Friday, September 01, 2006

1 day and 19 hours til...

Satisfaction is within our grasp. We have been waiting all summer to taste that first drop of liquor on campus. The smell of football permeates the air and spreads like a fever.

The season officially kicked off tonight as Wilbur went 0-3.

State is in for trouble. We will get a better idea about South Carolina next week as I believe they might pull of a stunner against Georiga. Their D looked good but the Gamecock O-line may be suspect against a good rush.

Wilber Picks for Saturday August 2

Cal @ Tennessee-Cal walks out of Neyland Stadium with a victory. Tennessee will be trying to gel on D throughout the night and Ainge should be better. None the less, Cal will be to much as they cover +2 or -2 no mater how it swings and win outright 27-23.

Notre Dame @ Georiga Tech-Notre Dame is to much. Unless Calvin Johnson goes for 200 yards and 3 TD's, the Irish plunder Atlanta. Reggie Ball's middle name is still suspect, although he plays great in the first game of the year. Notre Dame has had time to prepare and watch Auburn videos from last year. Georgia Tech's fans will realize that Bobby Dodd's 50 someting thousand is not an intimidating road stop. Weis & Co. throw for over 300 as the Irish cruise 34-20 and cover the 7.

USC @ Arkansas-Many a starter returning but remember they were still 4-7. No more than 4 more W's this year. They will keep it close but the Trojans will have to much firepower. USC pulls away after big plays late in the game and the Pigs can't respond without McFadden. USC 34-23 as the Trojans cover the 8.

Hawaii @ Alabama- The Rainbow Warriors pay a visit the Tuscaloosa to visit the Herd. Colt throws for 325 yards and 3 scores on an inexperienced D. JPW & DJ Hall combine for two scores as Darby returns his standard buck on the ground and of course will not break anything long. Not enough as Hawaii outshoots Bama 28-27 and backdoor covers the 16 in an outright victory.

Washington State @ Auburn- Auburn jumps all over the Cougers early with scores on their first two drives. New D will hopefully force turnovers and bad decisions that can be taken advantage of. Cox throws for 225 and Irons reels off a buck fifty and two scores. The D adds a touchdown due to pressure and the Tigers roll 34-17.

Ladies, opinions are welcome.


Dr.Feelgood said...

Here is the Dr.'s picks I just realized that I have not packed, and will be leaving after a brief stint at the office. Its late, I am unprepared and drunk again, so here we go.

Cal @ UT
Ut is always overrated preseason, much like they are again this season. Gerald Riggs was better than Arian Foster. Jason Allen and Mahelona are gone. The bright spots off the miserable team from last year. Cal steadily beats Tenn at home 28 - 17

Notre Dame is totally overrated, but Georgia Tech can't prove it in week 1. Reggie Ball and the yellow jackets fall short.
ND wins 35-20

Wash St. @ Auburn
As much as I hate to say it, and as much as Auburn loves to dissapoint againts preseason hype and first gam,es against out of conference opponents.
AU easily covers the spread 42 - 21

Hawaii @ Alabama
Everyone playing on the so called inexperienced D had playing time opn last years squad. Tide gives up a few points, but rolls easily in the new and improved stadium.
Bama 31 - 17

Dr.Feelgood said...

Oh yeah, USC @ Arky
I might have had a sleeper in store until McFadden got a pin put in and pulled out of his foot. Arky has a great O-line, and thats about it. This is the doctor's gambling pick of the week.
USC 52 Arky 17

tigernation said...

I like the picks guys. I pretty much agree with the DR. I just don't see Hawaii pulling off the upset. Bama just has more athletes.

Cal will beat UT but it will be one of those crazy games like the UT UF game is every anything could happen. I do think UT will be much improved this year though.

I would love to see GT put a stop to all this ND hype but it probably won't happen. ND either jumps out early and it's over by halftime....or Tech keeps it close and ND wins it late. Either way we have to listen to ESPN suck that ND wang for another week.

On paper Auburn should win easily......but that won't happen. AU will give up at least 2 long td's in the air and maybe one on the ground. WSU lost their starting DT and SDE so by the 3rd quarter AU should start to wear into that depth and should be able to pound the game out. AU wins but doesn't cover the points.