Monday, November 06, 2006

Daily Football Fix Announces Boycott of all Lincoln Financial Products & Services

*Public Service Announcement*

"Please join the Daily Football Fix, Auburn Family & Georgia Nation in boycotting all Lincoln Financial products and services due to their insanely early kickoff time on thier Saturday telecast. This is a gameday and tailgate killer which is untolerable. The boycott will last until Lincoln Financial moves their kickoff times to 2e/1c at the earliest. Early games are for the Big 10 and the birds. Thank you for your cooperation."

Let's take a look at Auburn's next two foes..........

thUGA has given up the ghost and is getting ready for next year. Kentucky drove the field and answered to win the game. Unacceptable against a Georiga defense. There are some things I can live with, but when the game is on the line the D must stand. Matt Stafford's INT from the end zone is not an excuse as it was erased by a Dawg INT. Inflexible game management has always been a trait of CMR and it is becoming an achilles heal this year. Kregg Lumpkin rolls in the first half and barely sees the field the second? Replacing him with Danny "He hit me so hard I'm spitting up blood" Ware on the goalline? Hmmm, richT. Neal (who Wilbur detests from Bama football camp) Callaway struggles to start out with, and shorting him on bodies is devestating for the team. Bad offensive line, freshman QB, droppy recievers & a D line that Kentucky stoned & blew off the ball, absolutely so penetration & Q Moses spent half his time in the air. Juco recruiting is fun.

My only reason to watch the NBA, the Heat dancers.

Now, Alabama. What can you say? Good talent is being cancelled by bad coaching. Offensively speaking, there is red zone troubles, a hobbled QB, atrocious coaching & no playmakers. Tyrone Prothro's talent hid thier flaws. Defensively, the lost 7+(correct me if wrong) starters off of the top ranked squaud of last year. No, they are not gonna be as good but they can still play with almost anyone.

Butch Davis = Tarheel
Shula = Crimson Tide HC

Radar = not Crimson Tide OC

Troy Smith = Heisman
Louisville = Glendale, AZ
Neil Callaway = not Georgia OLC
Auburn = Orange Bowl
Bobby Petrino = NFL
Wilbur Churchill = damn sexy

No pics in while so we went all out.

Later on, Wilbur


King of Tigerland said...


Assistant coaches come and go with regularity in the SEC. Here's a look at the changes since the end of the 2001 season, according to university statistics (head coaching changes with asterisks):

School No.

Alabama* 16

Arkansas 8

Auburn 6

Florida* 19

Georgia 6

Kentucky* 15

LSU* 17

Ole Miss* 16

Mississippi State* 18

South Carolina* 16

Tennessee 6

Vanderbilt* 11

King of Tigerland said...

11/11 12:30 PM ET Opening BetWWTS Sportsbook Pinnacle Bodog WSEX
Open 40o -105

-14.5 -105 OFF
-13 -110 OFF
-12.5 -110 41o 102
-13 -104 OFF
OFF 41o -110
-13 -110

Nation's guess...7
Wilbur's...10...we both didnt see two TD's

Daddy said...

We better do it too.

Wet day in the cola.

It has been freezing inside the office where i sit and no one has fixed it for about a month, so today I dressed a little warmer and wore my boots because it is raining. Of course they decide to turn on the heat today so I am sweating like a hoe in church.

I dont know how bad the campaign commercials are elsewhere, but here in the cola they are silly. Some of the most juvenile mudslinging I have ever seen. They remind me of SNL parodies.

King of Tigerland said...

they are bad in atl.......still havent seen an ad with the dem gov candidate.....his are all slandering sonny

Dr.Feelgood said...

The Bob Corker - Harold Ford Jr. Senate race has been horrible.

I refuse to support either one of them because of their attack ads that are CONSTANTLY on TV.

Dark and gloomy again here, not as rainy. Global warming my ass

King of Tigerland said...


Jetgate II

Allegedly Bama is fueling up a jet to go get Petrino.

What is your take? I just don't see Shula gone until after next year.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I don't think he will be gone either......

Although I would not shock me.

Rader will be gone. If not, I will not attend a game next year