Monday, November 20, 2006


Basking in the glow of yet another Iron Bowl victory, the Auburn Family seems relatively subdued. Is it because this Tiger team was not as good as expected? The offense never clicked and the defense never locked down with the exception of LSU, 2nd half vs. UF & periodic moments of brilliance scattered through the season.


Offensive line-the best game of the year other than the opener. This unit never jelled yet rarely let Cox be hit against Alabama.

Senderrick Marks-RFr DT played his heart out and was always around the ball recovering gobbling up fumbles as if they were doughnuts

Q-any explanation needed?

Lil Bo-broke the Auburn return yardage record for a season

Brad Lester Touchdown Maker-"All he does is score touchdowns."

KI-pregamed on PS3 and turned the advance film study into a solid day and a TD against Bama

DI-worst hands on the team recovers from being torched by Nikita to finish the game with his first career INT

The Heat Dancers get a gameball to.

Jimmy Johnson winning the Cup? I am still a Smoke fan!! Hell, only $ likes Jeff Gordons midget.



Daddy said...

Turkey in two days

shakeyour$maker said...

Lots of it too.

Churchill, What is wrong with being a Jimmy Johnson fan? He left your boy in a cloud of smoke.
I like Jr. better...but JJ is pretty damn good.

Has Shula been fired yet>?

tigernation said...

I plead the fiiiifth on Sheila

Daddy said...

When are yall going to Anniston?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Nice call back this weekend daddy

Lots of Turkey.

Sorry for the abscence, been hiding my shame. Thank God the rumor mille has gone from "some changes" to Shulas gone.

I hope so.

I will be in Anniston tomorrow. Peerless tomorrow. Shakes are you parents going, my mother wants to know??

Daddy said...

sorry dr., i got your message at work and couldnt call you back, then I forgot when I got home, things have been pretty crazy at work.

I probably wont be in Anniston till thursday. But I will be up for a peerless trip then for sure.

Dr., how long you staying in anniston?

King of Tigerland said...

jj = jeff gordon = pretty boy = $

I will pull for him when he kicks someone's ass in the pits!!! Maybe a tire iron to faaaaaaaaaaace!!!