Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Appalachian High....West Virginia vs. Louisville

We appear to be in for a special Thursday night as two top 5 teams clash in Garlic Sauce on the Side Stadium. 85% of the public has taken the points with West Virginia at +1.5. The total is 56 and that number is overable if you ask Wilbur Churchill himself, who by the way may have perfected his dirrrrrty martini recipe this weekend. Alabama boy Pat White is unreal, Steve Slaton may be the only back who may equal the Hogs' McFadden.

Imagine if he was at Florida and how good he would make the Gators spread offense with their other talent. Savor that nugget.

Wilbur Picks...against the grain...WVU 27 UL34 & the over hits...hmmm...did I really just say that?

T's on the matchup?

"WE" are making a comeback on the smurfturf as we speak. "WE" may cover 21 backdoor after all. Best mustache in college football belongs to "OUR" coach. He looks like a cross between Toby Keith & James Hatfield...

"Exit light, enter night, take my hand, off to never never land." or "I love my truck, I love my girlfriend and I love this bar."

Are there any pictures of the Colonel on All Hallows Eve? I would like to put a costume to the story. I can actually picture Nation's as Bullshit telling a girl in a (Hooter's/cheerleader/insert skanky costume) exactly where she stands.

*Disclaimer-not saying she was wearing said hooker costume since photographic evidence has not yet been supplied but we are waiting on the pictures.*& photos are not working so we will rely on the Dr. for the visuals by way of email.

Ladies & Gents, til tomorrow & 3 martinis later, I bid you goodnight,

Wilbur Churchill

The King of Tigerland


lola said...

great minds think alike. i took louisville. they have a better kicker.

shakeyour$maker said...

I think Louisville gets the W tonight. If things start getting rough for WVU, I bet the "Tribal Factor" kicks in and the Mountaineers will fold.

I also think MSU may be ready to pull off an upset over UAT. I`ve just got a feeling about it. With JPW slowed by his ankle injury, the Bulldogs may have a chance. Fat ass Croom`s Defense is really not THAT bad. QB Henig has improved the past few games. Playing so early in the morning can only favor MSU.

Daddy said...

I agree with the louisville win. I think it is going to be a fun game to watch as well.

We are coming this weekend. My mom is having knee surgery and Jana has to go to Ginger's baby shower on Sunday, so I am not sure exactly what our plans are. But we are at least coming into town tomorrow night and going to the game.

Did you decide if you were coming to auburn?

tigernation said...

I like the Dawg bashing King but one word of will be a VERY good game and they can still beat our ass.

Keep bashing but be careful not to jinx us and set us up for the never ending wrath of UGA sidewalk alums.

Daddy said...

Yes, always be wary of the evil eye.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yall are crazy West Virginia rolls tonight. Brohm is not 100%, and no Michael Bush. You saw what the same WVU team did in the Sugar bowl against a better Georgia team last year.

I hear Arkansas State has something up their sleeves for Auburn this weekend. Be Careful, they are a returning bowl team

King of Tigerland said...

I am actually rather disapointed you have not commented/added to my eulogy, Nation. Yeah, they can and might beat Auburn, but Nation, we are gonna need a bit more hustle.

King of Tigerland said...

Blog en fuego, nation is not.

tigernation said...

En Fuego I still am and don't y'all forget it.

I am just too worried about the upcoming games to trash UGA right now. And through my many years in this state I have had to deal with the no-stop bullshit spewed by UGAY fans after they beat us.......and it's worse when they are bad and we are good. Remember the overtime game? Yeah, that one hurt for about 2 years. Or the time in 94 when the tied us and broke our winning streak..."we broke the streak, we broke the streak!" Yeah, you tied us, you dumbass leghumping ball-lickers.

We have looked average and until we can put the ball in the end zone I just can't talk the trash.

About the "en fuego". I have had to cut the roster a bit due to some of the "team" actually meeting with me in attendance (can you say awkward?). This has left me with 2 ladies instead of 4......such is life, but I ain't complaining!!!!