Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Apology Letter

Dear DFF Brotherhood,
Yesterday it hit me. Hit me hard. I have been mistaken for 4 years now. I was wrong, and I apologize to each and everyone of you for arguing that Mike Shula was maturing as head coach at the University of Alabama.

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I will no longer defend Mike Shula on this blog. I will no longer defend him in any personal conversations. Unless he gives up control of the offense, I will start calling for his job.

What I witnessed from a couch seat from 11:30 - 2:45 Saturday was just plain embarrassing. What upsets me more than anything is I saw it coming. The offense is horrendous under Shula's leadership. Sloppy Sly out coached him from the start. Alabama showed no emotion while getting spanked by the WORST team in the SEC. Hell, Tulane beat them.

I am finished with Shula. Our brief four years as fan and coach have now ended. I feel no remorse. It was your fault Mike. Your fault. I put up with lackluster football for four years. You made no attempts to change it. I warned you earlier this season, and you still didn't listen. Maybe the Bucs are hiring. They seem to have a stuck-in-the-mud offense going right now that you would fit right in.

Til next time go Hogs.

Dr. Feelgood


shakeyour$maker said...

Dr.-- I have been trying to preach this Shula stuff to you for 4 years. Now you realize that I have been right in my evaluation of Mike Shula. He is a child in a world of men, and has led Alabama football to the pits. He took a job that nobody else wanted, and has done nothing but sink deeper in the standings, and embarrass a once proud UAT football program. With two games remaining on the UAT schedule, Bama realistically could be 6-6, or 7-5. That is a dramatic change from last years`s 10-2 season. Now, it seems that the 10-2 mark was nothing more than a fluke. If I had a say, Butch Davis might be a great choice to make Bama the powerhouse it once was.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Shakes this is why I am apologizing.

Another rainy day in Memphis.

shakeyour$maker said...

Do you think Shula will get fired after the season?

If so, who will replace him?

Mark Schalabach(spelling?) from ESPN and Talkin` Football, thinks Butch Davis is coming at season`s end. He would be an excellent choice.

I think Larry Cocker from Miami would also be a great candidate for the job since the U and Bama have very similar players. (Ex. Juwan "Ice Cream" Simpson)

Dr.Feelgood said...

Somebody better be gone, either Shula or Rader.

Butch would be a good choice. I will create my candidate list and get back with you shortly

shakeyour$maker said...

How in the hell did Bama/LSU get the ESPN primetime game? I figured that LSU would get a night game, but never expected the primetime spot.

CBS has to be the biggest group of Spurrier Lovin Fags. Televising a game that doesn`t make a difference in the SEC divisional races at this point in the season is insane. Florida is already in the SECCG, and USC has 4 losses. Are you kidding me CBS?

UT/Ark-- Which will be the game of the day, gets pushed to ESPN 2. Correct me if I am wrong, but ESPN 2 got last choice in the 4 SEC games for Saturday. 1. CBS, 2. ESPN, 3. LF Sports, 4. ESPN2

I guess I am just very bitter about having to play the Oldest Rivalry in the South at 11:30am.

Dr.Feelgood said...

UGA has losses to Vandy and Kentucly - They fit the LF game.

Seriously Florida USC should be the LF UT-Ark should be CBS. UGA AU and LSU Bama should be ESPN night games

Dr.Feelgood said...

Somebody has to be around today........

Rainy Mondays no good

tigernation said...

The book of Mark Richt is to blame for this shit.

To qoute numerous UGA fans over the years......"Hell man, we've had four top 5 recruiting classes in a row. Blake Barnes is gonna be the man, Joe Cox is gonna be the man, Stafford is gonna be the man."

Richt is supposed to be a QB guru right? Then why the hell are they having to play a true frosh when the previous 2 QB recruits were top 10 players????????? Why are you 6-4 with "four straight top 5 classes"????????

I don not have the answers. Coaching? Maybe. Recruits a bit overrated? Definitely!!!!

I just hope we win. I will LITERALLY kill myself if we lose to this rag-tag bunch of monkeys.

Thanks UGA for forcing me to get up at the ass crack of dawn to watch your perennially overrated, undercoached, pansy ass, ACC offense, prevent defense, poser, tradition stealing, freshman playing, cheating, shit-talking for no reason, sidewalk team!!!

Fuck you!

Daddy said...

I like it when nation gets a lil rowdy. This is definitely not the way i thought the season would play out.

I was also looking forward to a BTB reunion.

Cousin Larry said...

Hell yeah, nation, nothing worse then good 'ole UGAy, holier than thou for no fuckin' reason scrubs

Dr.Feelgood said...

We may may have lost to Miss State but UGay lost to Vandy and Kentucky