Sunday, September 10, 2006

SEC Saturday...Fall is here....150 posts and counting...a celebration

Bama & Tennessee almost blew it...badly, Georiga shut down SC, Auburn dominated State, Arkansas bounced some polygimists, Ole Miss was thumped by Mizzou. Kentucky, LSU & Florida all rolled over inferior comptetition.

Nationally, Ohio State & Notre Dame rolled and ascending to the top two spots in the polls.

A few SEC recap.

Ole Miss doesn't have as much talent as they think they do. There is a tremendous drop off between the top player(s) and the rest of the team.

Tennessee couldn't handle assignment football(disciplined defense againts less speed), although there is an element of trickery to the triple option, it should not have come down to a stupid go for 2 call by Fisher DeBerry. CFD forgot that overtime is now an element of today's game and he had the Vols on the ropes. Could you have imagined if Fulmer had lost this one?

Alabama has the same offensive line as last year plus an NFL guard playing LT. Andre Smith is 350 plus easy. Could be a lot quicker if he dropped 30 lbs. but he is a crushing run grader. Capps still lacks. JP has an adequate arm but sometimes can't quite read a defense. Ken Darby is obviously bothered by the pointer. Take a week off and come back twice as strong, KD. Juwan is a arguement here. Maybe they were distracted by a certain Vandy pledge class? Let's play "Which one was in the car with Juwan?"

Auburn is vanilla so far and self admitted stubborn playcallers(Tubs running so much the first half against State). What might come out against LSU after a great defensive performance. Special teams were a plus with a 55 yard boot from Vaughn but Dunn needs to quit dancing and run like Lil' Bo does on kickoff returns. Played many young guys and they produced. Auburn has a well balanced roster of veterans and young talent. What could be in store for the LSU game? Multiple blitzes, expanded offense? This has been gameplanned since before the summer. I believe this game has been the true focus since the Citrus Bowl debacle. LSU is the measuring stick since they were the last team from the west to go to Atlanta.

Tre Smith should never see the playing field ever again. This is justified due to lack of blocking on punt returns, no reaction to a fumble where he could have scored, lack of any offensive production (other than 2002 Alabama) in his entire career, horrible Halloween costumes, muffed punts and/or simple because there are younger and better players who should be on the field instead.

Tennesse looks terrific one week and flat the next. Looking forward to next week? Who shows up next week?

I know, Jen, FSU was struggles against Troy. What a letdown.

Georgia, Georiga, Georgia. You have the greatest quarterback ever and he will win 2 Heismans and 6 National Championships in 3 years before he is the Number 1 draft pick. No doubt Stafford has one the best arms in the SEC. 3 INT's are expected for a debut, and is there anyone out there who didn't think it would come against SC? Not a soul, as Joe T recieved a trust fund to step down(jk), bad luck for him, but it is a funny thought, isn't it? I can see the thUGA Mafia slipping 300k into an offshore account. Now let's see what happens when Fat Matt gets chased and hit by Tennesse, Florida & Auburn. That is world's away from South Carolina as Spurrier's bunch might not be that good at all. Not much offensive line as Georgia was all over Mitchell all night.


1 Ohio State
2 USC 3 Auburn 4 LSU 5 Florida 6 Texas 7 West Virginia 8 Notre Dame 9 Georgia 10 Louisville 11 Florida State 12 Tennessee 13 Virginia Tech 14 Miami 15 Michigan

Ladies & gentlemen, your thoughts on an interesting weekend all the way around.


King of Tigerland said...

......over 3.2 million visitors as well.

Daddy, yahoo fantasy league college pickems

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Enjoy it, Nation, enjoy it.

Kate said...

Dear King O' Tigerland - Your little sister is an avid reader because she hasn't lost her heritage, however, she's wondering how a team with a scrawny freshmen quarterback is ranked above her current alma mater.

King of Tigerland said...

I hate to say it young grasshopper, but Texas would win a showdown with ND. Penn State is back to the norm...average team, average speed, last year was an exception. To much talent and speed on D and their Texas size O-line would wear down the Irish.

Irish are toucdown favorites this weekend...this will be the test to see if they are legit.

shakeyour$maker said...

