Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Widespread Wednesdays......Whoooaaa

On 92.9, not bad driving/background music during once you hear the same songs everyday on every station. Speaking of driving, I am looking forward to seeing Daddy at the tailgate as we celebrate is last day as a single corporation before the joint merger.

Joe Jamail Field at Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium and the Cardinal's new digs, site of the National Championship game. Is Texas's video board big enough?

Nation, thanks for the Joe T update. Fat Matt redshirt? Say it ain't so. Yes, there are backpeddling feet in Atlanta these days. And they wonder why people loved it when Danny Ware was hit so hard he bled. He could win two Heismans and they would ask why he didn't beat Florida, Auburn or a 3rd trophy.

Anyone see the near mutiny at Arizona State? Coach Kooeter(sp whatev) named the starter as Sam Keller on Friday and by Sunday Rudy Carpenter was the starter and Sam was at Nebraska. He made the final call after the "leadership council meeting" with upperclassmen. Is this the inmates running the asylum or something different altogether?

Scary phrases overheard today. "Georgia will win 10 if they stay healthy."

I think only if Fat Matt plays and absolutely lights it up. I am talking 3000 yards and 25 TD's. 2 INT's, maybe less. When was the last time a running back by committee worked with a weak QB? A great QB, yes, but Joe T. NO. It did not work against UF. Watch out Columbia and maybe a Colorado loss. Put Lumpkin in the I and run it 25 times to him with play action. Play action left and throw slot right. Patented THuga. Is the D strong enough to win games if the offense doesn't lose it with turnovers and mistakes? They won't average above 30 points garunteed.

A Happy Birthday to my sister Katherine. Easy on the Irish today, fellas.

Remember 10 is not what it used to be with a 11 games season. 10 wins means 2 losses.

Count Florida, South Carolina, Auburn, Tennessee. Hell, the odds are even better with 3 of the 4.

If Texas A&M does not win 10, Fran is gone. I heard it several times in Dallas and I believe it. They have a chance to run the table til the end if they beat Texas Tech. Then they finish with Oklahoma, Nebraska & Texas. Murderers Row but at least Texas is the only road contest. The QB position will be upgraded this year as Stephen McGee returns after finishing the Texas game last year(and almost pulling it off).

Ladies, that is all for me tonight.


King of Tigerland said...


It would be great to see you at the tailgate. We would greatly appreciate it since we didn't have a chance to get you drunk with ladies in clear heels. No worries in regards to gas.

Daddy said...

I am planning on coming unless something unforseen happens. THere better be plenty of alcohol, food that makes your butt hurt, and lots of foul language. And lots of orange and blue shakers to stir my drink during the game.

shakeyour$maker said...

The food won`t make your butt`s that penis Bill is gonna stick you with that is gonna hurt.

Daddy said...

Only if the senior citizen has taken is viagra, otherwise it will be petite and wrinkly.