Monday, September 11, 2006

Tuesday Blues

2 games of MNF cannot stave the hunger I have for Saturday afternoon when LSU visits Auburn and later when the Gators visit Knoxville.

Matthew Stafford is now making Chuck Norris bow down to his greatness(Georgiasportsblog). Pretty soon it could be Mustain & Tebow as well. This could be the most talented freshman class of QB's the SEC has ever seen. Think, Smelley @ SC, Caudle & Emsminger @ Auburn, Schaffer @ Ole Miss ( I know, I know...I only get a half point for him), and McElroy @ Alabama on top of the Big 3. And you never know with recruiting rankings anyways.

The DFF has been recognized for its journalistic excellence as we have been graced with a link on A big thank you to Erik.

Saturday cannot be further away.

Juwan is a dead horse so lets focus on the real problem. Although, I would love to hear the story from his mouth over b&b's. It starts with, "Now what had happened was...".

Dr., what is the prognosis for Shula's survival in Tuscaloosa?

Weekend in weather in Auburn, Al will be warm and sunny in the upper 80's. This will require that any female sideline reporter(with the exception of Holly Rowe) to work in a bikini top and hot pants. If we were on ESPN then we would have had Erin Andrews. Hmmm...this plan could work.

If Florida A&M ran more on Miami than Florida State did, and FSU could not run on Troy. Do you think FSU is in trouble or deeeeeeeeep trouble? I say deeeeeeeeep trouble and OC Jeff Bowden is in hoooooot water. Best athletes in the world and they cannot gain a lick on the ground. It disgusts me. Maybe the return of the Fast Break Offense would be the elixir needed.


King of Tigerland said...

Warren Sapp after Charlie.

King of Tigerland said...

I was interviewed for the Corner News about the LSU rivalry last night. Pretty cool, although I am not sure the editor, Carla, who did sound kinda cute will publish any of the DFF other articles. We shall see.

Found out where most of the traffic is coming to the site from,

Big night for the DFF. It only gets better. Just you wait.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Alright ladies, congrats to the growing success of DFF.

I know Ole Miss looked terrible at Missouri Saturday, but a 3.5 point dog to Kentucky?? Thats bad, real bad, and along way from the grandeur that Schaeffer was going to bring to the Rebels this year. A dog to Kentucky, terrible.

King of Tigerland said...

Ole Miss covers backdoor in an almost must win for O's growing program.

Detroit's D line played great Sunday, their coach was suspened for walking through a drive thru bottomless. He was fired from Ole Miss last spring for another alcohol related stunt.

No matter how drunk I get, I never get stories like this.

The state if Mississippi is terrible, definitely not the "Best State for Football". Alabama's All Stars have whipped Miss' for 9 of the last 13 seasons.

Daddy said...

Two games this weekend that will decide the outcome of the SEC and possibly the National Championship. Kind of makes my undersid tingle a little. I am just glad we have LSU at home this year.

Way to go King, on your way to becoming a superstar!

Everyone get ready for daddy and the wife's(still weird saying wife) arrival on friday night. SHould be a killer weekend!

Daddy said...

I cannot stand FSU. There are several fans in my office. They are the ones with slicked back hair and gold chains, probably stealing office supplies.

tigernation said...


Still on fire boys, still on freaking fire!!!

Went to the Braves game last night, lots of fun. Got there in the bottom of the first to find they were already down 3-0, so I started pounding the draaaanks. Smoltzy left the game in the 2nd or 3rd I think and it was off to the Chop House.....ran into Trammel and Jerry.....both drunk like me.

My date wanted a red Braves hat so I told her to go pick one out while I got some drinks.......she picked out a freaking Bama hat. Not kidding, it said Braves in tiny letters on the side but the "A" in the middle with the red looked like I was walking around with a freaking BAmmer. YUK!

So we left the game in the 6th I think....already sloshed, should not have been speeding around ATL drunk but it was fun as hell.

Got a call from the Corner News editor "Carla". She asked me some of the canned questions so I just started rambling about Corn know....LSU fans smell exactly like corn dogs....and on and on and on. I think she got tired of me going back to corn dogs but I was hammered and wanted her to be clear that she needed to put that in her article. We'll see if she listened.

Nice to see The DFF getting some pub. I want to see some more opinions though. Need some heated debate with somebody other than the good DR.

Daddy said...

I know something no one can debate and this is that nation is en fuego. It is good to see the senior citizen working it. Is this your midlife crisis?

tigernation said...

I guess so daddy. Fast cars, lots of drinks, loose ladies (lots).

In the words of my engaged friend G-Rome....."There is something to be said for momentum, Bill. You must ride this wave to the shore for all of us who can no longer participate."

I'm doing it for the kids....for the kids.

So is there any way to have like 3 or 4 mid life crises?

Daddy said...

THat is a good quote. Seems like G-Rome always has some good quotes. In my opinion you can have as may mid-life crises as you want, mainly because I love hearing about it.

tigernation said...

oh you like the stories???

WEll I snapped a cute little pic (panties) on sunday morning with Two-bits asleep in the bed. I'll email shortly. Nothing pornographic but funny.

Daddy said...

Thank you. Always keep daddy informed. I do like the stories.

I am not really supposed to be on here at work, and it is hard typing while constantly looking over my shoulder.

tigernation said...

Check the email boys. Notice the AU flag in the background.

Erik said...

King of Tigerland,

I do what I can. Thanks for linking me. Oh, and keep those random shots of the ladies coming. Nothing spices up a post like some well placed eye candy!

Erin Andrews...Wow...Are those for real?!?

I bet Kirk could tell us.