Monday, November 27, 2006

That's how the deal goes down

Shula is out. A joint decision by Mal Moore y Bobby Witt. 26-23, no, no, no, Alabama will not not accept mediocrity. It was a foregone conclusion that Mike was a goner so lets look at the high points of his Alabama coaching career.

Per Buck & Kincade, the $4 million buyout check came from one booster. I admire a man who does not want to see Shula on the sideline that badly! Is this his box? Who was he Dr?

Bambi High Points

1. 2 highest yardage passers in Bama history with Stickman & JP. Actually this translated into sacks by a poor line that killed QB's & produced few wins.

2. 10 wins in 2005. Ended ugly to LSU & Auburn with a "actually I did have my knee down around midfield" TD against Texas Tech in Dallas. 2005, apparently an abberation.

3. Winning over Auburn fans instead of the Crimson Complaint.

4. Beating Hawaii.

5. His buyout!!!

Now, gaze into the crimson looking glass, who will face Florida State next year as Alabama's head ball coach?

Spurrier, Can Bama pry Richrod from his alma mater Mountaneers?

Can they pay Petrino enough or Tuberville for that matter?

Paul "Bear" Jordan or Mickey Andrews? Jimbo or Pelleni?

How about Mike Price?? He has been pretty good at UTEP!!


Chesty is out at NC State & Dirk is cut at AZ St.

Gene Chizek is awarded for his hard work with the top job at Iowa State.

"I'm gonna miss you, Mike!" xoxo-Q


Daddy said...

I put lights on our Christmas Tree last night and I think I got the sappiest tree in the state of Florida. I still have sticky on me, mostly stuck in my arm hair.

Isnt it amazing how Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Thats only for married people Daddy, I actually don't start Christmas earlier and earlier.

Apparently Mikey lost the support of many more than just myself towards the end of the season.

I like how you talked shit about the Cotton Bowl win. Nice, Kingdom.

Dr.Feelgood said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daddy said...

Being married did have a lot to do with MY early christmas decorating, but have you not noticed how early christmas stuff comes out in stores and what not. I dont remember Christmas starting 2 weeks before Thanksgiving when I was a kid.

Dr. Scrooge, when are you putting up your tree?

tigernation said...

Not Dr but I put our tree up last night. It's a 3 foot tall plastic tree form my parents attic. We used to put it on the balcony at the top of the stairs when I was little.

We have one strand of white lights and the tree is sitting on the kitchen table so the dog doesn't eat it while we are gone.

I guess we'll use beer cans for ornaments again this year since we don't have anything else.

Damn I can't wait until friday

King of Tigerland said...

"Is it not true?"

Daddy said...

What the hell are you talking bout king?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Probably this weekend for the tree, and it will be the size of Nations.

LAst year Ol' Restless Legs mom came and decorated. We even had garland running up the stairs. It was a christmas wonderland

tigernation said...

Did y'all have mistletoe?(sp? haha)

So y'all would pass in the hall and have to kiss like Shakes and Daddy did back in college??!!!?!

I am cracking myself up today.

King, don't make fun of the Cotton Bowl. We may be playing there this year....i hope.

Head of the Cap one bowl came out and said that they were not opposed to a rematch of AU-Wisco again this year. ........I say F that!!! First of all, they would probably beat us, second, who the hell wants to play them again, and last of all......I hate the big 10!!

I plan on attending the bowl game but I will not attend that one.

tigernation said...

Pat Forde Blasting Bama..............

"And then there is the cuckoo's nest known as Alabama (10). Irrational passion and general delusion don't just drive the bus at Alabama. They drive the wheels off it like Dale Earnhardt.

The Crimson Tide went from being in love with Mike Shula last year when he went 10-2 to firing him this year after he went 6-6. Surprise meter reading: 8.5. Then again, we probably shouldn't be surprised.

This is, after all, Alabama.

The unpardonable sin was Shula's 0-4 record against Auburn, but that still doesn't make this the right move at the right time for a program craving stability.

Alabama let Mike Shula go after the Tide's 6-6 season.Don't look now, but lordly Alabama has become the single biggest burnout job in college football. The Tide's next coach will be the eighth in the last 25 years and the fifth this century. Nobody -- not even the bottom-feeding, revolving-door, dead-end schools like SMU, UNLV, UTEP, Utah State, San Jose State and so forth -- has gone through five coaches as fast as Alabama.

