Sunday, November 12, 2006

Words Cannot Express

Auburn & Texas go down in flames. LSU & Arkansas roll. Words cannot explain the crazieness I witnessed this weekend. I cannot even put my thoughts together so only bewildered statements tonight.

Mark Richt put together a brilliant game plan and his players executed to perfection. Tommy Tupperware had no answer and made no adjustments. Georgia's beleagured staff and team outcoached and outplayed the pitiful Tigers. The Bulldogs have a talented and deep enough program where a competitive game was expected even with 4 losses. This was one sided all the way and over in the first quarter.

Al Borges turned in his worst playcalling of his Auburn tenure.

Brandon Cox & Joe Cope probably should not have even been on the field.

Auburn will never win a championship with Brandon Cox.

Auburn DC Will Muschamp was a much heralded addition and for the first three games he was a genius. What the hell happened? His defense has nose dived and is lost. Absolutely no pressure on the QB.

The Auburn defense is worse than last year this time with David Gibbs.

Alabama looked good. They gave LSU hell and Jamarcus Russell was on fire. He is the most talented QB I have seen in a long while. Imagine if Vince Young had 4's arm?

Shula might have outcoached Joe Kines for the first time in a long while. I am not looking forward to next week. It could be ugly if Tubs runs his mouth.

Ladies, I am at a loss,



Daddy said...

Dont even really feel like talking about Auburn. Go McRazorbacks.

Pretty fun weekend regardless of the loss. Shakes, the night tailgate was fun and the turk was good, makes me excited about the holiday season. Good to see the king and nation, may not see you guys for a while since football season is wrapping up. May have to plan an off-season trip or gathering including the Dr.

shakeyour$maker said...

Not much action on here today.

Anyone catch the Auburn Review last night? Tubbs looked disgusted, and rightfully so. He said that Cox played banged up against UGA, and ended up getting banged up more...thanks to our OL. He said Cox may be doubtful this weekend. I think I may be leaning more towards starting Blake Fields over Cox either way, considering how poorly he played against UGA. What do we have to lose?

This one should be a classic in T town if AU will show up to play this week.

tigernation said...

If Cox can't go then hell yeah put in Blake. He is bad but at least he can escape a pass rush.

It's pretty easy to game plan for a statue with a woman's arm.

I say next fall we open up the QB slot to whoever wants it....because Cox has no fear of losing his job so there is no sense of urgency.

Cousin Larry said...

My Morning Jacket was awesome last night, Auburn is depressing, bring on Caudle, Slaughter and Hawthorne, go ahead and let Tate see significant PT the next two things, please don't send us to the Cotton Bowl

Cousin Larry said...

two games, not things, i am an idiot

King of Tigerland said...

Cotton Bowl sounds decent though, more prestigous than the Steak Bowl, and a later kickoff time.