers 23-16. The offensive lines are the key as to who can run the ball and control the clock. It will be a slobberknocker.

Gentlemen, shooting for the moon is the titties.


King of Tigerland said...

By the way, $ leads the Pick ems by one over Nigel, Seth Morris & myself.

Nurse practitioner, Mommy, & Africanation, can't handle the rest of the Fix? Huh? Y, 11769 & auburn if you can handle it.

tigernation said...

Damn boys I'm really sorry I missed such a good time.....had a big sale monday but thats life.

Dr - nice seeing your crimson ass in AU....even though we usually don't like your kind in them parts.

Sounds like y'all had a good time....

daddy - congrats man, sorry I missed it. Hope the married life is as good as they say!

Shakes - LaGrange was worth it....although I almost didn't make it because I was seeing double! Oh yeah, there was an IHOP attached to the breakfast!!

Dr.Feelgood said...

About to step out of the office for awhile. Will be on all afternoon.

tigernation said...

Dr - have you heard the rumor that Juwan had an underage booster's daughter in the car with him at the time of his arrest? Also, he was driving an Escalade belonging to a car dealer/booster? Girl was half dressed and is a white, JV cheerleader, blonde, 17 years old.

The boards are humming with tons of different theories.

Apparently Shula said his punishment was to clean cells at the Tuscaloosa Jail. Turns out that Shula did not give that punishment but it was court ordered by his drug class as part of a plea bargain. So in reality he faced zero punishment from the coach.

Another rumor: He was not punished because a) Brodie refused to workout and was never punished so Shula could not suspend Juwan due to risk of mutiny by the "black" players. b) Juwan threatened to go "Eric Ramsey" on UA if he was suspended. c) And this is from a supposed GA at Bama, 90% of the players smoke weed and one is the dealer to the team. (pretty funny)

All of them are pretty funny if you think about it. Just wondered if you had heard them yet. You can tell it's football season, everybody is on edge.

Dr.Feelgood said...

College Football News has AU not covering in Starkville

Dr.Feelgood said...
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Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah Juwan was pulled over in birmingham so I imagine the odds of most of those are untrue.

Shula does not release punishment, but I am sure that poster on the board has "inside info"

Maybe Juwan likes white girls, they all do

tigernation said...

I don't see us covering either. That is a bunch of points.

Of course he likes white girls.....I don't ever blame them for that.

Whether that stuff is true or not we'll never know. And frankly I really don't care. Although, there is no reason he should have played in that game, charges or no charges, he still embarrassed his team and school. They would have beaten HI without him and SHula could have saved some face. He got blasted in the AJC today and by Finescum last week, but I'm sure he is not worried about all that.

Texas - Ohio state from last year is on ESPN classic right now. Good game.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Maybe, I don't think Shula really cares what they have to say.

I think Auburn will cover, State lost their starting QB and RB, and got shutout by USC's d with 10 new starters.

I think Auburncan cover easy in that one

Dr.Feelgood said...

Reading the Birmingham News, the jail community service was not court ordered. The coaches ordered it, he is still doing it now.

He has also been working at RISE, a school in Tuscaloosa for disabled children.

Shula also said he would not comment on the situation again yesterday

tigernation said...

Isn't working at a school for disabled children as punishment kind of a slap in the face to the kids. I mean, that should be volunteer work, not punishment.

"Hey Juwan, you're in trouble so why don't you go feed some retards for a few days."

Nice on his part to do it, not good to publish that in the paper as punishment. Just my opinion.

Shula needs to just say something about it to get everybody off his back. If he would just say "look, he did this and this and now he is not in trouble" then I think the media would let it go.

I know I'm tired to seeing something about it every day.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Why does he need to say anything, he never has before?? No one knows what all Juwan had to do.

Shula said it is "behind him"

Listening to baldy online right now. They need to give it a rest.

Seriously, if down the road discipline becomes a problem on the team, then they can say "We told you you didn't handle it right" bu right now the situation is over and done with. He has never discussed his discipline and shouldn't start now.

Its Shulas team, let him run it.

tigernation said...

I don't have a problem with the fact that he "keeps it in house". I just think he could have avoided all of this by sitting the kid down for 1 game or saying from the beginning that he was playing.

Running stairs and cleanig jails and caring for kids sucks, but nothing sends a message like games missed. I just don't think Shula sent a message to the team....but it's his team to run so it's up to him.

There is a reason he played and it's not because his charges were dropped. It's because depth is low at LB and Shula could not afford to sit him.

It's a non-issue now and Finescum is just stirring the pot like always. It should be put to rest but that is what Paul does, keeps things afloat to boost ratings.

It probably could have been handled in the media in a different way.....regardless of the punishment given.

By not saying anything for so long, Shula left the door open for critics to run wild and that's what they are doing.

Just don't want to turn into FSU and Bobby Bowden (play your stars in game 1 but sit them in games 5 and 6 against Northern Illi.)

I don't think Juwan's attitude about the whole thing helped with the media either..."I think I deserve an ice cream cone". That just looks like he doesn't give a shit what his coach has to say.

We'll see how it plays out but I think it's over least I hope. I bet Finescum talks about it for the next 2 weeks.

shakeyour$maker said...

My two cents:

Dr, You say that this is "Shula`s Team".....I care to differ. This team belongs to the Players...obviously. If brodie can miss the whole week of practice before the LSU game, and still play without punishment...(Mind you that he never stepped foot on the practice field..he wasn`t recovering from injury, or saving his arm.....that son of a bitch was out hunting in south Alabama.)....and Juwan can smoke bowls, carry guns, and talk shit about deserving "Ice cream cones" then it further shows who actually runs the team...THE PLAYERS.

People and the media can complain all they want to about lack of punishment, etc... (We are talking about Bama here...the school that allowed David Palmer to only miss 2 games after 2 DUI`s. Damn straight he was back on the team for the big showdown with Tennessee! Do that at Auburn and your ass is gone, no matter how good you are! Give me one example if I am not telling the truth!)....this team is not Shula`s, but the Players. They can do whatever they want to, and nothing will happen. Shula can`t afford to lose any good or decent players so anything and everything they do wrong gets erased without stiff punishment.

Another great example is the Britt brother that decided he was above the law...and headbutted a Tuscaloosa cop. The cop may have deserved it, but I`m sorry he is the law. Did any punishment get handed to Mr. Britt? Hell No. I rest my case!

tigernation said...

I washed my fucking car good yesterday and what happens today??????


I can't keep that thing clean.....SHIT!!!

shakeyour$maker said...

I really don`t care about this issue to tell you the truth...but I had nothing else to comment, other than the fact that AU will cover.

Daddy said...

AU will cover. THis weekends texas, hohio game should be good too, especially playing at texas.

All black guys like white girls, because I hear black girls smell like burnt rubber.

I cant wait until I get to lay on the coach all weekend and watch football. I havnt had a relaxing weekend in a while.

King of Tigerland said...

Black girls smell like burnt rubber? Where in the hell did that come from?

lola said...

bet the over....thanks......@@

shakeyour$maker said...

Welcome to the family Lola.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Never listen to Kingdoms Thurs. night picks.

Kingdom your brilliance seems to take naps when you predict Thursday night games.

you are now 0-3 in Thursday night picks. That is why last night the Dr. took the under.