Since Bear Bryant ascended directly into heaven on a dazzling white cloud, surrounded by a host of angels, the program flux has been ongoing. Only Gene Stallings has coached more than four years in Tuscaloosa without fleeing or being fired. Stallings lasted seven seasons in the 1990s, which now makes him look like Joe Paterno in terms of permanence.

Between the stability of Stallings and the turbulence of today, Alabama has been slammed with NCAA sanctions for buying an overweight, underproductive defensive lineman; scandalized by the indiscretions of first Mike DuBose, then Mike Price; dumped by Dennis Franchione, who convinced his players to "hold the rope" through probation but couldn't wait to drop it himself; and now it has fired the alum who helped drag the program through the toughest part of its penalty phase.

Somebody find the prestige in that recent run.

Nobody, big time, is going to want to jump in that mess."

King of Tigerland said...

Kieth Brown's knee was down on the TD against TT

I, for one, would like a Cotton Bowl. Not since Bo played Texas I think.

Daddy said...

Dont laugh too hard nation or you might shit your adult depends.

Cotton pays out more.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I love how all these people said we were highly overrated at 10-2 last year, and we were

Now that he is gone, they act like last years 10-2 team was a well coached juggernaut team. How many games last year were won by a last minute field goal???

SUre wins and losses played a factor in the firing, sure 0-4 against Auburn had a little to do with it, but the main reason was his lack of control over the entire program. This became evident in the wins and losses. Shula was 0-18 when going into the 4th quarter behind. No come from behind wins. He was 3-15 against Ark, Fla, Tenn, LSU, and Auburn. Now, this fire was irrational?? Give me a break. He couldn't handle the disciplne probalems. He was indecisive on field and off.

Now the way it was handled and the coach list may be irrational, but not the firing.

Shula did stabilixze the program, he just couldn't win, it didn't work. We have to move on.

King of Tigerland said...

Dr.-good reasonability

Cotton is more prestigious also, diddy!!

and the name of Wilbur's son if he gets a white lab...after Chistmas we may have a new member to the Churchill family

Nation, lunch on Thursday maybe? I will be in Cumming for an appt and will be your way.....Crossroads is actally in my new territoty so I will be tearing up Cumming, Buford and Gainesville!!

Know anyone who ships a lot in G-ville??

King of Tigerland said...

Wisco & Oklahoma would beat us in a bowl game.

Texas & Nebraska would be interesting.

I think we can take Penn State....thats about it.

King of Tigerland said...

Any word on the booster who allegedly wrote the check?

Dr.Feelgood said...

No word on that.

Did hear the Marathon apparell company jet has been the plane they have been using

King of Tigerland said...

nation, any strip clubs in G-Ville, Lawrenceville, Suwanee or up there?

King of Tigerland said...

who's company is that? I can't find them on the internet

What state is it listed under and I will look up the officers?

Dr.Feelgood said...

They do Ducks Unlimited's clothing

Dr.Feelgood said...

Childersburg Al

tigernation said...

Kingdom - I'll be here thursday but we might have to eat here in the store if you are cool with that.

Wilhite Packaging is a huge box company in G'ville so they might ship a good bit.

So Dr - all the people we heard talking shit about 10-2, #8 in the country, better than AU, blah blah blah, are now all of the sudden wrong about last season?

Everything you said is true and I agree, but it's what we tried to say for a month after the season but nobody wanted to hear it. I agree with the firing and the reasons behind it.

But all we heard was about 10-2, higher ranking, won the last 3 quarters, and Wisconsin. Can't have it both ways. But I applaud your honesty after further reflection.

tigernation said...

King - strip clubs in the area include the Top of Gainesville.....and that is about it. Pink Pony is not too far....Buford highway

King of Tigerland said...

sounds good, where is the Top of Gainesville?

Dr.Feelgood said...

I was talking about the media. They talked shit all last season about how overrated the 10-2 team was, which they were.

Now that Shula is gone, they act like that 10-2 was impressive and how Shula shouldn't have been fired b/c he went 10-2 last year. How many field goal winning games were there last season??

Never said anythign about being wrong or better than Auburn or 3 qtrs

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