Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2004 Auburn-Georgia & Auburn-Alabama Video Mix


Daddy said...

I am posting on this one today, because I am lazy and dont want to scroll.

Rutgas mixing it up a lil' bit, putting a mob out on the cards offense the second half. Talkin bout playing with emotion.

Today is gonna be a hard day. I have already eaten one regular glazed donut and a cinnamon glazed bear claw and two cups of coffee this morning. I am about to jump out of my seat. No to mention the excitement of a promising weekend on the plains.

Jana is working in Gulf Shores today, so it may be late when we get in town. I hope the night time tailgate is still 'smokin' when we get there.

When you headin down?

tigernation said...

I'm leaving when I get home from work and all packed up.

Probably around 7 my time so I guess I'll be there about 830 or 9 AU time.

Looking forward to the night time tailgate, smokey treats, cold beverages and all the goodies.

I plan on getting up tomorrow about 730 AU time, shower, mix a drink, smoke a ciggy, put on clothes, cheeba time, walk down to the tailgate.

How does that sound?

I mean we need to get drunk early, lots of redbull and vodka!

Daddy said...

Yes, we need to be drunk early, it is our reponsibility. Especially because of the early game. I think I am going to have to stick with my lucky morning mimosas. The only game that I have not had mimosas and sneat was for the arky game, coincidence.....I think not.

tigernation said...

I read where Tubs said he is getting the players up at 530 am tomorrow. I hope they go to bed early

Daddy said...

I think it is a good idea to get them up and going as early as possible, as long as they can get some rest tonight.

tigernation said...

I really love the Chick-fil-a spicey cool wrap with the spicy dressing. So good I eat about 2 a week

Daddy said...

those are good. today I am eating steak n shake, and it is tastey.

tigernation said...

Steak and shake is the titties. I just can't eat it anymore because I have to get a shake and then I get fat.

What time will y'all be there tonite?

Sneats for everyone when we all get to town!

Dr.Feelgood said...

I had some cajun food for lunch. Since the Doctor will die if he ingests shellfish, I had gumbo with Chicken and Andouille sausage with durrrty rice.

Doused it with the hot sauce, man, tasty.

Louisville, choke artists. I hope Rutgers wins out and then gets punished by in a bowl game. Brohm was huge disappointment in second half. HE acted like JPW did last weekend.

I think UGA covers and BAma covers.

Auburn 24
Georgia 14

LSU 21
Bama 6

This is how pissed off I feel about last week. I am picking my alma mater to lose 21 - 6. Restore the faith Bama.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Check the inboxes fellas

Some good power point presentations

Daddy said...

nation, it depends on what time the wife gets off in gulf shores, then she has to drive an hour back to pensacola before we can leave. I hope we are there by 9. I am in need of some sneats tonight, but will probably have a head start on the drive up.

tigernation said...

Oh yeah I'll get a head start on the sneats and the booze on the drive down. I'm thinking about cracking the first Bud at the ATL airport....about 1.5 outside AU.

I'll have two-bits keep the beers flowing until we arrive so I hope the boys down there are already partaking in the goodies.

I can't wait

Daddy said...

Yeah, I am in need of a weekend of debauchery. Last home game, kinda sucks. Season has gone by way too fast.

tigernation said...

Yeah Jacob and i were talking last night and we couldn't believe that it was already time for the AU-UGA game. I hate not having an off week but we need to make the best of this last game.

I need to party hard this weekend

Dr.Feelgood said...

Party on Wayne.....

I will be there in spirit Nation, tackle one more redbull and vodka in my honor. I have to work for a couple of hours tomorrow. Got the TV set up to watch football.

tigernation said...

I'll tackle one for you DR

We may even have to give you a call from the tailgate

Daddy said...

nation, I suspect you will arrive before we do. So, I expect you to keep the party going until daddy gets there.

tigernation said...

The party will be going but you just get your ass there early.

It's been a pretty good day here. They just showed AU-UGA from 95 on ESPNC with stephen davis, Robert Baker "the cocaine taker", Pat Nix, Dameyune Craig, Willie Gosha and now they are showing AU-UGA from 83 with Bo. Pretty cool....he was unreal and he shared carries

Daddy said...

I will be driving fast, so hopefully we can get there as soon as possible.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Please do I will start as soon as I get off work. I will have plenty of time to get rowdy before Bama kickoff

tigernation said...

Got this from the Bunker on Rivals AU site......pretty cool

Lots of great AU-GA memories, but my favorite is..... Reply

when Ben Leard and Quincy Carter were at midfield for the coin toss. Georgia won the toss, and deferred, with Carter saying "Give the ball to Ben Leard, and let's see what he can do with it". Leard replied "When you get it back, you'll be down by seven." Classic. And Ben lived up to his word.