Sunday, November 19, 2006


Auburn wins in a row for Tubs' Tigers in the Iron Bowl

Four losses against Tubs & Auburn for Mike Shula

2 incomplete passes on extra point attempts, a costly INT & 2 fumbles by JP.

Q, the manchild, told Dede & Co. he could not be blocked by Chris Capps. He was right as the suspect tackle could not touch him.

David Irons bullseyed by a bottle of water from the student section. Yeah, he shouldn't have thrown it, I concur, a classless act but what do you expect holding up a thumb to a pissed off, boozey Alabama student section. Of all people to get hit though, the best mouth the Tigers have.

Tommy Tuberville...what can you say? I personally have never been a big fan of the guy but he just beat Alabama for the fifth time in a row. Suck the thumb! Makes me a believer as I have questioned his smartass ways. And questions why, I, Wilbur Churchill, a fellow smartass, could be so hypocritical? Probably because he was a 9 win coach. Now he is a ten win coach. Next he needs to become an 11 win coach and then 12. Tommy, keep causing waves since that is what Auburn really needs. If they won't give your Tigers any respect, rile them up til they come to the light.

The record gap is closing fast.


Wilbur Churchill

Iron Bowl 2007


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King of Tigerland said...

Blueprint for success on the Plains
Sunday, November 19, 2006

̉”USCALOOSA -- The current condition of the state's two flagship college football programs can be contrasted as easily as this:

Auburn spent Saturday cementing its position as the SEC's best program over the last three years. Alabama split its time between losing to the Tigers for a fifth straight year and scoreboard watching, knowing that the outcome of the epic battle between Kentucky and Louisiana-Monroe would determine where or even if the Tide would be playing in a bowl game this season.

The 2006 regular season ended Saturday with players, coaches and fans from both teams wondering what happened to prevent this season from living up to preseason expectations. Of course, those questions are more pleasant to ponder when disappointment comes in the form of another 10-win season and another win at Bryant-Denny Stadium, also known as Jordan-Hare West.

Make no mistake, this Auburn team is much closer in talent and experience to the 2003 team that went 8-5 than the 2004 team that was undefeated and unjustly denied a chance to play for the national championship.

But these Tigers have continued to build on a championship-level program, even if they won't earn a title more prestigious than "state champion" this year. There's no other way to explain the win over Florida (which may still play for the national championship).

For most of Saturday, the Tigers played about even with an Alabama team that will spend the offseason looking up at everybody in the SEC standings except Vanderbilt and possibly Ole Miss and Mississippi State. But the difference is that everybody on the Auburn side knew that somebody on their side would make a play to win the game and that their coaches would put them in the best position to win.

The separation between Auburn and Alabama was never more clear than with 5:30 left in the game and Auburn leading 22-15. With the Tide facing a third and 15 from the Tigers' 18, attention on the Alabama sideline had already turned to the fourth-down decision, assuming the Tide was not successful in picking up the 15 yards on third down. The problem was that the discussion was between media members congregated on the sideline watching the closing minutes.

Many fans in the stadium and across the state watching on TV were probably having the same thoughts. But Mike Shula didn't have time to be distracted with those thoughts because he was too busy calling the third-down play, which gained nothing.

So, in an instant, Shula decided to go for the touchdown on fourth down. Then he decided to kick the field goal. Then he realized he had waited too long to make the decision, so he called a timeout. Then he decided to send the offense back onto the field.

The fourth-down play didn't work, which is hard to criticize. Not many teams have a playbook full of successful fourth-and-15 plays. But the point is that Alabama is working under a coaching staff that is flawed in its construction, which has been evident throughout this 6-6 season.

Whether the kind of mystifying blunders on display Saturday can be fixed with Shula as head coach or with changes to the staff is a decision that must be made quickly.

But if the decision-makers in Tuscaloosa need a model for a modern-day championship program, they needed to look no further than across the field Saturday.

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tigernation said...

I guess I'll have to repeat my joke from the earlier post.....

What did the five fangers say to the face?!?

(courtesy of Rick James)

tigernation said...

When asked if he would like to comment on the Iron Bowl, Tigernation simply had this to say......

"I would like to plead the fifth.....1...2....3....Fo.....Fiiiiiiiiifth!....I'll take the fiiiiifth, I say fiiiifth, fifth." ($1 to Chappelle's Show)

He had no further comment on the game.

tigernation said...


So nobody is on the monday after the Iron Bowl.

Weak boys, VERY weak!!