SEC Picks for Week 3

By: Cecil “Shakes” McFly

Last Saturday, I sat on my couch watching football from 11:00am until 10:30pm without getting up except for bathroom breaks, and to refill my drinks. The day was full of action, but I was a little disappointed in the hyped up “Great Games” of the weekend. I thought I had picked a monumental upset with Bama and Vandy, but time seemed to run out on my Commodores. Although UAT won, my assessment of the Tide being mediocre, has seemed to play out as true. Onto the games of this weekend:

Arkansas at Vanderbilt The Commodores played Bama to the wire in a close loss, but will have a hard time keeping it together this weekend against Houston Nutt and the Razorbacks. Mustain is the new man at QB in Hawg country, and will help lead Arkansas to a good win, against a decent Vandy team. Pigs 24-17.

Ole Miss at Kentucky The Rebels got embarrassed last weekend in a woodshed beating from the Missouri Tigers. Ole Miss will have to regroup and refresh if they want a shot at the SEC Championship. Lucky for the Rebels they have the very tamed Kentucky Wildcats this weekend. UK Coach Rich Brooks will start looking for a new job again following this game. His seat just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Rebs 20-7.

Tulane at Miss St. I really don`t think either one of these teams will score. MSU does have a good defensive line, but nothing else. Tulane is just as bad if not worse. The Bulldogs will get on the board late, and give the fat and sloppy Sly Croom his first win of the season. MSU 3-0.

UAB at UGA The Dawgs were impressive in their shutout of Spurrier`s Gamecocks last weekend. QB Matt Stafford showed he could play as a true freshman in the SEC. He`ll have a couple more warm up games to prepare for meat of their schedule. UAB will hang tough, but won`t finish well. The Dog Pound 27- 17.

Wofford at USC Spurrier is pissed at the shutout his team was handed this past weekend. This has not happened in a long time for the `Ol Ball Coach. He and his Cocks will take out their anger on the Wofford School of Dance. Carolina, 42-6.

ULM at Alabama I bet Bear Bryant was rolling over in his grave after Shula and his team were celebrating like they had won the National Championship last Saturday, after barley beating the weakly Vanderbilt Commodores. It is just a matter of time before the Tide breaks. Bama looks weak on offense, and has many holes on the usually awesome defense. Mike “Deer-in-the-headlights” Shula will finally get the karma he deserves for not punishing the weed-smoking, gun-carrying LB Juwan Simpson. ULM in the last seconds, 17-16 (It could happen)!


Florida at Tennessee Florida looks like they have molded into a good team behind QB Chris Leak. After beating two weak teams, the Gators look to take control of the SEC East (for the time being) if they can beat the Volunteers. UT Coach “Fat” Phil Fulmer had the Vols rolling on all cylinders against Cal in week 1. Then Tennessee had to hold off a determined Air Force team late in the fourth quarter to win. So far, UT has been tested and Florida has not been to this point. Because of that fact, and because the game is in Knoxville help my decision. Vols in a Classic, 27-24.

LSU at Auburn Both of these teams have looked pretty sharp in their opening two games. This one should be like every other game in this rivalry…fireworks from start to finish. The Auburn D will step up to the challenge, and Irons will get back on track with a great game of 100+ all-purpose yards. Cox will throw for around 200. Home field advantage will be the key to this game. The Auburn faithful will be loud, and crazy. Auburn comes from behind in another classic, 31-27.

shakeyour$maker said...

Article from last week in The Corner News...

Daddy said...

SHakes you and I had exactly the same weekend it sounds like. Best weekend I have had in a while.

It is easy to see who the top sec teams are after this weekend. LSU looks really good. THis weekend should be a battle for the ages.

It is amazing how many auburn fans there are down here in the Cola, it is also amazing to see how many people hate the gators in this area. Lots of FSU fans, who got horribly embarrased this weekend. Pretty strange part of the country.

Dr.Feelgood said...

The Doctor had a wild Sunday night escapade with a couple of bisexual female bartenders. Needless to say work is not fun today.

Came very close to hitting my 10-game parlay. 8-0 at 6 o'clock caused my heart rate to speed up. Too bad Arky can't cover against Utah State or I might have hit the big money.

Worked all weekend, and realized how bad it blows watching college football by yourself. I acted like a girl and stayed on the phone discussing plays with the likes of Shakes, my father, and my uncle.

Had an excellent fantasy football score yesterday but still got it handed to me by little vaughn thanks to Chris Simms 3 picks and a kicker named Jeff Wilkins. he got 83 points at those two positions alone.

Pretty much solidified my win in fantasy NASCAR this weekend. Sucks for Tony.