Friday, November 03, 2006

Weekend Thoughts from Dr. Feelgood

Sorry for my lapse in posting this week. It seems my internet issues have worked themselves out, and now I am back on track to help Mr. Churchill in keeping DFF up to date.

I figured I have not priveleged you all with a list in quite sometime. Since it is Friday, and I frankly don't have much to complain about, this list will simply consist of the thoughts rolling through my mind as we enter the 10th week (really time flies) of college football.

1. Big East football is not in the same league as the SEC. No one can convince me otherwise. Bottomline, Louisville = South Carolina if playing SEC football

2. I can't believe Wilbur Churchill correctly picked a Thursday night parlay. Congrats, compadre, maybe your luck has turned

3. Bama covers for the second week in a row at home.

4. There is no better food after midnight than an order of Huey's nachos to go.

5. Thanks to Slatons vaginalness, Troy Smith will runaway with the Heisman.

6. If Louisville wins out and plays Ohio State for the NC, Ohio State will murder them.

7. Crest's new Pro Health toothpaste is the titties, I suggest you all give it a try.

8. Arkansas will cover against South Carolina, and beat Tennessee next week.

10. I should be doing work right now.........

11. Cold Coors Light

12. Auburn will cover this weekend. Seeing the opportunity in Louisvilles win, Tommy goes for some style points.

13. Philip Fulmer is a fatass, I bet he ate a cheeseburger for lunch

14. A winning 5 game parlay is as follows: BYU -15.5, Georgia -7(Its Kentucky, be reasonable), Hawaii -27, Western Michigan -10.5, and finally TCU -20.

15. 2.5 hours left until 5 o'clock.............

So now that you have perused my brain, I must be getting back to the thing that actually pays my bills. Hope a good weekend to all of you.

Colonel, your Rebs may actually win one this weekend.

Daddy and King, be careful in your travels, and when you meet up with Shakes be sure to have a cold one on me.

Lola - Good luck to you and your Tigers against Maryland. Seriously who takes a Terrapin seriously??

In closing I leave you all with a picture of Carl dressed as Hank Williams Jr. Tuesday night.

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Til next time
Carl Montgomery


Dr.Feelgood said...

Sorry Nation, meant to give you a shout out for the weekend. As my boss would say, "Sell some shit this weekend"

En fuego

lola said...

that girl looks scared

Daddy said...

You do favor bocephus, DR. and it is quite scary.

tigernation said...

Anybody gonna be around the 'puter today?

I'm stuck at work. Blogging might be nice during the games